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Welcome to my hiding place  A Young Poet Art This is an expression of the truth

We can grow together, we can become stronger than they ever imagined, our endless roots will grow taller with unity, touching the sky is where the trees meet the heavens, a little seed in infinity grew to be this world you see, that seed is you and me
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MKX - Innermission

The imagination of all men forged the world we live in today, many have perished, but a part of them will be eternal in everything we see. Therefore we are imortalized through our own creation.
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We look at the sky when we feel alone, we look at our home in the stars, far away, knowing we will return one day, with stories to share with all the ones who have gone back there. This world makes me sad, with all it's labels, fear of being who you are, of smiling in public, fear of judgement by others who are lost and cry each night they return home and find themselves alone. Can't you see? This is just a dream, the signs are where they are meant to be, all around you and me, open your eyes, open your heart and you will be one step closer to where it all begun, to the start, a place of love that floats over our heads.
Look up and be free, you are where you are supposed to be and one day you will return to the melody of birds singing in the trees, they are here but they know this is a show, so they sing, experiencing each moment with happiness, flowing and embracing what we take so seriously.
This is just a dream, this is just a dream, I find myself awake, there is no escape, I wait my turn to return to a place of love and no form.
26 years of age and I feel so old, maybe it's my soul, crying and weeping as the game unfolds and I see everyone walking down the same street, giving time to shine, unhappy, losing their mystery, becoming photocopies, becoming machines, they will never understand that this is just a dream.
MKX @mysterykidx

A man will only know his true power and what he is capable of once he faces adversity alone.
Artwork: @psycho_trippy

MKX - False Hope

MKX - Brainwashed

MKX - Loner

MKX - Time

MKX - Free man

MKX - Instinct

I am going to start my own quotes. Keeping it simple. Keeping it real. MKX

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