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Tom Anderson  Former 1st friend, enjoying being retired. Phototaking has been my hobby for 4 years. New mission 2 help others & engage! 😀Myspacetomphotos@gmail.com


TBT to that time in when a ghost 👻 slid into my frame 😱 while exploring a Cambodian temple! Halloween approaches :-) This Halloween I’ll be flying to Bhutan, so I won’t be able to post unless the plane has crazy good WiFi. So think of this as my Halloween post as well. 🤓 A lot of strange things have been happening to me this year, awakening my interest in a world larger than the one we know with logic, reason and the simple senses. What forms can consciousness take, what don’t we understand about the universe and our place in it? 🤔 Whatever is happening, it just makes me that much more glad to be experiencing this beautiful thing we call “life” ✨☮️

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you’ve probably noticed I travel a lot! With all that I’ve visited and seen, a helicopter flight over Kauai’s Na Pali Coast still ranks as the best helicopter flight I’ve ever done… ⛰🚁 This is the 4th time I’ve done the same flight! To me, it’s the most beautiful, dynamic mountain range on earth. I’ve boated into its caves, swam at its foot, hiked on its ridges and flown over it… It never disappoints! Any time of the year, any time of the day it’s wonderful, and a different experience. This is the first time I’d flown around mid day… normally, not a great time for landscape photos. But just look at the result! I had the time of my life, with one of my besties @andrew.studer and new friend @ryanbraden - his first helicopter ride! Way to begin your Heli Life!
Kauai is the oldest Hawaiian island and the OG Hawaiians lived in these valleys for centuries. The last Hawaiians moved out in the 1930s. Now you can hike and even camp near the beach with a permit, but very few get to do this. That’s one of the reasons this place has remained so beautiful. The unique look of the valley spire is the result of the weather system created by island itself—tons of rain, and wind and the ocean’s wave have carved out these valleys and kept them green. I’ve never seen anything like it on Earth 🌏 😀

📷: Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2012. What to say about what happened in Vegas? If there’s any good that can come from such a shocking tragedy, maybe it’s that it forces us to appreciate our loved ones more fervently? At any moment, through accident or through evil, you could lose those who gave you life, or those who you live for. That’s something I normally don’t even think about. 😕

This weekend, Vegas is hosting a lantern festival… I’ve wanted to attend as soon as I heard about it last year. It’s an awesome feeling to come together in a public space and enjoy a sense of community… It’s one of the ways we feel “one” with everyone and everything around us.
And now this… Some of my Vegas friends (I have a home in Vegas) are afraid to even go into a public space anymore. I understand… but for me, I don’t want to let negative forces in the world rob me of what’s beautiful. I’ll be attending. I know the ceremony will take on added significance and may even act as a memorial or vigil for those who were hurt by this tragedy.
I'm Hoping for a beautiful experience like I had the last time I went to a lantern festival—taking this photo was so meaningful for me back then. This weekend will probably be even more so. Peace.🌎

Just concluded an amazing trip to the Philippines! I'll definitely be back to explore more. I saw many places like this, I was somewhat stunned! It almost doesn't seem real, but this is shot with my cel phone and just a slight edit! And to think I'd been to the Philippines twice before and never seen the amazing beaches and waterfalls... now I realize I'll be going back again and again! For the those interested this was shot with a google Pixel phone. 😀

Unbelievably beautiful reef, water and limestone in Palawan, Philippines! 🇵🇭That's our boat there, can you see me standing on the bow taking this shot?! ⛵️I was having a blast using my drone in the Philippines until today it went straight into the ocean 😎. I wouldn't mind so much but now I'm way out here with nowhere to get a replacement! Looks like I'll be heading back to Manila a little early ! 😀

Took a lot of photos Bruno time to share them yet -- Philippine waters are magical!

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol 🇵🇭 Philippines ! Tonight I'm flying back to PI--a country I haven't been to since 2012 when I took this photo. I heard there's been earthquake damage at this spot... sad 😭 When I was there last we narrowly escaped a major storm. This time in starting in Palawan and going straight to El Nido but I've done Zero planning. Anyone got any tips? Help your old friend out!! 😀 Hope to post some new shots while I'm out there 😀🌈📷. Need Palawan suggestions!!! 😀😀😀

Ah Iceland! 🇮🇸 I've been several times now; this video shows a glimpse of the last trip this summer! I love Iceland so much I'm going to buy a vacation home there; 🏠I found the perfect spot when flying with @volcanopilot ✈️and adventuring with @thunderhug @retrophone @reybay @ashleybovey @reneeunderthesea @donalboyd @muenchmax @storyofsage @tomjauncey and @jacob! 🚐 Fun times with @celinelisee and videographer first mate @andrew.studer !! Was just planning a trip today and realized I'd forgotten to posts this ! If you want your time chilling with friend to look like an IMAX movie give @andrew.studer a camera!! 🎥 Song: @illeniummusic

This is a historically significant spot on Oahu. ⛰The Pali Lookout is the site of the Battle of Nuuanu, where in 1795 King Kamehameha won the fight that united Oahu under his rule. 🏆Many of his enemies were pushed over the cliff here. When I’m standing in this spot, I don’t think back to the battles or the lives lost. It’s just a place where I love to go and feel the wind and gaze out over the beautiful island that I love so much. You can’t normally go up here at night. It’s closed to visitors… But at the right time of year, you can be up here as darkness falls and just as they’re asking everyone to leave. That’s my boy @vincelimphoto standing there… I had him remove his shirt because it was so windy, it was flapping in the wind and since it’s dark, I had to shoot a longer exposure… Yah yah, just excuses for the beefcake right? I told him I’d never be allowed to share the photo because his girlfriend wouldn’t want all the attention he might receive, but now that he’s engaged, I think he’s safe… Go VINCE + JESSICA haha!!

For sure, this is my favorite photo I’ve ever taken in China. 😍📷The hike up was not so bad, the hike down, in the dark was a little more treacherous. 😱I never said exactly where this place is, but since my photograph was published several years ago, I’ve heard and seen that this has become a regular “photographers” spot. In this case, I don’t think its hurting much. It just a view from a hill, and the community around it won’t be bothered much by a few photographers on their mountain. But I often think about how tourism is affecting the places I love… and the role my photos are having in that ignition of tourism. 🤔 Why am I posting it now? Well, I have a plan… it’s coming together. It looks like I’ll be visiting a place quite near to China. One I’ve wanted to see for a long time, and for many intriguing reasons… I won’t say where it is yet. But I imagine there's landscapes that look like this mystery country I'm talking about. And I think this unnamed, mysterious country (aren't you dying to know now!?) is doing special things to make sure tourism doesn’t negatively impact the culture and land. Stay tuned :) 😀😀😀

Have you been paying attention? TONIGHT, here and now, I announce the next trip winner… The person going to the Big Island of Hawaii, the person who will get to see the lava flowing into the ocean, the person who will see the milky way from the top of Mauna Kea is… DRUM ROLL, please…. TA DA: @carlpernicus Congratulate him! I can’t tell where he lives. Just messaged him! 😀😀😀🏆🏆🏆🏆And here’s a caption for the photo: The Lavafall from the Big Island of Hawaii. I first shot lava pouring into the ocean when I started photography in 2012. I didn't realize how lucky I was to have witnessed this amazing phenomenon -- shortly after seeing it, the lava stopped flowing into the ocean and did not come back until 2016. This was taken in August. I came back to this location 4 or 5 times over several days and each time it would change dramatically. On the bottom of this photo, you can see the glowing ledge I'm standing on. When I  returned to this spot 24 hours later, the lava was flowing directly under me and the ledge was just too hot to stand on. I couldn't even last for 2 or 3 seconds to get a shot off! Truly one of those most awesome inspiring things you could see on this Earth!

Got the Drone out for Kara’s Bday 🌴🌊🌈🎉🌺 - Fun day on the North Shore of Oahu! Swipe right for video of dancing inflatables! 🎥Starring @reybay 🦄@reneeunderthesea 🍕@retrophone 🐚@ashleybovey 🍩 Co-Pilot @thunderhug 🚁 which photo do you like best? 🤔

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