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He’s blow drying Naima’s hair at the moment while I feed the boy. His kids adore him ❤️@djkhalil

Celebrating Father’s Day with their favorite guy while eyes are glued to the big screen for her first trip to the movies!!! Baby brother slept through it all. Oh and IT.WAS.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! happy Daddy day @djkhalil 😭😭

Someone wouldn’t even let me finish buckling her in bc she wanted to smash her unicorn ice cream from @cocobellacreamery ! #birthdayprep 2. Mommy’s vegan blueberry cheesecake ice cream 3. Amari’s boob overlooking the Hollywood sign #viewsfromthetrunk

Skipped school today to hang with my family and @trndsttrs !! #KidNation #livenation

I guess we have to learn some Samoan now lol paging @allysonmanu . This girl loves this song and wants to sing it with me EVERYDAY LOL

I cannot believe I’ve not played this song for Naima...smh. Such a slacker.

My little white man and his little white teeth 😭. Also this stroller canopy really brings out his blue peepers! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Sick of this sh*t.


Soooo Naima’s class is doing some kind of project involving jello and they will be eating it after the project. Wellllllll definitely not giving the child any swine so off to Whole Foods to find an alternative! Guys, this here is so much better than real Jello!

These women were so darn BAD! Whew! Also if I were a superhero, the instrumental of this song would be my theme. 🎼🎸

Whenever big sister starts singing her Mandarin songs and asks for me to find them online to play for her at home I’m always like 👀🤷🏽‍♀️🤔 but this time I knew she was singing “Head, shoulders...” @senoritating @hellostaci how’s she doing!?

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