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Vegan and nut-free BLUESberry muffins in honor of Aretha. #NomByNaima

Y’all. It was one thing when the lady threw my baby into the pool but when SHE FLIPPED HER OVER I ALMOST JUMPED IN TO SAVE HER BUT SHE DIDN’T NEED MY SAVING! So proud of her! She’s been really fighting the water for the last two months but in the last 2 weeks (I mean I was about to take the girl out of swim bc she was HATING IT) she found her courage and started understanding the pride that she feels when she does a great job! So proud of her and can’t wait for her survival test next week!! Her brother was cheering her on! #SafetyThenSwim

Reposting because this here is EVAHREEETHING!

Been waiting her whole life for her to fit into my old baton twirlers leotard 😭 she’ll be wearing my gymnastics leotard as soon as it cools off! 😭😍She is so excited about her new class!

If y’all are EVER in the boonies of south Texas and need a Doctor, be sure to holler at my kid brother, Andrew! So proud of you brother! 😩😭😩😩😩❤️

I will never EVER get tired of this one’s face 😭😍 #tbt good memory from the Facebook.

Sorry Amari. I wasn’t about to share this fried vegan ice cream pie from @magpiessoftserve ! 😩 darn you @szcosta for MAKING me get this today!!

🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣THEY ARE PLAYING SELENA UP IN THE URGENT CARE!!! I may never leave! #mommyhasascratchythroat

So super duper excited about Amari’s #DocBand wrap! What’s that? You didn’t know he had a helmet? Well surprise! So Amari (like his sister) had torticollis (google it) and it was causing him to prefer to lay his head on the right side during sleep (and yes he is always on his tummy and never protests it actually). Well after about 5.5 months we decided to get the band and I am so glad we did it. He’s got about 3-5 weeks left. Thank you @sophienuni for the beautiful art work and @3vsigns for the fast and professional service y’all provide! Can’t wait for my sweet face boy to have a perfect round head! 😍😍

When Naima was 6 months old we started signing with @signshine through the @pumpstation . Then we moved and continued our lesson with another wonderful teacher, Allison at @mothershaven . Now we mostly watch @signing_time at home, a few times a week. She sees me signing to her brother everyday including books like Brown Bear — the same one I used to sign/read with her and ABC’s (usually during diaper change, when he’s eating in his high chair and when we go for strolls). Today Naima and I play a lot of guessing games with #ASL and she takes what she knows and teaches her baby brother...on her own. I love that she is excited about it and feels confident in her abilities enough to share with her brother ❤️❤️❤️ #bigsistersrock #colors

I forgot how much I miss it when they put their little feet all over you when you are nursing. It’s so sweet EXCEPT when their little baby toenails dig into your skin! #momlife

It’s that time of year and since we have food allergies in the family, baby brother had his 2nd food allergy test today with big sister. So far he’s negative on the ones highlighted and the top 8 (dairy, egg, peanut, seafood and some others i can’t remember right now) & sesame. I thought he would have something bc of his eczema 🤷🏽‍♀️ . His sister (on the right), not so lucky 😔. She was in such agony today but it’s worth it. Whatever it takes to know and protect her. #foodallergies

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