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dead inside  stx☀️ このないそれチーフ🤠🗿 (this ain't it chief) tell me your late night thoughts and ideas. what keeps you up at night or whatever, link below.

I doubt im going to win but it would be cool if I did.

i woke up from a nightmare, all I remember was dying and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was in it. Weird.

私は悪魔と話しました。 彼はすべてが大丈夫だと言った。 彼は地獄の深いところで私の到着を待っている。

I've followed so many people by accident in the past 10 minutes it's hilarious. I went back and unfollows most of them, let's hope I got the iffy looking accounts like scam accounts and friends from highschool yeet

i had arbys for the first time, my taste buds busted a fat nut. The had a bell they you can ring of you enjoyed, i fucking slapped that bitch, it rang so loud, my dad was laughing. #arbys #notanadbuttheysurecansponsormewinkwink

working on some spooky shit.

I didn't realise I had a shitty version of the app, so tomorrow I'll download a was way better version and probably spam y'all so sorry if I do. Anyways, gn im so exhausted and in pain.

New theme? I'm kinda tired of b&w. I've had this app for a few months but ever used it.

Please, spare coochie😔

when i stay up late, my mind wanders and it makes me think; one day all my friends and people i love will leave me. it happens so frequently. i can't help but miss all the people who have been in my life. good or bad, aquaintances to bestfriends, even ex's. i miss everyone. it makes me so sad, it also angers me to know that the ones i care for will one day leave me. some nights i lay here, quietly, crying, of the thought of my closest friends leaving.

Hi im fucking baked right now and im bored

if there is a god, i just want to say im sorry. I'm sorry for denying your existsnce and all the wrong i have done in my life. i shouldn't have committed such sins and evil. i know i'm a horrible person. I'm not asking for forgiveness, but for understanding. i accept you judgement, i deserved a damned eternity. i accept denial into your kingdom.
but thank you for those who have crossed my path; family, friends. thank you for your continuously teachings. i am truly grateful for my life on earth, though i do not deserve it.

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