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#partner The day I came out to my parents was far from a Hallmark moment. To be frank, I was scared out of my mind. My mom cried for what felt like the entirety of forever. And even though it was a relief to finally be honest with her, it was equally awful to hear my own mother talk about how sad my identity made her. Needless to say, it wasn't our best day. The climate for the LGBTQIA community has changed a lot since I came out, but we still have a long way to go. And for far too many of us, a weeping parent is the golden ticket of coming out stories considering that abuse, neglect, and tragedy are much more common themes. At this point, the work of organizations like @pflagnational is more important than ever and this Pride month, I’m proud to partner with @Motrin and #JnJ to support @pflagnational- join now by uploading your photo through the @donateaphoto app and showing your support on social using #CarewithPride!

I don’t know about you, but I was taught to fear “That Time of the Month.” It was always about hugging a hot water bottle and trying to convince my mom to let me skip school. And, truth be told, that embedded fear of my own reproductive system is something I still battle to this day. But my period is a source of immense strength - it’s a monthly reminder of my ability to create and bear life. That’s prettttttty epic. “That time of the month” shouldn’t be shamed - it should be honored. @ubykotex is dedicated to releasing the stigmas of periods + exercise - share YOUR story using the #FindYourFITNESS hashtag and get a free sample of NEW U by Kotex® FITNESS* tampons, pads and liners with the link in my profile!
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The @aerie fam brought so much love and positivity to @timesquareny for today's summer solstice yoga event to celebrate International Day of Yoga- and what a way to spend the longest day of the year! Times Square actually makes a lovely outdoor hot yoga studio- and looking up to see the clouds and skyscrapers was surprisingly tranquil. So many of y'all said hey during today's event but if we didn't get to meet IRL or if you tried to talk to me right after class and I acted like Luna Lovegood bc of the yoga vibes then let me take this moment to say "HI. IT WAS VERY NICE TO PRACTICE WITH YOU." Thank you for celebrating your body and bringing positive energy into this world. The whole day is on my insta story and snap, I'm @mynameisjessamy (NO N!) on snap 👻👻👻 Also, so happy that the universe keeps offering opportunities to share space with one of my soul sisters- ❤️💋❤️💋❤️ @kathrynbudig
Tops+Bottoms by @aerie #aeriereal

When I first started practicing, I would repeat the same classes over and over and over again because initially, the first time you take a class you spend the whole time trying to figure it out. You’re like “What are we doing? How am I supposed to move?” But after you do it a couple times, you become more comfortable. Over time, it becomes easier.
This is exactly why I created my EveryBody Yoga Classes on @codyapp! Each of these five flows take you through a different piece of Vinyasa – standing postures, balancing postures, and even gentle backbends. You’ll learn each element individually so you don’t feel overwhelmed or flooded with information.
Go try the free preview! codyapp.com/everybodyyogaclasses or click the link in my bio!

I created my EveryBody Yoga Classes on @codyapp because when you connect poses together and start to trust your own breath, the magic of the asana practice reveals itself. These classes are the perfect follow-up to the beginner focused fundamentals tutorials in my "Beginner Yoga for EveryBody" plan- you'll take the lessons we learned in that plan and begin to flow your yoga poses with grace and ease. It'll be sweaty and fun, and you'll have the opportunity to love yourself through your own laughter and gratitude. Follow the link in my bio to try the FREE class preview, or visit codyapp.com/everybodyyogaclasses!

PS- y'all keep asking me for leggings recommendations that don't slide down- THESE ARE by @temaathletics and THEY ARE AMAZING AND I HAVE THEM IN MULTIPLE COLORS AND YOU NEED THEM, TOO. In fact, I think I wore @temaathletics exclusively in my latest plans. Sorry to shout, but my DMs are crowded with leggings recommendation requests and I am sooo slow to answer. But seriously, they're amazing. 🔑

Thanks to all of you being really enthusiastic about #everybodyyoga, I've received a lot of exceedingly generous press lately. But real talk, if I individually shouted out every media outlet that has shown me love, I would probably blow chunks all over my computer from verbal masturbation fatigue. That being said, I'm REALLY FUCKING HONORED to be included in @fastcompany's 100 Most Creative People in Business issue- thanks for validating a career path that totally goes against the advice of every authority figure in my life. In fact, I reallllllly want to insert a few petty as fuck emojis toward some of my undergrad and grad professors but yoga is making me shut my ass up soooo ANYWAY the link to the profile is on my Facebook page- check it out if you're into that kinda thing 💋

Totally unrelated, I'm teaching a retreat at @1440multiversity in August AND I'll be at Hawaii Yoga Festival at @kalanioceanside in October- see you there? Check out jessamyn stanley.com for more info!

Photo by the amazing @yogicphotos

My yoga practice bloomed at home, and it was because of online classes like my brand new yoga flow series called EveryBody Yoga Classes on @codyapp! I created these beginner-focused flows so that you can try, repeat, and learn in an environment where you’re comfortable and feel free to be yourself.
Learn more and try the free preview at codyapp.com/everybodyyogaclasses or through the link in my bio!

"How was your book tour, Jessamyn?" Well, it wasn't just one thing and there's no way for me to actually describe it. I wrote about a few things that stuck out on my tumblr- link is in the header above. Here are a few selections:

2. In Athens, GA, I taught a yoga class at @centercityballet and seeing the ballet students before my class reminded me of when I was the fattest kid in my dance class and our costumes almost always involved midriff baring and I was so self-conscious of my chubby belly that I would pull my hip huggin spandex pants up to my belly button and I had a perpetual spandex camel toe.

5. During my tour stop in Boulder, CO, I stayed at this insanely cool Denver hotel called @theartahotel. I was busy as shit so I barely got to spend any time there, but it was a very cool hotel and y’all should stay there if you’re in Denver.
6. In Chicago, I did back to back presentations at a high school in the ‘burbs. Literally every kid in those presentations reminded me of high school Jessamyn. Many of y’all seemed afraid to ask questions during the Q&A which made perfect sense because adults do the same goddamn thing. Most human beings are afraid of each other and nowhere is that made more vivid than the American high school system.

9. Darien, CT. has one of the bougiest and most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen. Where I was reminded that library science is actually social justice and librarians are out in these streets for real.
I have more to say but it’ll come out when it’s time. Every city had POC who verbalized a feeling of complete isolation. I see you. As a POC who operates in a very white world, I have to admit- our shared sense of isolation reads like a victory flag. It’s a sign that assimilation isn’t working and we are resisting. I am happy to be in the struggle with you.
The rest is on my tumblr, link above- see you tomorrow at @rva_library MAIN BRANCH at 2pm, Richmond 💋💋
👙 by @bynadiaaboulhosn

I used to post about my home asana practice on here but I haven't felt compelled to do that recently. I think it's because of the #everybodyyoga tour-frankly, privacy has been kind of hard to come by. My home practice has felt like a very private secret, and one that must be held close to my chest. Plus, I don't really think it's terribly visually interesting- it's just the same poses over and over again. Internally though? This shit's on a whole new level. I could never verbalize this feeling- words will always be an understatement. As much as I've been challenged in the past months/years, the challenges have only served as a deeper connection to the most crucial aspects of my yolking, nearly all of which seem to be non physical tbh. But that also includes a deeper connection to the asana- YouTube tutorials by teacher's teachers like @kinoyoga & @adrienelouise have been truly holding me down while on the road and fully reigniting poses I've been practicing for years. I still take photos/videos and shit, but I don't post them anywhere- usually the lighting is terrible plus I honestly feel kinda weird about having so many complete strangers looking at one of the most intimate parts of my life. It was different when I had fewer followers. I'm glad to "see"/"meet" y'all but damn- I'm an introvert, ya dig?

Hey RICHMOND! I'll be at @rva_library tomorrow at 2pm signing books and kissing babies- see you there? 💋

Swimsuit is @bynadiaaboulhosn

You know, I think there are quite a few white people who think I hate them. Actually, maybe it's just white cisdicks. Maybe I'm being hyperbolic but I honestly doubt it. Idk, I just keep having interactions w/ white cisdicks wherein they say something like, "I know you hate white guys but..." Maybe they just think I'm angry. Maybe they think I'm angry at the world? But the real question is: Do I really need to explain myself? Furthermore, do I even have a problem with that general assumption? In those moments, I'm forced to actively restrain my embedded respectability politics. It's like I have to contain the desire to correct this assumption. Because am I not allowed to feel hate? Am I not allowed to feel resentment? I just read an excellent @huffpost article by @dominiquematti called "Why I'm Absolutely an Angry Black Woman" and it felt like she was speaking the words of my soul- if you're interested, you can find the full article on my Facebook page. Anyway, it made me think- why do I need for people to think I'm not angry? Because, truth be told, I AM angry. Yes, yoga and meditation allow for space to understand the anger but that doesn't make it magically dissipate. Does that mean I hate all white people (or white cisdicks)? Obviously not. Trust me, I've had sex with a few too many of y'all for that to be the case. But the fact that I feel compelled to make others comfortable probably points to more important insights. It might not be important to the sheepish white cisdick who decides to get in his feelings about perceived "reverse racism" (whatever the fuck that is), but it's definitely important to me.

Boston, y'all are fucking amazing- as usual, I'm humbled into silence and I PROMISE I'LL BE BACK. I can't believe there's only two tour stops left on this leg of the #everybodyyoga tour- I'll be in Toronto tomorrow with @bodyconfidencecanada at @fabarnakresto at 6:30pm and I'll be in Richmond, VA at @rva_library on Saturday at 2pm- details at jessamynstanley.com/tour!

Photo by O Captain, My Captain Substantia Jones of the Adipositivity Project. If you want to see the uncensored version of this photo/check out Adipositivity, click the link above!

The force of y'all's love is so strong that I can barely handle it. It humbles me. Is one human being really supposed to be able to take all this in? I don't think so. But I am grateful. I am so very fucking grateful.

Boston, Toronto, and Richmond- I'm coming for y'all! I'll be in the land of @dunkindonuts tomorrow night- I'm in conversation with @hereandnowradio's Robin Young at @bplboston at 6pm and my inner public radio nerd is freaking the fuck out with excitement. All the info about this leg of the #everybodyyoga tour is on Jessamynstanley.com/tour or click the link above- see y'all there! (Unrelated, I feel like everyone and their mother has suggested that I've gotta be in the city for @nycpride this year- plus, the parade weekend is my 30th birthday weekend. I was planning to sleep that weekend, but will I be caught slipping if I skip out? Ugh, what a Fucking first world problem. Rolling my eyes at my damn self.)

That time Team @codyapp convinced me to try #crossfit for the first time at @foundationcrossfit and now I feel like I'm seeing the fitness space in technicolor. I especially enjoyed everything related to lifting- as soon as the #everybodyyoga tour is over and I have time to genuinely catch my breath, lifting weights is bout to be my summertime obsession. You can watch the whole video over on my Facebook- I was a sweaty mess by the end but I had a damn good time and @kneesout serves a delicious ass whoopin. Also, I'm in the DC area tonight, see y'all at @willowstreetyoga in Silver Spring at 7:30pm, check out Jessamynstanley.com/tour for more info!

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