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Tom Anderson  Former 1st friend, enjoying being retired. Phototaking has been my hobby for 4 years. New mission 2 help others & engage! 😀Myspacetomphotos@gmail.com


Ah… just had a super chill afternoon in LA. 😎 Nice to relax! I got a boba and walked around the neighborhood. Took some time to do absolutely nothing 😍😇 Now I’m shopping for some gear/planning a trip to Alaska! I went there last year about this time… I can’t believe it’s been a year! My life has changed so much in a short time. Good changes! 🤙🏼💥Here’s a photo 📷I took a year ago while on that Alaska trip. I mentioned in the original caption below that I thought this place may be gone in a year. I’ll go back and see if it’s still there when I return!! I also had an idea 💡for a drone shot last year, but didn’t have a drone with me. This year, I’m gonna try and make it real… Stay tuned :) Also, if you didn’t see, I announced the Kauai contest winner. 🌈🏝🏆⛰🏖Look at my last post to see who one or watch my story! Next contest for Oahu coming up soon!

Original Caption, July 2016:
"Just back from ice cave hunting in Alaska! This particular cave was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed in nature! While taking this photo I'm standing fairly deep in the cave -- about 100 feet inside -- looking up towards the entrance. This is the first "safe" place one could stop to take a photo. On the way in, rocks and ice chunks embedded in the ceiling were coming loose in mini-landslides. Some were small, but some were not -- the biggest boulder I saw fall was about the size of my head! Behind me the cave ceiling was pure blue and got shorter and shorter before splitting off in two directions. I crawled down both sides for several hundred feet -- blue dome overhead and glacial stream underneath me -- but eventually I felt too claustrophobic to continue. Watching this place melt and crumble before my eyes makes it all the more special to photograph. Some parts of nature feel eternal and timeless, this place will probably be gone within the year. Amazing 😀"

Kauai from the Sky - those god rays are pouring down and telling one lucky person, you won the trip to Kauai! 😍⛰I never did make it over there this week to try and shoot Kauai from a helicopter again. This is an old shot… Can’t wait to go try to shoot in Kauai again!! 📷 OK Tom, OK, Shut up, tell us who won!!!” The winner is: @deehor1 (!) 🏅🏆She doesn’t even know yet. I messaged her and no response. 🤔Congrats Deena! Looks like she is a newlywed so we should be saying congrats to her husband Brian as well! If you didn’t win, don’t sweat it — you still have a chance to win. I’ve got at least two more giveaways planned!! One more trip to Oahu and one to the Big Island! Coming soon!

BTW Important: Tonight I just started running the algorithm 🤓 to pick winners and let me tell you, the first two people it selected did NOT follow the program!! DOH! That’s right, the first two missed out on their chance to win because they didn’t follow the simple instructions!! (One wasn’t following Hawaiian Airlines, and one wasn’t following me! Double Doh!) 😧So.. people, I’m launching the next contest in a few days — another trip to Oahu! If you bother to enter the contest by commenting and liking the video, then be sure to also follow all the rules! 😋😁Be like the last two winners: @owninobrien (Maui) and @willynillyknowsbest (Oahu)!

Phew! Crazy day IG people, OK. 😜 Here’s my new favorite thing — the latest @gopro video of me and @jennleezy enjoying my home, Oahu. I’ve been living on Oahu part-time since I retired in 2010… This video shows you a little bit of why I love this island!! 🌴 Just a week ago I had a moment standing on the Pali lookout… 🏔Looking out over the vast expanse from Chinaman’s Hat to Kailua, I was just overcome. I’ve never felt so connected to a physical place like I am to Oahu. @john_hook was with me. He can testify, I think I said it out loud even. :) 😍For those who are paying attention, tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Kauai giveaway! 🏅🏆And right after that, I’ll start the next give away for another trip to Oahu. Think of this video (made by my man @aj_sjostrom) as a teaser of what you’ll experience if you win the next one. 🤙🏼 And in other news, the airport found my missing bag!! So all my goodies are on their way home to me. Thanks for the all the positive thoughts on my lost stuff! 🙏I’m sure it helped my gear be discovered :) (It was in the rental car.. doh!) Last thing, I’ve been uploading my InstaStories to YouTube: go check it out, link in bio :)

So I’m back in LA and discovered that I lost my cord bag in Montana: lost my camera batteries, memory cards, connecting cords, card reader, Mac charger, etc. etc. I can’t access any of the shots I took in Montana!! 😩 Good news is the card with all the shots on it was in my pocket. 🤓 So I haven’t lost the shots, I just can’t load them yet! 😯💽haha I started looking through some old shots on my desktop PC… 🖥I found this photo, taken in September. This is near the border of Alaska / Canada, but I won’t say quite where. I wanna keep some secrets :) Do you like? I have a bunch from this trip. Maybe I’ll process some while waiting for my lost bag to be returned. Crossing my fingers :) (Or I can spend the day going to re-buy every missing piece in there… waaa!) Happy Father’s Day :) 👨‍👧‍👦Hope you’re enjoying time with your family.👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Flying from Seattle to Los Angeles -- I've got WiFi and a phone that takes photos as wonderful as this. Sometimes you really have to marvel at how spoiled we are with technology. WiFi in the plane ✈️! I had very little cel reception for the last 4 days! Even the fact that we can easily and quickly travel from one part of the world to another still makes me feel grateful 🙂 😍. Update: I edited this photo in Instagram--I just re edited in Snapseed and put it on my story: check out the difference 🙂🙏

Here's a shot of me enjoying Montana! 🌲🏡🐴🗻🛤🏕Among the many the beautiful moments we've seen, these lenticular clouds ☁️might just take the cake! 😻 You didn't know I could balance like that while taking photos did you? 😜 This is a shot of me by my newish pal @andrew.studer (only the second time we've done a trip together!) I have two recommendations: 1️⃣Check out Montana! @visitmontana (!) it's a beautiful state! 2️⃣ Check out @andrew.studer! A truly gifted photographer and filmmaker! Me, Andrew and my longtime-friend @john_hook 👬are working on some stills 📷and videos 🎥of Montana and it's been so fun! Actually, I have a third recommendation: always hang out with photographers who are better than you--it's fun to learn from your friends, and they actually care about your development! I've learned so much on this 4 day trip! Sad it's ending today 🤧

I landed in Montana on Tuesday morning. It is gorgeous here — open fields, beautiful mountains, trees everywhere. 🌲🌲Check out the story I posted :-) I’ve been to Montana many times before, but pretty much only to see Glacier National Park and to drive down to Yellowstone. (Two must-dos of course!) This time my friends at @visitmontana set up a little itinerary for me to see the less visited parts of the state and it’s been a blast! I brought @john_hook and @andrew.studer with me and we’ve been working on some video and drone footage. 📹More to come! Here’s a photo from yesterdays sunrise at the base of the Mission Mountains 🌄 #montanamoment

Me and my friends paddled out to the Mokes -- two islands off the coast of Lanikai Beach on Oahu! We got the whole island to ourself (well there was a monk seal) and my friend @aj_sjostrom captured the whole thing on @gopro! I mentioned last week that I'm getting into video -- this all happened cause AJ showed me how to use these GoPros! I'm just learning but I want to do more! Thanks AJ!! Haha thats @jennleezy @tommyshih @weerdnaa @vincelimphoto @jessicafang @gribskee @coral808 all enjoying a little exercise with @koacanoes !! We all got at least 8.4% buffer after the paddle!! So fun 🌈🌏😀

More view from the Na Pali Coast :) 🏔The incredible mountain range on Kauai—the one I just can’t seem to capture the way I want! 📷 I reworked this one and was editing a giant wide shot of it, but then the wide shots just don’t look so hot on IG, so I decided to just share this square from the larger shot. Hope you still enjoy! I’m back on Oahu now and itching to get over to Kauai and try my hand at shooting this again. 🏖 Aloha Friday and have a great weekend 😀🤙🏼

Shot from a Helicopter, flying over the Na Pali coast. 🌈🏔⛰The Na Pali mountains are absolutely without question one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve flown over them twice, 🚁I’ve boated past them at least 3 times. ⛵️I’ve seen hundreds of photos and videos of them. 📷📽I just can’t get over them! LOL. This is my photo, and I took it many years ago.. It’s from an unusual angle, one you probably haven’t seen before! I didn’t share anything from that day until now (I took this almost 3 years ago). I didn’t share anything from then because I thought none of the shots were good enough! 😋Looking back at my old photos, I think was being too hard on myself. This is Nuts! 😱I have several more good ones. I might work on one tomorrow. I know I can do better, but I decided to share these old ones anyway… I think I’ll try and process these old photos and fly out there again this week! As you might have noticed, I’m giving away a trip to Kauai, and these mountains are on Kauai. You’ll get to see this if you win! OMG would be the appropriate response. I'm going to share my photos for those who don't win can see what should've one of the 7 wonders of the earth! Check the video on my page if you haven’t entered yet… you'll see footage of the Hawaiian Airlines plane flying over them!! Also the video post explains how to enter the contest !! 🏝🏆🏄🏻

Update: the winner was announced Tuesday in multiple posts! Congrats to @deehor1 Win a trip to Kauai! 🏄🏻 🏝I am giving away another free trip--Here we go, Hawaiian trip giveaway number number 3! Be like the last two winners: @owninobrien (Maui) @willynillyknowsbest (Oahu) and go for it!

To win, follow these steps:
1️⃣Follow @myspacetom and @hawaiianairlines
2️⃣Like This Video
3️⃣Comment on this Video and Tag 3 friends to spread the word
The winner will be announced on June 20th. The prize is 4 days and 3 nights in Kauai, airfare (on Hawaiian Airlines) and hotel (@sheratonkauai) are covered for two 💑. Thank you so much to my friends at Hawaiian and Sheraton for making this possible.

Many people say Kauai is the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands, I can guarantee you that you’ll never see anything as crazy and beautiful as the Na Pali Coast 🏔⛰and if you win, you will get to see 🔍it for free up close and personal with @goblueadventures - an awesome boat 🚤tour company there on Kauai!

Note: this is my own giveaway and not connected with Instagram in any way. This video was made by the talented Andrew Tran with @redefined.media please check him out: @weerdnaa

It’s been real Oahu :-) Tomorrow I’m headed to Hollywood; farewell! (Ah, actually I think I’ll be back here in Hawaii 🌅 in just a few days. I just want to do one thing in LA!) I also want to start hiking more in Hawaii—it’s one activity I’ve not done so much here on the islands. I guess I tend to spend my time in the water 🌊and eating 🍱mostly (haha). A few days ago, while kayaking I waterlogged my Nikon D810 📷and for some reason at the same time the shutter broke on my Nikon D4. 📸These are my two main cameras, so I’ve been borrowing friends cameras and playing with other mediums (i.e. video!). Yesterday I used my new @gopro to film this little adventure-hike. Pretty fun! I’m just learning how to use it and edit it, but I like the feeling of this video. 🎥It captures the fun & vibe of this short hike @noahawaii and @celinelisee took. Do you like me posting this stuff? Please say yes, haha. 🙊🙉🙈Cause I wanna post more and don’t wanna bore you! As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been posting stories lately. But with this GoPro and the wide angle, it’s better to post on my main feed!

Btw, if you missed any my old InstaStories, I’ve put them on YouTube. You can find a link to it on my new website: myspacetom.com (Oh I’m just full of surprises ay?! 👍🤓And as they say, Lnk in Da Bio, yo!)

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