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What a difference a day and a good nights sleep makes!
Yesterday I was ready to pack it all in adamant that this farming malarky wasn’t for me. I was feeling so low and down in the dumps about it all.
I felt like nothing was going right, having made a couple of mistakes this week.
I was fed up of being covered in mud, after birth juices and 💩
Physically and mentally exhausted and beating myself up that I’m actually not cut out to do this.
I was finding the tie and responsibility of it all to be completely overwhelming, quite literally responsible for life and death during calving and the lack of positive feedback, a pat on the back or thank you because animals can’t do that can they, really tough.
And whilst there is still a little doubt niggling in the back of mind saying can you really do this - I’ve had that niggle before and I’ve learnt to ignore it as it’s just that little voice of self-doubt which we all have from time to time.
But today after a good nights sleep the negativity has lifted, the sun is shining, and I feel myself again.
Come on Tuesday and farm life - let’s do this!!! 💪🏻👩🏼‍🌾🐮

Because nothing says love better than bacon 💕🥓
Happy Valentines Day everyone.
My first as a wife, it feels good and Ed nailed it with this breakfast that he tried to do for me in bed but then got move to the kitchen as we remembered we had sheep to check first!
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The pigs are getting bigger and are growing in confidence each day. Their personalities are really starting to come through and they’re such a joy to be around.
Bubble who was the most timid pig when she arrived is now the first one to come bonding over to you and is keen on rubbing herself up against your leg and Squeak is fond of a rub on her head.
I’m wasting a lot of time hanging out with them and the walled garden is my new favourite place to be.
We’ve given them the run of it in there now that they’re properly settled in and I’m amazed at how quickly they are turning it over.
The chickens are loving having the pigs in with them too as it’s giving them easier access to the worms.
Feels like a win win situation for everybody!

Our Herefords are on the move again, this time over to the other side of the farm to a fresh grazing field.
I love herding them with Ed, they’re so chilled out and easy to work with and they each have their own personalities. Gaylass or Garnet usually lead the charge in search of new food with Patch never far behind. Sylvia with her little legs tends to be near the back and Sid, her calf, well....... he always lags behind. He’s literally so laid back he’s horizontal. Until you turn a corner out of eye sight then he picks up the pace to come after you. Lively and Sarah follow the leaders in the middle of the group and I bring up the rear, behind all of them, talking to them as they go - ‘come on girls, walk on.’ I feel like one of the gang, maybe the bossy one of the gang but it’s cool.

I’m starting to understand why everyone loves lambing season so much 👩🏼‍🌾💕🐑 just look at that little face!!

I had mixed feelings about coming back to the farm yesterday after having such a welcomed break with my family and friends.
I’m not going to lie, I’m finding full time farming in the winter tough! Tougher than I thought and it was nice to go back to my old life for a few days filled with spa days, lazy mornings, long walks, evenings out with the girls and lots of quality time indoors - warm and with nothing to worry.
But when I walked around this morning to check the stock and see our new arrivals - two calves and these two - our first lambs for this year.
I knew I was home. Why I’ve chosen to do this and more importantly that Spring is around the corner

Kids are seriously awesome!
I literally can’t wait to have my own and hope it will happen for us, when nature/ God/ whoever is in charge thinks it is time.
They’re playful and spontaneous, curious and energetic - to them everything is fun! And it’s contagious.
Even the smallest, insignificant things are meaningful.
They take pleasure in the here and now - whatever it may bring, and they make every single moment count.
They’re innocent, emotional, demanding and loving, and live their life based on instincts - not tainted or biased to what society tells them they should do. They sleep when they want to, eat when they want to and don’t have the weight of the world or ridiculous expectations on their shoulders.
They’re inspiring, courageous and are almost always up for breaking the rules.
I think we should all be more child like, perhaps reconnecting with our childlike self - who I’m sure would tell our ‘grown up’ selves a thing or two of the could!
Like not taking ourselves too seriously. Remembering what it is to have fun and appreciating the little things and interactions we have with each other every day.
Kids are 100% awesomeness!!
They’ve got it sussed.
The end !

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again being an Auntie is the best job in the world!
I don’t get to see these two as much as I would like these days but it makes it even more special when I do - especially when it snows!

When the whole is greater than the sums of its parts! 💕
We met three years ago today and it’s been the greatest adventure ever since. Love you @edward_hooper And our life together @trefrawl_farm 😘
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It turns out that not all cows are created equal when it comes to rearing a calf.
We're only at the very beginning of our calving season 2019 but it's already clear to me that actually the most challenging part of calving isn't the birthing process (which of course can be stressful as things don't always go to plan!) but the aftercare of the calves once their born - especially when their mother is a twat!
This little calf - Pluto has had a rough start in life due to the lack of maternal instinct from his new time mum.
Read about his story in my latest blog post -Poor Pluto and please show him some love. LINK IN BIO 💕🐮#mylifewithcows #farmblog #calvingseason #farmlife #farmer #britishfarming #sucklerherd #limousincattle

Does this mean I have to change my Instagram handle now?! I’m so excited to introduce you all to Bubble and Squeak our two female Berkshire weaners.
They’re going to live in our walled garden and hopefully help us turn over the ground in there in return for food and lodgings.
After arriving yesterday evening they’re settling in nicely and are already showing lots of character - I love them 💕🐷
Expect lots of updates and stories interspersed with the usual pictures of the cows 🐮as I learn more about how to rear these little ones.

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