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Mona  Anybody out there who WANTS to remain HEALTHY? Whatsapp: +966-566-588-336 Share a Healthy Life To All!

Such a nutritious beverage for the whole family. Spirulina cereal is high in fibers, considered by WHO and UN as the World's Most Complete Food! A cup of hot water is all you need!

Good news! Coffee lovers will fall in love with DXN 3in1 Coffee! A healthy drink to start your day. This is the ONLY coffee in the world with lots of vitamins and minerals. Contains high grade Brazillian coffee beans, low fat creamer, natural sugar and the King of Herbs, Reishi. Caffeine is almost nothing 0.06%! Truly healthy drink everyday.

DXN Black Coffee is a healthy drink to perk up your day! Contains the finest and excellent Brazilian coffee beans, no sugar and cream. Contains only 0.06% caffeine therefore, it is healthy. Start your day with DXN Black coffee!

Zhi Mint is a refreshing mint candy and sugar free. Even effective in relieving itchy throat or simple with cough. Keep a sachet in your pocket daily.

This lightly scented Talcum Body Powder gives you the feeling of freshness all day long.

This contains Aloe Vera which is an excellent choice for maintaining the softness of your skin.

Ganozhi Soap also contains Ganoderma. Gano means shiny and bright while derma means skin. Makes your skin clearer and velvety to touch.

Ganozhi toothpaste contains Ganoderma, food gel and food menthol thereby, making your gums and teeth healthier and whiter. Contains no fluoride. Ganozhi toothpaste is even multi-purpose. One of the Best choices for Personal Care!

Ganozhi Body Foam gently cleans without removing your skin's natural oil.

DXN Ganozhi Shampoo for all hair types with Vitamin B5. Makes your hair thicker, shinier and healthier.

Gano Massage Oil is made from pure palm oil. Effectively relieves muscle pains and spasms. Can be used as hot oil tx and even as moisturizer. Soothes dry skin.

Morinzhi famously known as Noni juice has 101 medicinal uses. Anti-cancer, anti- bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-histamine, effective w/ digestive problems, abdominal and menstrual pains, etc...this is one of my favorite beverages!

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