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MyIntent - What's Your WORD?  Behind every WORD is a story. We are a catalyst for meaningful conversation & positive energy. Create your custom piece in link👇& share with #MyIntent

"ZESTING LYME can be equated to zesting citrus. The purpose is to take Lyme and make something a little more flavorful. I am using this as my daily reminder and inspiration to take something as terrible as Lyme Disease and to turn it into a positive and fulfilling experience. It is my vow to myself to not give up no matter how difficult things might be at times and to keep fighting towards optimal health. It is my reminder to not only focus on my own self-care and self-love during this time, but my promise to spread inspiration to those fighting a similar battle and to spread awareness to those unaware or misinformed about this terrible disease" - @zesting_lyme. ❤️💪.

Lyme disease affects 300k Americans a year and is an infectious disease caused by a bacteria spread by tick bites. If untreated, symptoms may include loss of ability to move one of both sides of the face, joint pain, headaches with neck stiffness, or heart palpitations. Follow @zesting_lyme for more info about Lyme Disease.

What’s Your WORD?

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"...I want y'all to know what a difference this project has made for 70 kids in Wheaton, IL...
We are a competitive show choir and I wanted to get our team in the right mindset in preparation for the most difficult contest in the nation. I wanted to begin the week moving in a positive direction so I challenged the kids to find a word - something to keep them grounded on the stressful day or a word they think defines this year for them.
Before they could stamp their own bracelets, they had to submit their word and why. The kids LOVED this. They helped each other find words couldn't wait to share their words with one another.
When we were done, we circled up and a few of the kids volunteered to share their word and why. It was beautiful and eye opening. We closed with an affirmation circle. This activity combined with the 'What's Your WORD?' took it to a new level. You could physically feel the guards of the students letting down in the room. It was very powerful to watch the kids be so real and honest. We had an inspiring open dialogue about why they all wanted to so freely and honestly give out the love to others, but didn't necessarily feel like they were deserving of the same.
Show Choir is a funny thing: very particular costuming and expectation is involved at this competitive level, and the thought of the kids wearing bracelets on stage and losing points for that would have most directors spinning, especially at the most important contest of the year. Not me. It's not about the points. It is about the kids. They will all be wearing their bracelets on stage Saturday as a gentle reminder for whatever it is that they need. And these days, kids need that.

Thank you to the creators of this meaningful project. I want y'all to know what a difference this project has made for 70 kids in Wheaton, IL." - @wnflight.

We are speechless! Thank you @wnflight for sharing your story and for showing so much love for each other. The world needs more positivity, thank you for being role models! 🙏❤️

How are you showing love to the world? What's Your WORD?
#MyIntent #WhatsYourWORD #showchoir

"My word is TODAY. I am studying abroad this semester because my best friend told me all about how fabulous her experience was when she returned home from studying abroad last year. Before I departed for Europe, she gave me a MyIntent bracelet that says ‘TODAY’ as a reminder to take everything in along this journey and leave any worries and hardships at home for the next 5 months.
I was so happy to have her come visit me this week and travel Europe with both of our bracelets on as constant reminders to live in the moment and make everyday worthwhile. This photo is us at the London Bridge ❤️🌎 ." - @gracee_kelley.

Tag your BFF and let them know which motivational WORD you would choose for them!

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“Sometimes you don’t have to know why, you just have to ‘let it be.’
I chose LET IT BE because I cannot always control what is happening around me. Honestly, sometimes s*%t happens and I just need to accept it and move on. The only thing I can control is my reaction to the situation. This phrase helps me with my emotions when things that would usually cause me to be anxious, I’m now working to just let it be!” - @gamecocktoothdoc.

What virtue do you want more of in life? What’s Your WORD?

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"Our WORDs. Our Intent... I want to empower my children and this moment was for my daughter & I.
My daughter's word is PERSEVERE. I am constantly reminding her that it does not matter what others say because God sees all that she does & knows who she truly is. I don't want her ever hiding behind that beautiful smile of hers like I did. I don't want others to break her or leave her feeling defeated. I want her to know what can happen when you do right by God, believe in yourself & you never give up no matter how difficult the roads of life may be.

My word is TENACIOUS because when I thought about what goals I wanted to commit to, this word kept coming to mind. I am determined to live this life to the fullest, go after the life I have craved to live by serving the lord & remember that no matter how difficult the roads may be ahead, I will never give up on my life again.

Our words are a powerful daily reminder that we can & we will make the most of our lives." - @freshfitkate.

What WORD would you want your daughter or son to remember?

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“This year I decided no more excuses. No more reasons as to why something can wait till later. Goals come first. Dreams don’t stay dreams, they become my journey. This helped me pick my word for my @myintent bracelet. I always used to find a reason why later or next time was the better option. Not anymore. If not now, THEN WHEN?!” - @_bferro_. 💪🙏

Seize the day and make those dreams a reality. What’s Your WORD?

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