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low quality pic but a high quality man

yay so much love for these two 💕💕💕

last day of sch tmr heh im excited

what did legendary boy group bts do? That. i'm so happy for them,, waking up @ such an ungodly hour was totally worth it if it means seeing them receive an award with the biggest smiles on their faces 😤🤘🏻 ++ THEIR SKIN!! WERE LITERALLY GLOWING!! I LOVE MELANIN KINGS

loml :-(

whoever decided to put these 3 together......Thanks

—; colors // yoonkook
SHISHSJSN apparently bbmas are going to start @ 6am from where i live fml + i have school FUCKM YLFIFE

bonchon has rlly good chicken just sayin

i just got back some of my papers today hNnnngGg extremely disappointed for my maths but not surprised 🤷‍♀️ overall satisfied with the rest but i still have like 3 more papers?? that i havent received and hopefully i do okay for those :-(

i've been craving bingsu for the past few days

Real Emo Hours™ but i was watching wings tour fancams and i teared @ the sudden thought of not being able to meet them like i've stanned these boys even before their debut anD HNNGNGNNG they're coming to sg on august but i'm Scared i'll miss the chance of seeing them bc of exams/strict mother but I DONT KNOW i really want to meet them SO BAD i lov them :( so much :( nd appreciate everything they've done for their fans and they're so humble and talented and I JUST- /bawls/

there's absolutely nothing wrong with feeling confident with yourselves ❤️❤️ you're not stuck-up or arrogant for liking the way you look!! compliment yourself once in awhile!! you're great in your own way, just do you boo APPRECIATE YOURSELVES

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