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MYG HANDMADE  Missouri based Bespoke operation that bench-builds 1930s-40's traditional style era Boots, and handcrafted Threads the old school way.

Working on a new design for 2019.
I think I’ll call it the “Blue Lined Square Toe Monk Buckle”
Or if you can’t say that fast three times... BLSTMB will do.😂

A well made Last is what defines the look of a boot. The cutting and shaping of the Insole on the Medial and Lateral side of a hand-cut Holdfast at the Waist is what Clarifies the level of a boots Quality.
Bespoke shoe makers use this Traditional European method because it’s what defines quality from quantity.
Ask a shoemaker what it takes to define themselves and they will point to the boots they are standing in.🍻

mid-week Spit Shine Luster is all that’s needed to cut the edge on this BLACK MARIA Boot, as you avoid old man winters frosty chill tonight and head into the dark for that blue marker under the red light with the sound of a whole lotta trouble coming from the other side of that Alley entrance doorway.
Collaboration Project

Change of plans...can’t make it out tonight for Tequila shots!! woke up rubbing my eyes about a new boot design and had to just power through this one today. Horween Natural Latigo, Hand stitched Saddle Seam XXX Back-curve, rare 1940s solid nickel Harness buckles, Squared Toe Monk style something or another... certainly couldn’t wake up to this workbench with a hangover and find my way back into a perfectly organized rabbit hole.
Enjoy the music in the Pit!

It’s damn cold outside this morning and feels like a BlackFlag Rollins kinda day...Lets drink some Vodka turn up the volume and toss another log into the fire!
I got a badass pair of warm boots on.

If y’all are out on this sunny brisk afternoon to support Small Business Saturday, then join MYG HANDMADE and 20 other inspiring makers at Bowood Farms Markers Market @bowoodfarms here in the Central West End of St.Louis Missouri from 10-2pm today.

The initial offering of the Limited Edition NAIL SHANK boot collaboration project by @myghandmade X @boothunter
Is coming to an end on January 9th 2019 there are only a few boot orders left available,so if you’ve been contemplating a Made to Measure Bespoke boot Investment here are a few pictures and some tech to entice you jump off the fence and into this NAIL SHANK boot before the introductory price offering on the 9th is adjusted to match the originality of this build. The design was based and built off a cold-forged hammered flat metal railroad spike nail, the Natural Horween leather was hand dyed and aged with Black Walnut oil, Vitamin E oil and natural Beeswax creating a perfect workwear drenched Patina.
Each boot is bench-built by a single pair of hands,50 hours of Traditional European shoemaking methods, one of which is preparing the Insole by Hand-cutting the Holdfast Channel deeply into the Waist on the Medial and Lateral sides then Hand-welting the inseam 360 degrees,so that the boot fits your foot perfectly and pulls the Medial side of your arch upward and locks your heel into the Counter of the XXX Backcurve allowing your walk to feel effortlessly smooth.

The Ladies NINETEEN36 CROW Bespoke boot may appear at first glance to be a simple 1930s farm-field work boot, but upon closer look one notices the stunning Features of a Traditional Shoemakers methodical technique of
Center-Point Line shaping the Breast of the Stacked leather Block-Cut Heel, which draws attention to the aggressively shaped Waist on the Medial side of the Instep.
By cutting a Holdfast steeply into the instep of the insole which allows the visual appreciation of a women’s walk to sound musically more like a New Orleans Ragtime Jazz band on a Friday night and not the clack of a slamming farmhouse screen door. Just say’n...

There is good reason a Tailored Suite fits a man differently than a raincoat.
Stepping into his first pair of BLACK MARIA Custom bench-built boots are collaboration partner @leftfieldnyc just realized what a Traditional made to measure
Bespoke MYG boot feels like.

Chillin with our friends Christian McCann and Johnny from Left Field NYC this weekend at the Denim Days Festival in Nashville. We just dropped the BLACK MARIA collaboration boot @leftfieldnyc X @myghandmade project Thanks!! Nashville for all the enthusiastic vibes for this project. If your out and about this weekend swing into the Marathon Music Works @denimdaysfestival and say hello.

Introducing the BLACK MARIA Boot collaboration project with Christian McCann of Left Field NYC @leftfieldnyc X @myghandmade. We’re Dropping this Appalachian Work Wear Inspired custom bench-made boot design on y’all this weekend at Denim Days Festival, Nashville TN Nov 10th-11th. Drop in and say Hello’

1936 Kinfolkriver-13
A truly one of a kind bench-built Heirloom treasure. Custom made to measure Limited Edition 4.5oz Wild Boar Hide light brown Smooth-Roughout Ladies boot.

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