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Sabrina Yates  Proud mommy of 3 angels and Olivia Poppy-Mai Woolley born 29/8/14 (6 weeks premature) Daughter of an Angel 2018

Again very simple but effective, Elfie got told off and put in ttime out because he was naughty for climbing the bannister #naughtyelf #elfontheshelf #timeout

i must be fkn mad, only just come to bed as had to move Elfie, on the plus side i had an extra glass of wine, i have put toilet paper from Olivia's bedroom, all down the stairs, into the livingroom and around her pink (🤮) christmas tree, cant wait to see her face in the morning #elfietheelf #elfontheshelf #naughtylittlebastard #cantwaittoseeherfaceinthemorning

I still haven't got my christmas tree up, dont really feel like one this year, but Olivia has put hers up, and has decorated and stripped it many times lol bless her, stunning dress is from #4yearsold #redhairblueeyes #childmodel #pinkisnotmycolour #christmastree #handmadeinireland #supportsmallbusiness

Not very creative but olivia woke up to Elfie like this today, she was so excited and said santas magic had done it, by the time she had opened her Hatchimals advent door the table didnt look like this, but at least she enjoyed it and my dinningroom smells lovely as it was Johnsons baby bedtime talc #elfietheelf #naughtyelf #4yearsold #excitedchild

look at these absolutely adorable bloomers, if you want red or burgandy tartan get your orders in now as once its gone its gone #handmadeinireland #handmade #supportsmallbusiness #tartan

i love this girl more than anything in the whole world, she deserves the very best in life, and i will do all i can to give it her, my mom would want the best for me as well as Olivia, a few things mom kept saying to me will stick with me and i will do all i can to do it and make my mom proud for both myself and Olivia no matter what it takes or how long #iwillmakemymomproud #ineedahug #ilovethisgirl #mydaughtermyworld #onedayiwillbehappy #itsoknottobeok

here she is again on the table having photos took this time in the absolutly stunning dress from just wish the lighting was better as this dress is truly stunning #handmadeinireland #handmade #childmodel #4yearsold #redhairblueeyes #redhairedgirl #mybeautifuldaughter #mymomwouldbeproud

at the moment Olivia has an obsession with standing on the dinningroom table for me to take photos of her, then she will do these funny poses, the lighting is rubbish but this is the outfit she chose to wear today @max_and_molly_ltd a stunning green velvet dress

when your 4 year old empties the toilet paper from the roll so she can give the tube the dog ffs #4yearsold #uptomischief

i bought this amazing scratch art book for Olivia from @homebargains rrp uk £7.99 price tag £2.49 and its amazing, some scratch pictures and some colouring pictures with a story, this is a must for all rainbow unicorn lovers of all ages, the only downside to the book is if you scratch over the lines you end up losing the picture, theres also a blue book but i didnt see what it was, the third pic is this Olivia this morning before getting up lol #rainbows #unicorns #scratchart #4yearsold

for your chance to win this beautiful bracelet head over to @raspberry_ripple_jewellery

i have been a bit quiet on here because this little beauty hasnt been very well, steve isnt very well, but like a trooper even though im not physically or mentally well atm im getting on with it, i had a meeting with Olivia's teacher today and found out for some reason this beautiful, happy, clever girl has for some reason become distance and withdrawn from everyone, sometimes sitting there in a world of her own, ive asked her whats wrong but she wont say, i wish i could help her, i wish i knew whats going on in her head, my poor little girl i feel so helpless #mymomwouldknowwhattodo #imissmymom #4yearsold #mybeautifuldaughter#redhairedgirl #redhairblueeyes

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