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Looooooove this series and cannot wait to get this book! Gah!

The doc is in! Performed her first surgery today...on a robot. So much fun at Discovery Cube!


Soup weather is finally upon us! So excited!!!!

Lovely little bed time read from the genius that is Rachel Isadora. Also excellent for #ASL ! #libraryfinds

If you are or know anyone in the area you gotta go! Wonderful event for a wonderful cause. @djulien101 you’ll prob know some folks that can go!

Not entirely sure when I became bored with traditional gym workouts. But I do know that in Jan of 2015 my love of Pilates began. Before I became pregnant with Naima I prepared my body with Nike Training Club at home workouts and running outdoors and during my 1st trimester I was doing a lot of power/uphill walking. But when 2nd trimester rolled around prenatal Pilates was the move. I absolutely know that the strength/stability I gained during my training helped me recover quickly after my c-section. So, when this little guy popped up, I was ready too. I had started doing Beachbody workouts (NTC app changed and I wasn’t into the update) and then once I got pregnant (after about 2 months of daily workouts) I went right into the prenatal beach body workout plan. Then when 2nd trimester hit, I started Pilates once again. So far 20 weeks have gone by and I know that I have minimal aches and energy bc I kept working out. Somewhere in the midst of my workouts this go around I realized that the mental benefits were eclipsing the physical. Also emotionally it made me feel closer to my mom who is 1500 miles away. She is my workout and health/wellness role model. She is such a warrior and a magnificent inspiration for me in so many way but so much when it comes to physical fitness. I’m so grateful for her example. Looking forward to when I can workout again after the boy gets here. So many non-traditional workouts I’ve been put on to during this pregnancy that I can’t wait to begin! And on that note, unless your doc says you cannot work out...WORK OUT. Take the stairs, take the long way around, park further. No excuses. If your a SAHM, do it. Get the kids involved. If you work bring some cables in your bag and rig them to your desk or chair and get some resistance workout in and do some squats, trust if I was at work I would be doing the same thing. It’s so good to do something FOR YOU. And shout out to all the mommy’s that can squeeze a workout in while they are carrying a person. That ish is hard and gets harder but keep going!! This here Post is dedicated to my mommy and my Pilates mommies! @xoxojosc @szcosta @dorianhoward #33weekspregnant

Not sure when I will actually use this but I think it’s so cool that a lady had a great idea and shared it on kickstarter —. I had to get in on it ASAP and all these months later, it’s here! #Moonlite

Happy Halloween from Janet & 2 Michael Jackson’s, 2 Janelle Monae’s, Harry & Hermione, a ghostbuster, Luke Skywalker, Pocahontas, a cat, Minnie Mouse, little red riding hood, Robin, Kylo Ren, Doc McStuffins and Wonder Womb-Man. Say what? Well shoot if Gal Gadot could Wonder Woman while pregnant, so can I! Things are about to get real interesting come December! Big sister with the gender reveal 🎉

I L.O.V.E. my momsquad so hard! And I am so grateful for the bond our children have... and this is only 1/3 of them! Crazy that they’ve been a team since all were 3 months old!! Cheers to more celebrations 🎉 #docmcstuffins

Bestie boo’s at their school Halloween Party today! Elmo and Moana! But please also direct your attention to ACE VENTURA in the back! Haha! So great! Also this may or may not be one of 3 costumes for Naima hehe. #mommywentoverboard


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