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Mymsie F.  Web designer, crafter, barrel o' fun (Don't worry, Mymsie is just a nickname.) Indianapolis, IN

Ornery, cute, et al.

1st fire pit of the spring! 😍🌟

#PupCup from #Starbarks for a very good girl
ED: Mama voice on point! 😂

"BEHOLD! My numerous & magnificent toes." #polydactyl #mischief #plottingmydeath

When we found out John had leukemia, so much had to change immediately. Most things that weren't directly related to saving his life dropped to the wayside. One of those things was #1SE videos. In the months before his diagnosis, I'd been taking one-second vids pretty regularly but of course, it was no longer a priority once we were fighting cancer. Now over a year later, we're slowly transitioning to "normal" again. John's out of town this weekend so every day, I've made a compilation of seconds to send him. It's been such a joy and reminded me what a simple gift it is to document your life. Here's today's vid, featuring critters, lots of snow, and a visit to JoAnn fabric. ☺💓

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #Indiana

Family walks are my love language. 💟 (To embarrass Mags, we wore matching hats a friend knitted us. 😝)

Nature showin' off #onmywalk today 💚

Tired out from our walk. 🐶💟

My husband took our daughter to see a movie which means Lush bath bomb: party of one! 😍🛁

Remind me I made this the next time I complain about the snow. 😉 Idea via

This has been the most relaxing weekend I've had in ages. Yesterday I took a long, decadent nap. Today I diffused lavender & bergamot and repotted plants. Very grateful for the downtime. 🙏