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"The Few, The Proud, The Strong" Miss you my brother TK @iamanemployee. We will always be your starting 5 #Gmen. Love You Thomas. #restinparadise #TK83 #thetadarkboyz #thetadeltabeta #Brothers #GroomsmenToPallbearers

We Love You TK @iamanemployee. We will be forever your brothers, groomsmens & starting five. I still can't believe this day. I will miss you so much. #TK83 #RestInParadise #ThomasKim #thetadarkboyz #thetadeltabeta #GroomsmenToPallbearers #Brothers #Family


Today is one of the finals days I see you Thomas. Tomorrow we lay you to rest. I still can't believe that's you at peace. You will be forever our wingman and brother. I am honored to be one of your pallbearers with of course your starting 5 groomsmen.

To my dear brother TK. Thomas, many people will not know our amazing bond and friendship. I’ll do my best to make this short, but prolly won't happen. Crazy, it’s been 18 years when you use to hate me and my cocky, showoff and ghetto ass pledge class for Theta Delta Beta and try to give us hell during our 13 weeks. You were the only one who really put me into blood, sweat and tears during that time. Of course always winning the biggest dick award during your time. Lol Many brothers would agree. I wanted to kick your ass so bad and wanted to right when we crossed over and finished our pledgeship. Right when we ended and celebrated from our final 24 hours of pledging, I went straight at you and instead of a closed fist. I gave you the biggest hug and thanked you for putting me and my close friends to our limits. I knew than that I gained someone special in my life. You were truly one of a kind. Always said what you believed in. Never said anything stupid. Was always up for discussion and debates.

We are brothers that go all in or nothing. You are my wing man. We have no fear on gambling or confrontations. I love no blind poker with you! Such an amazing game we created with the boys. I love instigating winning money with you. I'm going to miss knowing you were always down to start the game going, no matter the occasion.
Thomas, you've always had my back and always had high hopes and expectations for me. Watching me go through my trials, tribulations and pain with my business, friends and relationships. You were always there and would know somehow I would bounce back. You would always support me no matter the odds. You always gave me the exciting compliments to sometimes actually feel like a star, end of day we were always just having fun and enjoying all our times together. I promise to continue to make you more proud.
#TK83 #RestInParadise #ThomasKim


Our annual Christmas gathering is going to be a tough one. G4G gift exchange will never be the same. I rarely receive lots of gifts and this past one. You gave me so much and almost everything on my list. I am forever grateful for your friendship and generosity towards others.
TK, I am going to cut this short. You are truly one of the best individuals I've met in my life and one of the most inspirational brothers to be a Theta. Words can never express the love I have for you and beautiful memories we have shared with each other and our friends. I know my brother you will be watching over us and put us on check when we need it.
I love you so much TK. I am deeply saddened and in tears writing this. I will do my best be strong tomorrow for you. Never a good bye. We will see each other again my brother. God bless.

#TK83 #RestInParadise #ThomasKim
#SorryForNotCheckingMyGrammar #RollerCoasterWriting

After the Thursday funeral services, come join us to celebrate and reminisce the life of my amazing brother Thomas TK @iamanemployee. #TK83 #RestInParadise Miss you and Love you brother.

Time to work!!! I am so proud of my cousin Marco! @salamatyoga. Who would of thought growing up we would both have a passion for something and still be connected. Come a long way from our Riverside, G.I Joe and Wrestling days. Lol If you have any interest in Yoga. He is one gentleman to follow and get connected with. Not your basic Yoga instructor. Brings so much substance and creative foundation to his classes. Check this out.
He curated a massive #yoga event of 💯 + with @capsuleshow & @platform_la. Here is the event recap for the epic turnout.
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#salamatyoga #capsuleshow #helloplatform #yoga #workshops #innerpeace #community #culvercity Pogi Bboy to Yoga Master. 😏

To friends and family. Thank you everyone for the amazing love and support. Rest in Paradise TK. @iamanemployee @ri726 #TK83 #restinparadise #family #brother Love you and miss you so much Brother.

Mario showing love on Facebook. Here we go! @RewindOC this Friday! Get at me.