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this is what i call procrastination- my bed is literally covered in laundry that needs to be put away but instead i decided to hang a shelf in my tiny entry way. 😎
this is also what i call getting there because bless the hot mess of a shelf arrangement. i was determined to make it look half way decent. it's also all off center and tbh it's probably going to stay that way for awhile. welcome to my imperfect life! 🙃😂 #mypinkdoor #shelfie #entryway #welcomehome #howdy

double post because this feed has also turned into some weird sort of personal diary/blog/spill my guts kind of thing.
last week was good and exhausting and exhilarating and encouraging and full of life. it was arguably one of my favorite weekends in my entire life. and honestly, rebounding from that is hard.
my entire life i've been a "feeler"- believe it or not. i empathize with people to an extreme, but i have also become very good at keeping people an arms length away for fear of falling into their story as well. i want to pour into people the way Jesus did. empty every last bit of myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and pour into others until there is nothing left to give. this was my goal going into last week- that the people i encountered would not see me but they would see Jesus through me. at the end of the week i was so exhausted i could not even think straight but it was so worth it to know i had given everything i had to these people.
where it gets hard is here- weekends like last weekend are a beautiful glimpse of heaven for me. unfortunately for humans we are restricted by the boundaries set by time. there never seems to be enough of it. if only i had all the time in the world to have gotten to know each and every one of my vendors, guests, and sales associates better, learn their stories, support them, listen to them, encourage them. instead we had beautiful, bittersweet, fleeting moments that leave me longing for eternity when relationship will not be restricted by the limits of time or human exhaustion. when it's all said and done i am left in the aftermath amazed by the incredible people i have had the honor of meeting. every one of their stories is amazing.

all that to say- i am thankful. thankful for the blessings this job has brought me and the path God has lead me down. thankful thankful thankful. ❤
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happy spring from #mypinkdoor 🌷

wow wow wow. what a week. i could write a novel about what this past week has meant to me but let's keep it short- i am so thankful. ❤
so nows it's back to the daily grind! what i am looking forward to? replacing these dead flowers on my table. finishing up some spring cleaning. diving into the next big event. and finally, FINALLY taking the time to finish painting my den. 😅 #itsagoodlife #mypinkdoor #painterswelcome #keepgoong

gosh i love this season in life-- but sometimes a girl just misses her best friends ✨ thankful to have the support of these three while i chase some crazy dreams. from near and far they have my rock this week texting to check in on me, sending the funniest snapchats, and in general being amazing, supportive humans. so if there is anything to brag about it's these amazing humans and their loving hearts. 💕 one of these days i'll drag them all down to waco and just like anytime we are together it will be the best day ever! 🙃 #myhoundteam

what a week. this has been one of those weeks- the one where i fall asleep on my couch (twice), force myself to get a few work outs in (endorphins, yall), finally putting clean sheets back on my bed, let the dishes pile up a little too long, and use a shameful amount of dry shampoo. it's the kind of week when i remind myself what i'm chasing here- a dream. a career.
i am not chasing a guy, popularity, friends, money... i'm running towards the belief that the work i do in building this dream + career of mine will better the kingdom of Heaven. the thought that maybe by the small daily works i do it somehow blesses someone else out there. all those other things... they are great! (shoutout to all my friends out there y'all are still 💯) but right now in this season this is the path i choose to be on, running a million miles an hour towards a goal and hoping one day it will all be worth it.
the crazy thing is- this may be my favorite season yet 🙃 #mypinkdoor #mypinkperspective

here's the thing about adulting- when you make a mess you have to clean it up. 🙄 #garagesalerecovery

mom always wants to take a good bye picture of me before she leaves 😂 so i just kind of let her. home again home again... 💕 #mypinkdoor

we love this place ✨
mom and i are waiting for the last show right in front of the castle and all i can think about is how thankful i am to have shared this adventure with my mama. sweet sweet memories 💕

t i m e: noun
the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.
tonight I left for my favorite weekend of the whole year! however as the trip grew closer my stress levels went higher and higher and higher. even as we shuttled to the airport, checked our bags, scurried through security, and headed for the gate I was frantically making phone calls, sending emails, and responding to texts. i was so wrapped up in this we almost missed our flight. that didn't stop me though! the plane had wifi so it was back to emails for me. by the time we landed I felt better about work, but hadn't enjoyed the trip yet one bit. as mom and I walked off the plane I checked the time only to find my watch had stopped working- at 5:15(ish), the exact time vacation had started for mom and I.
r e s t: verb
cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.
God has a funny sense of humor but in that moment I was reminded this weekend is a time of rest. a time to step away from the calls, emails, texts, and crazy of day to day life. a time to enjoy my favorite place with my sweet mama and make memories that will last a lifetime. wherever you are at this weekend, whether it be your favorite place to visit or your favorite couch at home, take some time to rest this weekend. time stops for no one but you get to choose how to spend yours. ✨💕 #mypinkdoor #mypinkperspective #weekendofrest

currently: using all my will power to NOT start a late night project of finally repainting these cabinet. don't stress- it's not going to happen right now... but I'm about 💯 percent over this burgundy thing. #mypinkdoor #myburgundykitchen🙄

11:23pm 😴 so long sleep, I'll see you in April. #lifeofaneventcoordinator

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