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HAPPY FRIDAY, friends! Let’s just hang in there 😘 Posting a tiny taste of my morning handstand foundations practice with terrible cold. Stay healthy, everybody and keep it simple 💕 #goodhabits #backtobasics #handbalancing #strengthtraining #straighthandstand

NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF. This self-taught 10 year old back-bender looks like she is closely related to legendary Iyengar and not to me. 🤣Relieved and happy to not have passed on my scoliosis. Enjoy each other’s specialness 😊

HANGING IN TREES. Inspired by @markrobberds teachings, I got myself rings and have used them a couple of times with the kids this summer. It is so natural and intuitive for us ex-apes to hang and swing in trees that it really doesn’t need much explanation. Anything you do is both fun and beneficial. For me, the German hang felt quite natural at once. This demo shows one of the first days that I’m using the rings in the local park and I still need to push myself from the ground with my feet to get up from the German hang again. Just a couple of times later I don’t need that kick anymore. It is incredible how fast your body gains strength as well as flexibility when hanging. #germanhang #skinthecat #yoga #gymnastics #ashtanga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #movement#mobility #flexibility #strength #yogachallenge #igyoga#instayoga #yogagram #yogalife

MOVEMENT EXPLORATION MOOD. Today I took @jangalikayamane s movement class @northernlightyoga and he talked about how when you first practice a new movement it’s hard, so hard. It is impossible for the longest time. Then it’s there but it’s still messy, jerky, amateur. Only eventually it will get easier, more effortless. And finally, it is beautiful.

I just started to look at some of the transitions of the third series. I was proud when I managed to get this on tape in a random morning practice. Then after having watched @larugayoga s third series video on YouTube I almost didn’t want to post mine. It still looks so strained and jerky (the slight speeding up certainly doesn’t help😂). But there is also beauty in non-perfection. Our quest for perfection is often getting in the way for exploring, learning and developing.
The song was just playing unintenionally from a playlist. But Miss Kitten’s “Frank Sinatra” certainly fits into my recent feminist mood. I hope for a more just situation for our girls in the future and an easier life for our boys - not having to be the perfect macho hero all the time. #vasisthasana #visvamitrasana #thirdseries #ashtanga #yoga #practiceandalliscoming #igyogacommunity #boldfearlessandfree #movementexploration #locomotion #gravityissues #flipyopilates #practiceyogachangeyourworld #functionalfitness #mobility #movebetter #practicenotperfection #mypractice

TO BIND OR NOT TO BIND?.. Here is my story: I could bind in this pose almost since my very first ashtanga class. Does that mean anything? No, only that I have long arms and relatively good lower back twistiness/flexibility/strength. Unfortunately my «advantage» kept me from doing the pose correctly for the longest time. Now I am focusing more on lengthening than on binding tighter. Here I am actually refraining from a wrist bind focusing instead on my upper body not hunching over. Thank you @alli_roush for the good tutorial! The challenge is #noticethislotus with #firstseries #marichasanaD hosted by @alli_roush @jadebellyyoga @bowlingandyoga

HELLO FRIDAY. Week-end is approaching and I am posting a snapshot from my beach practice at the summerhouse last week-end. Early and bright alone on the beach twisting into one of my fav asanas from the #primaryseries. The challenge is #noticethislotus with #firstseries #marichasanaD hosted by @alli_roush @jadebellyyoga @bowlingandyoga

THIRD SERIES ✨ I feel that I am finally ready to integrate some of the advanced transitions from the third series into my practice. Urdhva kukkutasana is one of these that look really harmless until you try it. I thought my lotus is tight enough and my tripod is stable enough to give it a go. And I should have sufficient strength. Yet this took me many attempts. It is again the relation between the length of my legs and torso that makes it almost impossible to lift my lotus up after landing. My knees simply wont fit near my arm pits. To fold the mat twice under my head helps. (You can try a thin book or magazine to get a little bit higher, too). I almost use a bit of momentum rolling towards my forhead as I engage my hands, shoulders and core to lift up. The tips of my fingers play a big part, using all my spiderfinger handstand skills. It was almost killing me. 😬 Any good advice how to use less strength? #handbalancing #thirdseries #hollyshandstands #gravityissues #functionalfitness #noticethislotus #urdhvakukkutasana

FREE ECSTASY ✨✨✨Your body is for free. You don’t necessarily need much more to feel ecstatic. Shaking my toes into the #thirdseries with #koundinyasana B. This is hard AF. Even superstrong @lottasebzdayoga is trembeling a tiny bit in this transition. #ashtangamondays #advancedseries #gravityissues #feeltheyogahigh

INSPIRED by the fearless acrobatic play of the girls I rolled into unsupported shoulderstand from #parasitapadottanasana C for the very first time today. My proportions and the lack of abundant hamstring flexibility have made this transversion unthinkable for the longest time. Suprised that I could overcome my fears and control the roll out in a #shoulderstand. 😅 We should definitely try more unthinkable things. #gravityissues

I forgot to post my fav forward fold on yesterday’s #ashtangamondays . I’m following gorgeous @lottasebzdayoga example with #parighasana from the #intermediateseries . 🙏 to hosts @sirisyoga @omniyogagirl and @runandrelax @theasanasyoga @liforme @waroncancerunited

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