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When you get hit up by 4 different people to see the young Amari, you know it’s time to release some pics 🤗 2.5 months of good eating...behold before during and after boob shots and a good poop.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the only people sleeping in my house right now 🤪😩#mustbenice

I could post pictures of his squishy cheeks, blue/grey eyes, mohawk or dimpled smile but really baby feet will always be #1 😬

This i know for sure. @angelcakepops loves me 😭 thank you for the yummy goodness!!!

So good seeing you auntie @slataillade and thanks for the invite to your fancy store where Naima could run amuck while giving mommy and Daddy mild anxiety attacks!#moschino #mylittlepony

Time to revisit this here. #mommyistired

I will never EVER get over hearing her little voice sing/speak Mandarin! lol 😭#BashoAndFriends

Little man’s first trip to dada’s studio and big sister fiddling with Uncle Dan’s instruments! @chiefseeff

Get into Baby Shark. Naima puts me on to the dope preschool tracks lol

👀👀👀 so good


So, before I had to rush my dairy allergy having daughter to urgent care yesterday for eating a Hershey kiss that was in a goodie bag, the highlight of my weekend was getting my hair done. Which (for me) meant that I had to wash, detangle my hair and section out my hair MYSELF/AT HOME so all the lovely stylist had to do was blow it out and press. Not sure how long this will stay on my head as I’m sure postpartum hair loss is right around the corner but yay for keeping my hair forever in a protective because I don’t have time to do it! So, moral of the story...DONT PUT FOOD IN A DAMN GOODIE BAG. And yes I checked it before I gave it to her but it was hidden and we all know 2 year olds are detectives...I’m just so grateful she told me she ate the damn chocolate while I drove off with both kids in car seats. I bet y’all thought this post was about my hair 😭 #momlife

One of my favorite words. Under appreciated, under used, under recognized. It’s that...thing. It’s what keeps you smiling even though you may be going through hell. Not a mask but an understanding that this too shall pass and you will be stronger once the storm is over. #ForYou 🌧🌦🌈

New year, new beginnings! #vegan #alkaline #plantbased @foodflo

So, the girl has been taking Mandarin lessons at her preschool and I found the album that her Christmas recital song came from and stumbled upon this gem. It’s my new jam 💃🏽

1. I am one MILLION percent proud to be of Haitian descent. 2. Donald Trump is a scumbag.

When you get to see your former boss lady / sheroes on your tv everyday!! Woohoo nice to have you back on the west side @megancolarossi !!!

Celebrating my birthday and ending 2017 like...🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Happy Birthday TO ME.

Happy Birthday mom. This by far has been the hardest Christmas for me. Every single one of her birthday’s I’ve been on this earth, I’ve spent it with my mom. Today is her birthday and because of my new love nugget, I’m unable to be with her on her birthday — today, Christmas Eve. To know my mom is to know a woman who’s loyalty knows no bounds. She is a woman of few words, but her actions speak volumes. She taught me that compassion is one of the greatest of characteristics one can have. Your actions are everything and in a world consumed with broadcasting every single accomplishment her lessons echo in my heart louder than ever. Do The Work. Do it the best of your ability and most importantly without needing acknowledgement. Do it because it needs to be done. I am because she is. Love you mom.

Ayeeeee 💃🏽 excellent tune to sing obnoxiously loud in public!

Look here, I don’t know Marshall but I do know that this guy shows mad love to husband and the team...for years now and once again on his new album. They are responsible for “Castle” off the new album. Kudos gang!

Uncle brother family friend and magical black man Dr. Zuri out here schooling folks on Colorectal cancer! Check it out https://www.facebook.com/su2c/videos/10154919589700876/

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