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S/O to my MIL for the accidental mommy night out! #ImTired #IKnowBeyonceIsToo

Ayeeeeee going to tell my trainer to add this jam to his rotation! Annnnnd it helps that @djkhalil @sambarsh @chiefseeff made this magic happen! Whew! #hometeam

Naptime views! Ozark season 2! Have you started @kvelona 👀

May she always remember her own words...“It’s so popular because it’s made of air.” Social media and the a nutshell.

My boy is sick. Also Naima thinks her brother looks like Jack Jack...she’s right i mean even down to the whispy golden Mohawk #postboobpics

@khanyam 😭😭😭😭😭 thank you for these beautiful braids! I have no idea how my hair was going to handle itself during this 6 week challenge but this right here is a killllllah! And I’m so happy I got to spend time with your lovely family! I appreciate you guys so much! #naturalstyles #gymhair #braids

My trainer basically looked at me and was like...I got you girl. How did this man start the session with da rockwilder and follow with don’t sweat the technique and how you gonna cool down to through the fire????

Back in this thangggggg 💪🏽🏋🏽‍♂️

Happy birthday Uncle @kurtwurk ! We love you so much and are so happy you and auntie @candisserae are here in LA! And beyond happy Uncle @warreno got to meet (and babysit) Amari! Oh and the girl got her hands on a super times with old friends ❤️ good seeing you @arambulj @widflix @niafairweather @pfrankwilliams

Because every Saturday should start with the #ChaChaSlide. @dorianmissick do you need a hype girl during your set?? 😂 #ArielDoesTheChaChaSlide #SheCallsTheFireplaceHerStage

Now all I got to do is get him to sign them AND get a birth announcement for Amari, like we got for Naima...but definitely not from the current fool in office #ObamaBoulevard #CollectorsItems #ForTheKids

Who goes to Disney twice in one summer? Rich people! OR people that love a good time with framily ❤️ Also Khalil’s lightskin twin is officially 9 months old 👀 @romyroam I don’t have any pics of the girls together but I’m so glad we got to see you guys!

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