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My Nguyen  Public Figure, Author, Chef, Speaker, Bay Area, Mom of Twins, inquiries➡️Myhealthydish@gmail⬅️My Recipes Are "A Healthy Twist On The Foods You Love"

14 weeks is all it took for me to drop 14 pounds, get back into my skinny jeans, fit my wedding rings again, run a 5k without stopping, and even go down a bra size. There are scale victories, but remember the non-scale victories too. Now I wonder where I’ll be in another 14 weeks. Are you ready for a change too? What’s stopping you from starting? If you started today what goal do you want accomplished in 3 months? #progressnotperfection

Turn sound on. The music is beautiful. I’ve never had a photoshoot quite like this. This behind the scenes video really captures the essence of the day. The images captured I will cherish always.
Photography @jbjpictures
Location @cornerstonesonoma
Styling @barbarasawchuk
Props @chateausonoma

Fluffy Gluten Free Pancakes for the win! Yes, my husband is obsessed with these now. Click link in my profile for full recipe

In case you’re not all guac’d out from yesterday’s #NationalGuacamoleDay, here’s a recipe where I swapped out half the avocados with peas for half the fat (and half the price) and more protein 💪🏼. Find the recipe on my website, link in bio.

The girls grab new Mott’s Sensibles every day with their after-school snack. I love that they get to enjoy 100% juice but with 30% less sugar, but they just love that it tastes good. Finally, a juice that's Sensible. #sponsored #sensiblejuice @motts

I love having my Protein Quinoa Bites ready to go in the freezer. I make a big batch ahead of time and then just pop them in the toaster oven for a protein-packed breakfast on a busy morning. Find the link to the full recipe (and where to get the pan) on my website and link in bio.

My Cheesy Pull Apart Cauliflower is so crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. It’s so flavorful and that cheese pull is everything! Click link in my bio for recipe

I’m feeling inspired to create another cookbook, but having a little creative block. What would you like to see in my next cookbook?
Image by @jbjpictures
Location @cornerstonesonoma
Prop styling @barbarasawchuk

Took the family to Napa for the day to explore The CIA at Copia. Just had the most amazing lunch at The Food Hall - Pork Belly Sliders on Steamed Buns, Pork Ramen with soft boiled egg, Goyza, Wontons and white chocolate pistachio cookies. I didn’t even know they served that here! Now taking Family Funday Cooking Class. This just reminds me we really need to come to Napa more often with the family and not just for wine tours

The story behind this red dress. The dress I fell in love with the moment I slipped it on. The dress that sways and flows when I walk. The dress that makes me feel sexy and beautiful. The dress that only cost a penny. Yes, a penny! I’m a true bargain shopper, but this was crazy. I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack and this dress was originally $100, marked down to $40. When I went to pay for it it scanned for a penny. Apparently at Nordstrom Rack when items are there for a while they mark it down for a penny. Goes to show, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes to look good! It also doesn’t hurt to have an talented photographer too. Oh and great lighting 😝
Image by @jbjpictures
Venue @cornerstonesonoma
Styling by @barbarasawchuk

In less than a month I’ll be on a beach in Hawaii eating Sweet Pineapple Shrimp, in the meantime I’ll settle for homemade. Click link in my bio for full recipe

When you don’t want to use a knife to cut Watermelon 🍉😂

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