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Mike H.  Retro to modern gaming nerd. RPGs & adventure games, or anything fun... Commodore 64/Amiga/PlayStation etc... woot.

Lineage... The PSP Go released back in 2009. While the Go died off, clearly Sony didn't give up on the design. The Sony Ericsson XPeria PLAY edition hit in April 2011, featured Android 2.1 and had the distinctive sliding screen to reveal game controls. It one-upped the Go by adding a touch screen. It shipped with a half dozen quality games including Crash Bandicoot and Madden '11. The first Vita was released in Japan in December 2011.

Okay, so I can't play North American 3ds games on my Japanese 2DS LL, but at least I can play original DS games on it... #regionlockingsucks

Was in the mood for puzzling tonight, so pooped in Zack and Wiki for the Wii. Really a great puzzle game, despite some REALLY annoying voiceovers (in Japanese, still annoying). But the game looks great and is low stress... Just solve a series of physical puzzles, no real combat to speak of, no twitchy action. Some Wiimote fussiness, but it's survivable. Good game!

Another teaser for the AtariBox... Pics and discussion of both retro and modern gaming, but that's about it. Looks to have 4x USB, micro SD, Ethernet, HDMI, and what might be a USB C port? Should be interesting? Is this the "Atari Classic"? Another Linux emulation box? A media PC? @ataribox #ataribox

Just finished Dreamfall Chapters on PS4... So good. If you've played The Longest Journey then this is a must play. If you like point and click adventure like TellTale games or Life Is Strange, it's a must play (and also features choices that alter the game). It's a long and satisfying game. Not without some quirks, but just well done and the final two acts are killer mind blowers.

@dano_brown and @cacomagen just posted pics of themselves from their youth, so here's a good mullety pic of me and my wife from 1989. I was 19, but still anxiously awaiting puberty...

Gotta say being a pool boy is not half as sexy as it was in those videos I watched as a teenager... :-/

(⬅️ swipe for pics) Here's the new 2DS LL in action... Notes:
1. Very small package, no power adapter/charger
2. Comes with a tiny stylus, 4GB micro SD. The SD and game carts load behind a hinged door on the front lip. The stylus is also on the front lip next to a micro headphone jack
3. It feels a tiny bit lighter than the New 3DS XL, is overall a bit smaller, screens are the same size, buttons and C stick appear to be identical
4. Still region locked... Of course :-/
Otherwise it feels very similar to the 3DS XL. I really like the look, and look forward to playing a few games on it!

It has arrived -- I'm anxious to try it out!

Got my @bennvennelectronics ElCheapo v1.9 cart today -- works great! It has advantages over the GB Everdrive (better ROM compatibility) and some less good things (file list is limited to 13 characters width). But it's cheaper than the ED ($52 vs $88). V2.0 is due out soon, which will address some of the limitations and will still be cheapo.

When you're a little bit OCD about collecting certain things.......

Big cheers to @cacomagen for pointing me to Dan at Capital Games in Columbus, OH. Super nice dude and really nice stores, and he made me a great trade for these delicious SNES RPGs. He has no IG presence, so I'm shouting out to him through psychic waves...

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