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Myrna Anggarani  Proud member of Genginsapgan,Fotonesia, and Instanusantara People.Thank you for follow,comment,and like 😊🙏

•the meaning of the color white is purity.Sweet ❤️

•happiest woman on April,Alhamdulillah 🙏🏻

•three of us

•thank you Pinnaa mommy syantiik udh ngasih gift lipstick,syukaaak 😍

•thank u Jeyek kesayangan 🤗 aaarghh ini nih yg bikin gagal diet 😆😬

•thank u so much to my belove people 🤗 semoga diberi keberkahan dan rezeki aamiin

•happy bday syantik kesayangan 😘

•it goes on and on and on and on and on,laying out a pavement in my head.

•happy bday big bro

•It's been a long day.I want to fall asleep,so I don't have to remember.Don't have to check up on me, I'll be alright.

•keep each other company

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