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Rainbow  "In Christ alone, my hope is found." • ESFP • Arsenal FC • Hongbin & Sasuke trash • The Master's University • Singapore, Hangzhou, South California

some days, the unexpected expected happens, and there's nothing i can do about it. i can wish for death all i want, but in the next two hours, i was still here, still shaking, and still crying.
i sink—
i am weary—
hide not—
hear me—

and i wonder: if i died tomorrow, would you at last, at least, apologise in your heart?

such nice photos and instagram-worthy views under this hashtag... here's my #tmuspringbreak : sleeping a whole lot, going for a lab test, attending counseling sessions, and fighting for my will to live. #nofilter #iwanttmumerch

Bryan should really learn to take nice photos of others. 😠

Thanks, Panda Express. I hope so.

"Everyone but me is in love, singing spring songs; and flowers have bloomed, swaying before my eyes. Even so, I want to hear something else, something to sweep away everything,
something that isn't spring, love, or cherry blossoms."

March 3, 2016, to today, March 3, 2017—exactly a year ago, we accepted one another into our hearts. A day before that, this photo was taken, and I can still remember how fresh and awkward we were when Steffi and Jasmine invited us to hang out in their room for the first time. 😂😭
This past year, I have learned so much from all of you. I have learned to not be embarrassed when singing and dancing in public, to always have fun no matter who is watching, to be there for one another in every situation, and to love in a way that shows Christ.
Jasmine, thank you for your soft heart and sweet spirit. You inspire me with your quiet strength, and I am so thankful for your companionship, even when you're so busy and can't be with us all the time. ☺
Steffi, my K-pop child, my fellow Carat and future Aroha, I am so happy that we get to share so many things together, like lunches and dinners, crazy stories, fandom stuff, and lame jokes. Thank you for always trying to encourage me and cheer me up on my bad days and thank you for laughing together with me on my better ones.
Star, thank you for holding me and all of us together. I mean, well, you have always been part of my squad in every phase of my life, but you have also been different every time and have grown a lot, and for that I am so thankful. Let's continue on.
Thank you for doing life together with me this past year. I can't wait for many more to come, even if we aren't physically together. ❤ Happy one year; happy 삼삼, loves.
#tldr #squadversary

Who's this awkward Asian tourist? #firstvisit #disneylandpostsfordays #tmudw17

My love for carousels will never die. 😍

Not very happy weather at my first time at the Happiest Place on Earth™ today. ✨ #tmudw17

I love pink drinks. Thank you, Prof. Jensen! 😄 #sorryforthebasicpost #profJis뭔들

I sleep a lot these days, partly because I'm somehow always tired, but also because it's an escape—for me or from myself, I will never know. All I know is every time I close my eyes and drift into nothingness, I can't help but think it would be great if I would never wake up again.
Goodnight, world.

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