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Learning to embrace failure is the heart of one who is willing to learn. It should not be condoned and accepted as a way of life, but rather, seen as a chance to correct errors when undertaking the same or different tasks in future.

No great invention ever came to it’s perfect/acceptable state at the first try. It is a series of failures and adjustments that lead to the desired result.

Be Happy When You Fail. It Means You Are En Route Somewhere.

Sometimes, pack it up and take yourself to lunch. I should have been warned it a sharing platter 🙈🙈🙈 this is EPIC!

Stand... #24Loyalty

Be As Tenacious To Execute As You Are Excited At Idea Generation. Applying Energy Levels At Required Doses, Managing Energy Conservation And Exertion, Are Key To Getting Results. - Temitayo Eyitayo

All I Have To Say Is Thank You Lord.


Look Outside. Its About To Rain. #24Loyalty 📸 @deeds_art

The Value Of Excess Is Only Measured By What’s Deemed Important. - Temitayo Eyitayo.
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The Difference Between Confidence And Arrogance is, While One Is Assured, The Other Is A Cover-Up. - Temitayo Eyitayo.
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On my J’s.
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God - It Is Utter Foolishness To Look Around At Creation And Say There Is No Higher Power. - Temitayo Eyitayo.
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The Idea Isn’t To Be Important. The Idea Is To Be Impactful. Importance Is A By-Product Of Making An Impact. - Temitayo Eyitayo.
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