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Nothing like a mid week trip to the seaside at sunset to recharge, I really have missed the qld sunshine this week. We were all feeling a bit grey and dreary. It was lovely to watch the kids play in the afternoon glow, ice cream and fish and chips, who says you have to wait until the weekend.

Can’t help but laugh when she gives me this face 😂 today I caught her telling the cat off, waving her finger, one hand on her hip 😏😆

Well it really did try to rain on our parade this weekend! Saturday’s Bake sale for our schools 150th birthday was a huge success and luckily the rain didn’t stop people coming and checking out all the goodies. All this rain has meant a quite Sunday of drawing and movies for us today, secretly hoping for a glimpse of sunshine tomorrow to brighten my Monday.

Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect 15 years, so much more to come. I still feel like this is the beginning. 💗

I’m in total denial that this dress is getting too short, she’s my baby, she’s not allowed to grow. Even Charlie said he hoped Heidi would stay a baby forever. She will always be The Baby.

These two are so mischievous! You tell one off so then the other does it which makes the first one think if they can do it I can do it and it just goes on and on. Fighting a losing battle when they combine forces 😂 #toddlerlife #doubletrouble #cousins #laceylaner #mbjtroops

Big clap for Mummy who managed to clean up the chaos of the holidays while the big kids were at school! Not perfect but so much better, it’s amazing the mess they can make... I found toys in my freezer! Seriously 🤦‍♀️

Day 1 of term 4 and we weren’t late 💁‍♀️ Even had time to stop at the coffee shop on the walk to school! So my plan is now to piece back together what was once our house which has been annihilated over the holidays 😆 wish me luck! #laceylaner #mylittlestlove #coffeeforthewin #localcoffeeshop #backtoschool

Back to school tomorrow. Definitely mixed feelings, we have crammed so much into these holidays and I’m exhausted, but school routine is never fun. I’m not a fan of routine, I hate having a plan. I know lots of people thrive on routine, I’m just not one of them. I like to get up and see where the day takes me. The monotony of uniforms, school lunch prep, morning rush, homework it all sends me a bit loopy. But for this week I will embrace the occasional quiet while the big kids are at school, and try to stay on top of school prep and not be late. I can’t promise it will last more than a week though 😂 bring on summer holidays!

This beautiful little set is releasing tonight as part of @cutiepiecreations Christmas release. I am so in love with it, and it’s not just for Christmas. I know Heidi will live in outfits like this for summer, little pucker shorts are so easy for busy little toddlers. #mylittlestlove #minitrendcollective #stylintinyhumans #kidzfashiontrends #christmasrelease #floral #red #aussiekidsfashion #cutiepiecreations

I read @the.small.folk post this morning and it really did change my perspective. Us mums do so much and put so much energy into our families. It can become overwhelming, but the truth is there is someone out there craving our reality. We are so lucky to have what we have. I can’t imagine what that family goes through each day accepting their new reality without their beautiful son. Today I am grateful for these little toes. I’m grateful for my beautiful son who snuggled me all night. And I’m grateful for Eveline who right now is patiently teaching her brother how to play chess. My tribe is whole and my heart is full, the bags under my eyes are worth it. #lovemytribe

Oh butter wouldn’t melt with this lot 😂 these cousins have spent a lot of time together these holidays! #laceylaner #mbjtroops

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