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Alex Ferri  Carver & Maker. Working with wood & bone. Finding inspiration in Nature, Old Cultures, History and Art. Creating art in Ontario.

Hey there, it's been a while due to the very hectic schedual I have this time of year. In the making of this barrel I missed photographing several steps. There was a few attempts at figuring out the spigot. I couldn't find any kind of tips on making one. Even after oiling the wood it would still swell to the point of not operating smoothly. Then I saw a picture that shows a cork gasket in it. It took a little figuring to drill out a cork with a 5/8" hole accurately, but I got it with a simple jig! The spigot moves smoothly, and the barrel took about half an hour to swell out to water tight, and even then it lost very little! This was quite the learning project for me, but my first barrel was delivered to a mead hall for it's home!

Well here the barrel is taking shape, after a few tries I managed to get the banding to fit properly, with a lot of heavy hammering I got the staves to close around the ends, and the first water test was very successful. At this point I had some figuring to do for the spigot. There has been a lot of learning going on here. The beer steins prepped me for the basics, but this is taking things to a new level!

So here we are with a few temporary clamps. The first attempt with the cherrywood reasulted in two staves popping under the pressure, the second attempt I had three staves pop. So this time I'm using the traditional white oak. The inside has water applied and a small fire is lit inside using white oak shavings. After a couple minutes I loaded it into my rope clamp where I could easily apply the pressure needed then a temporary hose clamp is snugged on to hold the staves in place for the steel banding I hammered out! This time it worked with no problems! Only another few steps to figure out st this point.

Here goes the first attemp of barrel making. The staves are set together in a ring and the bending will start! Now to figure out a tool for applying a masive amount of pressure!

Here's where all the dust came from, these staves are made from cherrywood. I quickly figured out there were a few design flaws and will end up remaking them out of white oak. But the learning has started at this point!

Ever feel like you got in over your head with a project. That's what was going though my mind on this particular late night! I probably should have saved the learning for a slower time of year!

We are comimg up on one of our biggest beer drinking celebrations, and here's a few stiens specifically made for St. Patricks day!
There will be a small selection of cherry steins in the farmstand being sold by @dahliamayflowerfarm for locals. I'm heading west and making stops in Stayner, Guelph, Hamilton, and Toronto, and will have a large amount of steins for sale!
Have a great celebration everybody!

Here's to the first show of the year! This weekend I'll be at the Warkworth maple syrup festival!

Hey everyone! Sampson and I have been working hard on a batch of beer steins! They will be available at @dahliamayflowerfarm tomorrow and Wednesday for the beer drinkers in your lives!

I tend to share a lot of ideas of mine on here, but have never shared much about myself. I grew up with two very artistic parents, and I feel this was the reason I quit my job and took this path. I find there is a rich life in doing what you love, even if it doesn't pay like a 9 to 5 job.
Today is my dad's birthday. Even though he has been gone for a couple years now, he's still remembered by many people.
Thoughout his life he did many different things. He worked with troubled kids, played guitar at coffee houses, did pottery, and made knives. He was an actor, a script writer, did set building and special effects. Through my childhood I remember him for his reenacting, boat building, woodworking, and drawing. That list is of the things he took seriously.
His childhood started out really rough, and that stuck with him. He made some mistakes along the way that also haunted him. This brought on a lot of depression, and that could be tough for us to deal with. Though I will say the good times outweighed that, and because of him I learned to love woodworking!
I made this lantern as a birthday pressent for my wife @dahliamayflowerfarm. The wood was salvaged from an antique that was falling apart, left to her by her father. The design was one of my dad's, and in true Pete Ferri fashion I built it from memory!
So, here's to my dad, to all he did, and all the knowledge he passed along!

It's amazing how things change! Seven years ago my wood work was sold almost exclusively at folk festivals, which makes for a fantastic and wonderful summer, but left me needing to find employment through the winter and spring. Now the festivals are the beginning of my year, and I'm busy in the shop all the way till Christmas! It's a lot of hours, but I don't regret any of it! I was approched by a fellow vender about partaking in a fund raiser "makers for a cause" taking place around Valentine's day, she had all sorts of great hand made products but wanted something that would be suitable for the guys.
I'll be working hard in the shop for the next couple of weeks to have a batch of these steins ready for Valentine's day!

Here we are at the end of another cold snap. The weather is getting better each day, and I have just applied to several festivals for the summer. I've been in the shop cutting thousands of staves to create my inventory for the festival season. Looking back through my photos I figured this was a good one to post. This is a compass about following your own path, and as I'm working in my tiny timber framed shop next to a propane heater I can only think of how great it is that I'm able to do this for a living! A big thank you go out to everyone that has followed me, and supported me on this path! This summer is going to be awesome! I really hope to see some of you on the festival tour!

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