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Naima. Nope, no confidence issues around here lol.

Oh thank you so much auntie @katherynkl !! I’m so excited for Naima to add this book to her collection!

It’s not Thursday yet but this here memory from 4 years ago was one of the best ever! My last day at Fuse, the squad I LOVE surprised me with a full reenactment of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”. Like these people rehearsed while I wasn’t there and pulled off a damn multi camera video shoot! It was FLAWLESS! DD$ fo life!

I've always been down on LA for not offering the same type of exposure to different cultures (specifically spoken language) as NY. Blame the car/public transportation difference I suppose, that and no one really walks around here, so interaction is limited. Folks are kind of in their bubbles, whether by design or out of circumstance. Well, I am determined to give the child as much exposure to different kinds of folk, from all walks of life as I can. Through music, I've introduced her to many languages. Whether it be Kreyol, Spanish and French or a simple greetings/goodbye in others. Her schooling provides Spanish immersion & will soon include lessons in Mandarin, a language that to my surprise, she's been showing interest in for some time. But I could only walk her through it but so much, luckily Auntie Staci (thx for the book) speaks fluent Mandarin & Naima adores her so I'm super excited to see how she blossoms in that area! For nearly 2 years we've made ASL a part of our lives. Her ASL skills are pretty neat too & our instructor Allison has been so wonderful inviting her students to events for ASL families that will expose her to more wonderful people in this community. Her swim class takes place in a Jewish HS, (so she sees the images) & her instructor is Russian & she loves that Naima knew how to say "hi" in Russian & looks forward to teaching her more! So, as I stop and really think about it, the world that I miss in NY is really possible here in LA. And folks are so excited to share their culture and language with little people. Often while we are out, I will stop someone if I hear them speaking a language other than English & ask them what they are speaking, how to say hi/bye and a little bit about where they are from. They are more than happy to share and celebrate their heritage with us. Then Naima & I go home & I show her on her map, where they're from & it opens the door for more dialogue about different people & lands. Her little passport may not have stamps in it yet but she's already learning about the world thru her daily experiences & I could not be more grateful for it. I think it also gives the adult a small bit of pride too!

"What is this song? I like this song, it's my favorite." I swear the child is 2 going on 45...and I'm ok with it.

Oh @homegoods you never fail me!🦁

The child has zero problem eating all kinds of food but I imagine this here may be a God send for folk big and small who don't eat veggies! #butternutsquash

It's where life is REALLY happening. #onetogrowon 💫🌈 💎

I'm posting this bc many have asked about my family in Haiti in regards to the hurricane and I know many of you that have Haitian connections. Grateful this nation was spared. Praying for all and especially my family in Florida.

One of 4 of the books we checked out of the library this week. Super excited to read this for the child. #mayaangelou

Had a really lovely time today @mericherryla ! Ms. Erin was so sweet and patient with my little person. Great space to get creative with the kiddos!

This episode right here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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