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Mike H.  Retro to modern gaming nerd. RPGs & adventure games, or anything fun... Commodore 64/Amiga/PlayStation etc... woot.

Finally got an NR disc for my NR Dev GameCubes -- it's Barbarian, a fantasy themed arena fighter originally planned for GameCube and PS2. It was released on PS2 in most regions, but in the USA GameCube ports was canceled because Titus, who was doing the port, went out of business. This is the final 0.9 beta of the NTSC North American version.

My current obsession... Pillars of Eternity for PC. The console versions were also just released, but my inner Baldur's Gate fan requires a keyboard and mouse interface. This is 100% a BG homage, looks great but feels and plays like the classic Black Isle games of old. So good... PoE II is due in a few months! @obsidian is probably my favorite Western RPG studio/publisher ATM...

@tonymoragames guilted me into picking up another Atari Lynx... So I grabbed a McWill modded unit with new LCD and VGA out, plus a retroHQ micro-SD flashcart. Now, what Lynx games should I play? 🤔

Sometimes, 16 bit Link needs a big grog... (Awesome perler standee by The Dude, @mrbcf06 !!)

Received my @retrogamingnow RetroPi based DMG gaming system -- woot! Very good.build quality, a lot of attention to detail -- this will get some serious portable SNESing from me.

Futzing around with this dev PS3...So big... So heavy... So ugly... But it easily runs homebrew! :)

Random PC and plushie shelfie... Gnight, Peeps!

Sony's PSP got a painful number of special editions, but I love them all, and even now to collect them they're much cheaper than rare Gameboys. Any other obsessed PSP fans out there?

The Gameboy army... My collection of GB models is weird... I collect standard Light and Micros, but only modded versions of the other models. Gameboy collectors: what's your favorite GB model and edition? For me, might be the Famitsu Light... Today...

Three of my favorite PC Big Box series. Any PC big box games hold all of my video games feelz... My child and teenhood were wrapped up in these delicious cardboard chests. What's your fav PC big box game series?

One of my favorite old skool Western RPG franchise. Jumped the shark after VII, but I logged a crapton of time on III-VII. NES/SNES versions were rough, so I stuck with Commodore/PC. Any other Ultima fans out there?

Happy Sunday, IGers

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