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It's easy to have surface friends, the people you call when you want to celebrate something: a promotion, a new house, cocktails just because it's Thursday night. Real, true friends are far more rare. The friends you call when your life doesn't go as planned, the person that actually shows up on moving day, ready to get their hands dirty, the friend that will drop everything and fly across the country for you in your time of need. Abra's been my person for 7 years now. She's been a good friend when it was easy, and a damn good friend when it was hard. She's the epitome of a good time, with zero filter that makes you laugh until you cry. I'm so thankful for my bestie, especially on her birthday! (Creeper photo circa 2013).

When it's your best friend's birthday, you drop everything to drink champagne and hang poolside, even in the middle of a Tuesday.

You're goddamn beautiful SF.

When you spend your Sunday making donuts and churros with a Michelin chef.

Two weeks back in real life and I'm missing my favorite people and the beauty of southern summers in a big big way. #tbt #oliverford

I've been talking up a blackberry picking adventure all week and Ollie's been beyond jazzed about it. Turns out the farm is closed on Sunday's, so we walked to the store and bought some. When he was distractedly playing I hid them all over the yard. Welcome to The Great Blackberry Easter Egg Hunt of 2017. #oliverford #thisistwo

Enjoying a little vitamin D with the new roommates.

When your brother's resume includes 'butcher'. #tastyAF @thurgoodness

Our daily quest for artisanal coffee and trains/trucks/construction sites. #oliverford 📷: @thurgoodness

Southern summers, magical AF. #oliverford

I want to remember everything about this day. The smell of sunscreen, sticky fingers from popsicles, the sound of giggles over the roar of the waves. And the sweet, sleepy cuddles of a boy who lives life in a big, big way. #oliverford

Livin' that island life. #oliverford

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