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Michael Osborne  Alaska / Los Angeles

Death Valley. Around 2am an innocuous u-turn got our truck stuck in deep mud. Just before the sun would start rising, we got all four wheels on real pavement. 📷: @bletzkreigbob

Tbt to long hair dont care and shoulders broad enough for parrot dogs

Candice, Captain Contreras, Opie Winston, Mr. Wade, and hacker Elliot Alderson.

Alaska delivers the most inconsistent yet pleasing skies ive ever seen in the world. -
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Flash back Friday 🇹🇭

Eden. Baby eden. Son of Thom and Pang. Known by some as "trash baby" for his love of scattering garbage. Cant believe i Almost forgot about this kid. Probably because hes a human of the smaller variation. This little terror ball of joy. The most fearless person ive ever met, surely learned from his mom. Known to throw any object he can lift. After one of my last beautiful nights in pai, i was balling my eyes out around 530am alone on the step of my guest house. Crying because i had found such a beautiful place full of love, and crying because i was going to leave. And this little fucker comes darting around the corner at full baby speed wanting to play. Throwing rocks at me. He didnt give a shit about how i was ugly crying. It was play time. And i was the only person awake who would throw rocks back at a baby, and he knew it. After a few pebbles were thrown in return fire, the sobbing turned into smiling. After a few more im laughing with tears drying on my face trying to keep the snot out of my mustache. It didnt take long until i was in good spirits. When i was sitting there crying, before eden came around the corner, my heart and head were in the past and in the future. Eden, all it took you was a few rocks to bring me right back to the present. Even as a little one you demand those around you to be in the present moment, for that eden i thank you. You are the keystone of the appropriately named eden garden. And i know you cant read this yet, but when you can, ill make sure im the one there showing this to you. (Photo cred: @carlijnleeflang)

Love these people to death. You guys did more for me than you know.

Nick bowers. Pais premiere flyer boy. My partner in crime and my thai liaison. Came to pai and fell into the venus pai trap. Now hes but another tooth in the trap which held me so. Youll catch him at 1:30 am with a purple scarf, a triple rum coke in his hand, pretending to work, hating drunk tourists from across the street. Hes always has a story to tell so good that when he tells it again the next day, you love it even more. A Relatively young man, even so hes figured out some things about this life that most old men never do. And he has the courage to apply such wisdoms to his life. Nick, thank you for dropping knowledge on me every day, and thank you for inspiring me. I cant thank you enough for showing me what it looks like to pursue whats truly important in this life. Love you man, see you soon.

Caroline. Her flyering skills are second to none, with the mastery of several languages, she brings the party in no matter where youre from. Kind of ting tong but i like it. Maybe shes got a joint maybe she doesnt. Find her yelling at me in thai or assaulting nick around 2am. Well no you probably cant find her as she probably already wandered off, doing some thing erratic. Mono syllabic before caffeine. The most Endearing bad tattoos ever. This psychopath embodies thoms saying "crazy but lovely" . crazy enough to kill you, but lovely enough that it resuscitates you when it does happen. And it will happen. Hey fookliin. Love you, miss you, youre a gem. Write your report already and keep the taser charged.

Phil. Other wise known as philthy phil. An accent to die for, which can only be explained by having been an international man such as phil. A teacher in vietnam, he bestows knowledge upon the children of the world. And very knowledgeable this man is indeed. A wit so fast and a vocabulary so vast, this man always catches the joke i threw that no one else got. A master of accents, so long as its south african. Phil man, you wont see this cuz your old as shit and dont know how to use social media. But love you, miss you. Youre a gentleman and a scholar.

Pang. This woman, about 5 feet tall and 85 pounds. Still the scariest human i know. The most insane stories ive heard have come out of her mouth, with zero filter. And theyre insane because shes typically the protagonist in these stories. I saw her kill a chicken with her hands, that tasted so delicious the next day. A expert snake killer aswell, with but only a butchers knife, she beheded a serpent i was too scared to be in the room with. A loving mother, to a beautiful son. The matriarch of eden garden and boom bar. By far the best dressed woman in Northern Thailand, with a new art piece of a dress for every day of the year. Only a few years older than me, treated me like a son. Around 11pm You can find her behind the bar handing me a flower intended for some white girls drink. And her smiling when i put it into my ear for the night. I owe her thousands of baht for the food and drinks she refused to let me pay for. And i owe her so much more for how well those flowers worked. Pang, thank you for welcoming me into the beautiful life you live. love you, miss you. take care of these crazy farangs you keep around for me.

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