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M Y P I N K D O O R  girly girl | runner(ish) | disney enthusiast | rule breaker | diy-er | fashion admirer | on the adventure of turning a house into a home ✨T X

h o m e
for the
h o l i d a y s

s t o r y t i m e !
yesterday mom and i were headed into town to attend holiday happening but before we got there i wanted to take a picture in front of this neat lubbock mural like the weird little millennial i am. long story short we drove around for a little while and couldn’t find it but did find some other cool walls to snap a few photos. as we were driving around i was amazed by how beautiful a lot of the buildings were- either i’ve forgotten this or probably just didn’t appreciate them as much growing up. the potential i saw in the abandon buildings made me really excited, but it quickly faded knowing that nothing is really happening with them. not to sound all joanna gaines 😉, but i really can see a restoration happening in these buildings for the better. lubbock is growing and that’s a positive, but there’s a lot of new construction and less restoration of these beautiful spaces in the city. a lot of cotton fields being taken over and a lot of empty buildings left standing.
lubbock isn’t the most glamorous city, but it’s got a good heart, good people, and a truly unique culture. today i’m hopeful for a new vision in this city and fresh creativity to see things as they could be. even though i no longer physically reside here, this place will always be home. always be my roots. and always be where my own dreams began.
“but now happiness is lubbock texas growing nearer and dearer”🎶♥️

my house is maturing a little bit. i’ve recently traded out fluffy furry pillows for knit pillows, a sparkling throw for a quilt, and my glass bottles for new #hearthandhand vases. it’s a good change. ✨
one of my favorite things about this house is reflecting on the changes i’ve made in the short year and a half i’ve been here. my house is a fairly direct reflection of my life- sometimes it’s a mess, some of the walls are half painted, a few things haven’t changed at all, sometimes it’s in tip top shape, and the decor is ever changing. i love hosting people, but when i invite people over it also feels vulnerable to share my space i’ve created with them. it’s not perfect, and neither am i, but this little home is my own little perfect world. ♥️

freshened up the desk space today! you may remember the HUGE cork board i had up over my desk because honestly, i was dying to have a cork space to pin memories up.
W E L L... it became overwhelming and it was time to break all that cork up! after a quick trip to target grab these fun cork hexagons... viola! ✨ new wall. sharing a few more details of my wall on the ole insta story!
#deskspace #targetdoesitagain

no joke i think this laundry basket has been sitting here for a month. i think today’s the day to tackle it but honestly... maybe tomorrow? 😅

spent the day in mayberry✨
well, essentially. canadian texas is a slice of heaven in my book. it’s my mom’s hometown and holds some of my most special memories. today we went up to celebrate the youngest family member’s 3rd birthday. 🎉
we met at my grandparent’s house, gathered around a picnic table my uncle built, and sang happy birthday to little Jerry. it was simple and fun and bittersweet.
although we don’t talk about it a lot, our family has been through a lot of loss. it’s like the taboo thing to acknowledge how broken all of our hearts are- we’re working on it. i couldn’t help but sit there today and wish my grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all still here with us. cancer, tragedy, disease, old age... ugh.
bittersweet but even more thankful. thankful for the time we had with our loved ones. thankful we still have our grandparent’s house in the family to gather together. thankful there is a new generation to raise and love. thankful my grandparents, aunts, and uncle raised us all to value family and love hard. ♥️ #thankfulthankfulthankful

this is the very last snap of the very last time #myhoundteam was together. time goes by really (really really) fast and somehow we have gone 12 months without all being together. a lot of life has happened since this photo. both good and bad. and while living in 3 different states SUCKS there’s nobody else i would rather go through the ups and downs with. if anything, living so far away from them has taught me that we are stronger than we think and no matter what we go through nothing is too big or hard or trying for this friendship. ❤️
in the meantime- anyone wanna fund a #myhoundteam reunion?! 😂😂😂

also @letterfolk came out with a BLUSH board. and i ordered it. and i have no regrets 😍

my mother keeps asking me to stop hanging things up until we finish painting the walls. oooooops 🤷🏼‍♀️

rainy night run ✨
good for the body,
hard for the heart.
tonight felt something like running around the streets of nashville and that just makes the whole thing feel like a tease.

“the world was hers for the reading” ✨
today i did something out of my comfort zone. a few weeks ago at church i noticed a volunteer opportunity in the bulletin to work with kids on their reading skills. i had been thinking about getting more involved with the community in some way and being a librarian’s daughter this seemed to be the perfect fit.
today i got the text that everything was ready and the book club would be starting TODAY. in fact, I needed to leave in about 15 minutes to make it there on time. and today i had every excuse in the book to give and skip the first day, but reluctantly i walked out the door to follow through with this commitment.
this may be a good place to note- i am not, by nature, a kid person. ya know how some people have a natural ability to connect with kiddos (aka my brother 🙄)? yeah, not me.
my expectations for this first day were pretty low, i didn’t know what to expect so i decided to take the go with the flow approach. well, whatever expectation i did have was blown out of the water. my 3 little students were so sweet! the time passed so quickly and when we wrapped up i found myself already looking forward to next week. and right before i left one of them ran up to me to hug me goodbye. heart. melt.
sheeeesh i don’t know what the lord is going to do this year but YALL I AM SO EXCITED. no joke i think this may be the biggest challenge i have taken on this year but wow wow wow. i think it’s going to be a good one!

slow saturday night with my parents, good brisket, fall cupcakes, and a texas tech win.
thankful for a day of rest ❤️
thankful for this cozy home ✨

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