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Bagan is oe of my favorite places in the world and this is one of my favorite photos I've taken. Animated from a single image by @plotagraphpro

Amazing waterfall in Iceland. This is a photograph I took a few years ago that has been turned into an animation through the @plotagraphpro software. I met the founders of Plotagraph the other day and they showed me how to do this. So cool!  This is NOT a paid ad. I’m just telling you because I think it’s cool. Enjoy :)

Los Angeles & Malibu had a beautiful sunset today! Love it!

Singapore's amazing skyline 🙂I love this country and the story of its growth over the last 50 years. It has some amazing architecture as well :-)

Iceland has so many things to see, but this cave was worth the flight in itself. The play of light filtering through the ice makes this extraordinary blue that is just stunning the first time you encounter such a place.

Hiking in Zion, every inch of this park is so beautiful, you feel like you're in a movie or fantasy land :-) Equally beautiful at any time of the year!

The Lavafall from the Big Island of Hawaii. I first shot lava pouring into the ocean when I started photography in 2012. I didn't realize how lucky I was to have witnessed this amazing act of nature -- shortly after seeing it, the lava stopped flowing into the ocean and did not come back until 2016. This was taken in August. I came back to this location 4 or 5 times over several days and each time it would change dramatically. On the bottom of this photo, you can see the glowing ledge I'm standing on. When I  returned to this spot 24 hours later, the lava was flowing directly under me and the ledge was just too hot to stand on. I couldn't even last for 2 or 3 seconds to get a shot off! Truly one of those most awesome inspiring things you could see on this Earth!

We found our own private island :-) Starting to think really learning how to navigate and sail would be so cool. Until Tesla/Musk gets us to Mars, using your own boat maybe the easiest way to find untouched / truly unseen places. This reminds me of a cool documentary you should check out called Maidentrip. It's about a 14 -- yes, 14 -- year old girl who sails around the world! That girl has some courage!

The craziest road I've ever seen, in China of course. See the little specks on the road down in the lower left? Those are full size buses being tourists to the temple at the top. Can you guess how I took this shot? Hint: not a drone -- but I should go back and try some more angles with a drone! :/)

On the path to the Fairy Pools in Scotland. Lots of atmospheric fog, waterfalls and peaceful rivers but didn't see any faeries ;-)

Fall colors in Patagonia :-) I hiked around this mountain range 6 or 7 times waiting for the perfect light and clouds. Truly one of the most magnificent places on Earth. :-)

Visited Brazil for the first time last year. Highlights: soccer on the beach, the neighborhood of Ipanema, an Iron Maiden concert with crazy Brazilian fans, and this view :-)

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