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TANYA BINDRA  Travel | Words | Happy vibes My Right Sock made me do it! 🌎 📍Nürnberg, Germany 📧 Travel guides+Inspiration⤵️

Funny story about this gorgeous church you see behind me .

If you walk down 200 meters from St. Sebald church, you'll arrive at St. Lorenz church which looks almost identical to this one. Back in the middle ages, two architects were appointed to construct St. Sebald, but both of them fell in love with the same girl and decided to make separate churches in an effort to impress her. Now, both of them were also lazy and ended up using the same layout plan .

The construction obviously took about 200 years so neither of them (nor the girl) survived to see the final outcome 😂

Just came on here to tell you that last night we went to see #Kalank, the hot new big-budget Bollywood film (cause why not) .

When I entered the movie hall, I spotted a LOT of white people and for a while I was worried we accidentally bought tickets for a show in German. Turned out it was in Hindi, maybe they all were just Bollywood fans *cue Shahrukh's signature step with violins playing in the background* 😂💃

"You may not always be the prettiest, funniest or strongest person in the room. 
But you can be the bravest and the kindest person in the room.
And while being everything else is great,
Being these things is better. "

#missivestome #letterstomyself

(Not so) fun fact: I had massive trouble deciding on a career path after high school .

I gave entrance exams for medicine, architecture, engineering, and a part of me wanted to do something in music but that didn't go down well with my parents, of course! Eventually settled for engineering, and even survived 4 years of college but I bet I'm the worst engineer you'll ever find lol 😂

Any other bogus engineers/doctors here?

Today I cartwheeled out of bed, drank a glass of water, tapped the sun on its shoulder and waved at the wind .

I took a walk in a dog park, clicked a zillion photos, squinted at the sky and made music from the rustle of the leaves .

Today I stumbled upon life and gave her a bear hug. I pulled out a box of crayons and coloured  the world the shade of a rainbow .

I jumped in a puddle of mud and bathed in the golden sunlight. I made friends with a stranger and complimented a cute old couple .

Today I lived a little more than I usually do. And I think there's a whole lot more of living left to do.

Casually sticking up my nose at this wretched winter while i kiss it goodbye! 😛😛😛 .

The sun is really quite a luxury in this part of Europe, which is why summers are such a great time to be outside! People are ALWAYS drinking, there are fests happening everywhere you go, there's a ton of incredibly talented artists playing on the street. The energy is contagious. It's like you want to squeeze every bit of summer out of the wee three months that it lasts .

I'm a summer person through and through, and I say this despite coming from a tropical country like India. So I'm really looking forward to looking up at the sky and squinting at the German sun 🌞🌞 .

Hope you're smashing Monday! 💜

This city! ❣️#postcardsfromnuremberg .

Nuremberg's architecture is so quintessentially German. Gabled roofs, soft but bold colors, half timbered building facades, cobbled streets .

Just admiring the absolute gorgeousness of the place I've come to call home!

"Loving yourself takes real courage. To be comfortable in your skin with all its flaws and freckles needs grit .

It's so easy to give up on ourselves. We have hearts that ache, minds susceptible to fear - and life repeatedly reminds us of our frailties in a myriad ways. It repeatedly tries to hit us where it hurts the most .

In a world where hate sells more than love, finding faith takes strength .

I know it's scary trying to be yourself and hoping yourself is enough. But always choose courage. Always love yourself first and put yourself first, because you're your hero. You've survived, and you'll survive. "

#myrightsock #missivestome #letterstomyself

This is where I'm at mentally 🏖️🍸 Physically I have a cup of coffee in my hand☕. Emotionally, I'm about here 😴. Please comment with emojis describing your current mood ⤵️

My idea of a balanced diet. Gotta get that (fruit) fibre! 🍓💪
Hope everyone's having a great weekend !

P.S. Would you ever put fruit on your pizza?? Or are you repulsed at the idea?

It's a good day and I'm just glad to be alive.

Glad to experience a marvel of a world in its thoroughness.
To being this oddity of a human, and embracing my humanness in all its rights and wrongs, all its flaws and virtues.
Glad to be a curious, living blend of strength and frailty.

To be here and to feel.

And to know that there are so many other places to go, and so much more to feel.
To stretch my arms to the sky and slide my hand over a rainbow once in a while.

To love and to be loved.

I'm just glad.

What are you currently reading ?

I recently picked up "Into The Wild" by John Krakauer, and I'm loving it .

Have you read it? Is it better/worse than the movie? Thoughts?

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