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Jen  27 years. PNW inhabitant, dream weaver and herbalist, writer and crafter. Seeking and being, tender and wild.

My partner took this photo a year ago when we took our very first trip together with someone we both really love, Remy. She makes every photo so beautiful and I crave to explore the coast with my best buddies again. I can't believe the solstice is tomorrow and that everything is going to change for us in just 10 days ! Looking back on our adventures is so dear to this wanderlust heart. I wonder what this summer will hold.

I was lucky enough to have a special day with the lovely Leah! I love going to festivals and events with this intuitive, playful and creative soul. I've been feeling more social and craving friendship time; so good to do something so special while I'm still in the city.

Don't let your ego guide the way. Let old habits die; let circular motions lie. Come from a place of power rather than pride. Rise.

We have a multitude of brain waves and conscious states to experience and tap into, however by falling into states of insecurity, fear, and repetitive thought we are closing ourselves in a tight spot that doesn't allow access. We mute breakthroughs, etheral experience and estastic energies. When we let go, when we forgive ourselves, we are creating space. We create space to really, TRULY hear and see the people around us and those we deeply love. Cruelty toward the SELF is distracting and actually is more narcissistic than anything. We can't be present and self absorbed at the same time. How do you gain access guys? What brings you to a place of allowing space to see the truth? What is true ?

Created a brick path with @amanisyoshi , @melissajrain , and my favorite adventure buddy @holydeno before exploring the coast by Otter Rock and Newport Beach :) I got to stay in a yurt in exchange and take some reflection time by the sea. Thankful to work and play with lovely people and get some quality time in my happy place with my companion. Big, big changes coming.

Circa 2015. It's kind of crazy how we can look at other human beings and think they are the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, creative, quirky, adventurous, intuitive, INCREDIBLE beings alive. We might even have trouble believing they exist. Yet we often struggle to look at ourselves that way. Maybe because we have to be with ourselves every second, there's no break. We see every thought and every mistake. Our expectations are high. We are torn between present and ideal realities. We might be happy with ourselves one moment and a bad day later we hate ourselves and remember every bad thing in that patten. But we'd never judge other folks that way. Why ourselves?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to help a kitty adjust to a new home and new animals? I'm going to be moving this summer and my lil lady has grown up in this apartment from kittenhood. She lives with other cats. She bullies them a little bit but mainly she's ok. Just little slaps here and there. She has been absolutely terrified of dogs though. Screaming, scratching me badly when I hold her. She'll be living with a doggie and an older male cat. Both very chill animals. It'll be in a rural area. All new for her. How can I help her with this transition ?

I debated with myself whether or not I should share this on social media considering it's such a personal piece; a gift for my partner. I feel like realistically it's only for us and close friends to see. However, I'm in a time and place in my life where I'm really striving to feel more accomplished and focused on what I'm doing right. That being said, I feel pride in how I've grown as an artist and I look forward to continuing to nurture my creative process and see what I'm really capable of. I really put my heart into this painting and I loved what I saw. These past six months are the first time that was really a reality for me. Practice, practice, practice !! Play with mediums! Don't give up your inner child. They are your greatest guide.

Today's gratitude is being able to run into @wolfteacreations again after a long spell. She was vending only two blocks from my work ! I couldn't help but get a few of her wonderful creations. So good to connect with her again :)

Feeling healthy and energetic for the first time in a long time. Feeling so comfortable in my own company. Feeling beautiful and warm.

Daughter of the sun

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