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Molly 🌸 Tigger  •Just a girl and pony that wants to show you what we can do• I'm learning tiggers teaching me•All pictures are mine•Can we get 150 followers ?•

Aww tigger he looked adorable with his little plats in 🙈💖

Yesterday, I decide to make tigger look like a pro 😊 by plating his mane (I felt like it). Anyway, we were in the cross country field, we were practising showing. Tigger being tigger was a not happy doing the showing by himself but he did 😃 so proud. 😘

Sorry this is a day late but, we haven't risen properly together for 2 years and I remember before I didn't ride with out my Millie 😘 but we had a brill ride from @evie_canning thank you 😘 but I'm just so happy to be riding with my Millie again ☺️ I know this is a bad photo of me and her but we had just riden so don't mind that but thanks to Liz for taking the picture also go follow her latest account @mymoodymare it's an amazing account she's my IG bud 👌 love you baby ❤️

Had a good ride on this rascal today even though he was having none of it 💖

Sorry i haven't posted 😁, but, this is Me and tigs had a great ride today ☺️ eve taught us 😊 really good lesson I tried to keep me head down when jumping i am almost there but lots of practice needed still but there will always be room to improve 😊

Me and Pheobe's quick horsey picture before we had a dressage lesson I'm on tigger the one on the top left corner and Pheobe is on jonny the one on the bottom right of the picture 📷photo creds to Pheobe 📷 go follow her ^^^

Need to keep my leg on 🙈

📷A little picture from yesterday 📷 photo creds to @evie_canning thank you for believing in me ✨

This is me (molly) on tigger jumping a 2ft 4 spread? I know it's not high but I'm am really trying to get a better position

This is tigger he is my loan pony I am going to try and post once a day he's a brill little pony. I would really like it if we could get 100 followers by Tuesday?

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