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Danielle 🍩🖖💕🌈 🍍  New Englander🍃| Sugar fiend🍬| Arts n’ cats🎨| Nerdy weirdo since ‘87🎮| Married to @the_healthy🐻| Soon to be mother of dragons🐉| SHOP link below⤵️

Can’t wrap my mind around the fact that we will be parents within the next upcoming weeks... Especially ta two babies! Our doctor keeps saying it could be any day now! On a side note... How does that romper still fit? Last week I was 34 weeks measuring at 36. 👶🧡👶💚

Birthday celebrations continue! Dinner and movie with my parents tonight! Can you guess what we are seeing?

31 years on this planet today and 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. 🎉💚🎂🌿

Seriously need to up my keychain game. Also, Wonder Woman looks like she’s been in battle defending Paradise Island. 😻💗✨

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars Day! Today has felt like I’ve been captured by Boba Fett, but it helps to see everyone’s Star Wars posts n’ stories. Swipe right to see my 32 week baby(ies) bump a lil’ better! 👽🌟🚀

Who’s seen Avengers: Infinity War yet? Did you cry? Sorta really wanna go see it in theaters one more time... Just don’t know if my pregnant self can handle another almost 3 hours movie. Our theater even has recliners and I still had to lay half my body on @the_healthy! Thank Thor the arms of the chair are moveable! 🇺🇸🔬💚🕷

For a little over a month now if I have any tomato sauce I can expect heartburn later... SO I’m currently craving and missing pizza like a mother fluffer! Might have to order a pie with white sauce tomorrow! 🍕💚🚀

The sandals I will be living in this spring n’ summer. 🦇✨🖤

Can’t handle this bib and teether combo! 🎮✨🖤

Still recovering from all the love we experienced this past weekend at our twins’ Jack n’ Jill baby shower! These babes are way too lucky already! 👶💕👶

Welcome to your donut, BITCH! 🍩⚔️💗

Favorite onesie is favorite. 🍵🍃💚

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