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Andrea K.  Yoga🙏🏾 Play👭👫🐈 Norwegian fjords🐬 Travel🐲

The art we need is the art of bearing the unbearable. #ThomasBernhard

WARRIOR SUNDAY. The warrior poses are not about violence or fight, they are about insight, love and forgiveness. #AshtangaYogaBeyond @markrobberds @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial #warriorpose #virabhadrasana #warriorone

#LEGBEHINDHEAD 😱Not one of my favorites yet, but getting there slowly.. #AshtangaYogaBeyond #ekapadashirshasana #Yoga4x7 @markrobberds @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial

INTO THE SUNSHINE ☀️☀️☀️Its still a challenge for me to align elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in pincha and not fall into a 🍌back. But this one is as good as it gets for now. Out now into the sunshine ☀️#AshtangaYogaBeyond #Yoga4x7 #pincha #pinchamayurasana @markrobberds @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial

SUN YAY! The sun is out again and you could actually try this outside with a little bit more clothes on. Joining @cyogalab s #lotusheadstand with an asymmetrical version from the summer. So great to try new moves on the grass or beach. #Yoga4x7 #lotuspose #sirsasana #AshtangaYogaBeyond #padmasana

SATURDAY MORNING FLOATING. Happy weekend, all my yogi friends❣️ Check out @markrobberds for advice on this or look at @kinoyoga s YouTube video. Both have new tutorials on @omstarsofficial@liquidoactive @ohmmeapparel #AshtangaYogaBeyond #mayurasana #1moreshotasana2 #peacockpose #floatforcore #practiceyogachangeyourworld

GOOD NIGHT NOW, all of you little ashtangis out there❣️ #AshtangaYogaBeyond @markrobberds @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial #scorpionpose #vrschikasana

RETREAT IDEAS😃? Its oficially wintertime in Oslo now and I miss my outdoor practice so much😂 I'm dreaming about a yoga retreat for the upcoming holidays somewhere warm, thinking southern Europe, Mexico or South/ Central America. It should be advanced, but does not need to be 100% ashtanga. Any good advice for me? Im also interested to hear about other destinations if the practice is worth while. 😃 #pinchamayurasana #forarmstand #backbend #yogalife #inversionjunkie #ashtangayoga #ashtangayogachallenge #yogini#ibendsoidontbreak#yogaphotography#ashtangastrong #practiceandalliscoming #flipyourasana #feeltheyogahigh #inspiredyogis #yogis4splits #yogaholic #crazyfunkyyoga #yogatravel

MORE JUMPING AROUND. As promised I'm posting this version with straight legs which is slightly harder than jumping with bent legs and an even better core compression exercise. Also try to lower down with straight legs which for me is harder than lowering the straddle. Again the sofa helps a lot when jumping to be fear free. I also love to jump around ON the sofa with the kids😉. Anything counts 😀#fearfreeyoga #sofayoga#yogisofinstagram #practicenotperfection

ENDURANCE, patience and persistence will transgress all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities. #legbehindhead #Yoga4x7 #ekapadasirsasana

JUMP AROUND 🐸🐰🐵 The sofa challenge (by @cyogalab) is over but I'm sure that I will keep practicing with the sofa for a long time. The best drill ever, I just discovered last week in the Berlin. Jump from down dog forward with the sofa in front of you, feeling safe to go as high up as you can. Then lower with control. If you do this a couple of times eventually the body understands that you do not really need that sofa. Play around with the distance to it. Or maybe use the sofa more actively to get a little bit of momentum when jumping back to down dog. This is a great drill towards the same movement without the sofa. Using the sofa like this was a real revelation to me since I never dared jumping as high as I could, fearing to go over. You simply cannot go over!😁And you are slowly building that arm, core and shoulder strength to hold you there with control. For another version a little harder you can do the move with stretched out legs. I will show a demo on that in the next couple days. 💙😘 #sofayoga #fearfreeyoga #jumparound

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