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JD Gabbard  MYG HANDMADE is an American based operation that hand builds 1930s-40's traditional style era boots, the old school way.

2015 River Boot.
What do your soles look like? #bootsolelife my first build has a story to tell once its secrets were revealed.

the RIVER boot and Getting back to were it all started...I’ve decided to post these documentation pictures of my very first pair of boots ever built. Four years ago I bought about 10 dollars in car upholstery leather a handful of tent repair eyelets and another 3 bucks on bootlaces at the local hardware store. I wore these boots everyday for one year, in the snow, in the mud, in the rain, I spent a week straight with em submerged pulling a canoe over a shallow river rock bottom then left em on the front dash of my old truck to dry under a humid Missouri summers sun.
Curled toes, cracking stitch lines, water stained leather soles, they are a work of art... based of the conditions that this life has shared and the story it has to tell.
What’s your sole look like?

Been wait-in on a machine part so I can finish this Limited Edition “NAIL SHANK” collaboration build @myghandmade X @boothunter but it looks like I’m gonna have to pass the extended delivery date time in a rocker chair on the back porch by playin my Grandads homemade 1930s Banjo for the next couple of days, my family’s poor ears...😂

Custom fitting the “NAIL SHANK” build with Forged & Hammered flat Railroad Tie SHANK’s for arch support on this Limited Edition project is as dusty a crossroads folklore as it gets...
@myghandmade @boothunter

Using a 360 degree Bespoke hand Welted In-seaming method on this “NAIL SHANK” build with a twisted wire needle and hand rolled cord was taught to me by a German shoemaker, it takes about 2 hours a boot to complete, it’s tough as hell on the hands, as old school as it gets...and a mere 1 of over 100 stages that it takes to be able to tell my clients they bought and are wearing a truly Handmade MTO custom boot, and that’s the way we like it round here.
Thanks for the support and enthusiasm for this Limited Edition project. @myghandmade @boothunter

The “NAIL SHANK” Limited Edition #02 boot build for our partner Mr Hawkins @boothunter in this collaboration @myghandmade project, begins today like a puzzle and will end 50 hours later as a walking sculpture.

Cutting the “NAIL SHANK”
Prototype boot patterns out today on the collaboration build @myghandmade we’ve got going with our partner Mr Hawkins @boothunter
Give this build about 50 hours and my buddy will be walking in style across America in a Limited Edition Custom pair of boots.

I decided a few weeks back to tear apart a 50 hour completed Prototype Limited Edition boot build and make some modifications to the “NAIL SHANK” @myghandmade @boothunter collaboration project, by dropping the 7 inch tops down to 5.5 and adding the MYG Signature XXX back curve Heel Counters. The design build now has a more aggressive locomotive slant.

We are so damn proud over here at MYG HANDMADE to have partnered up with our local friends, Jeremy Stanton at Barrel Brands Oil and crew @barrelbrands
These handcrafted natural Oils are aged in whisky barrels and can be used on all types of SKIN/dark leather HIDES.
Each new custom hand-built pair of 1940 RS 1 & 2 series MC Boots are soaked in these specialty oils that can add a mysterious amount of karmic life to your aged boots as well. Check em out for all your Tattoo-Beard-Skin oil needs.

Sponsored a tenacious hard working rider this summer, Ryan B @chickenskinboots with a pair of Custom 1940 RS-2 MC Boots and just received this SICK photo from him somewhere out at the crossroads of American racking up the miles on his Triumph,safe travels brother.

Built these Prototype U.S. Patent, 1940 RS-1 Motorcycle Boots, NINETEEN months ago Nov-2016/May-2018.
I wear them everywhere-everyday, they’ve been over-under and through some sick road miles, I have tried my best to wear them the hell out but as you can see there ready for another NINETEEN!!🏁
Thank you Horween Chromexcle there really isn’t any other quite like you @myghandmade

Morning Noon & Night is what it takes and what it gives back is that bucket checklist and the best damn seat in the shop.
Lasting a pair of custom 14” Texas Boar hide boots maybe tough as hell on the hands but very rewarding to the eyes after kickstarting the morning with a strong cup of Missouri mud coffee. @myghandmade

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