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Torched salmon, Spicy salmon, Unagi and avocado 🍣🔥🔫
THIS PLACE IS A HIDDEN GEM💎 U GUYS HAVE TO TRY IT!!!! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water🤤 if u never heard about torched sushi, it is literally sushi torched on the top, with some light seasoned toppings😍🤙🏻 I LOVE ALL OF THEMMMM 💕 the avocado one is definitely a new one for me, taste so smooth and delicioussss ♡ but if u want to go for the classics, classic torched salmon is the one to go forrr🤤😍 all sushi are hand pressed and made fresh, so its super soft and doesnt give out a frozen feelings😅 price is relatively on the pricey size, but if u like sushi like i do, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!☺️

Korean beef spicy soup| Kimchi pork soup| 6 free side dishes| 2 bowls of purple grain rice 🍚
This place is right beside Hmart near young and finch👍🏻 super easy to recognize. The store sign is bright orange colour with a smily orange looking face😂🍊 this place opens 247🕒 good for a late night bite~
The spicy soup is actually pretty spicy, so beware🔥 but it taste soooo good!!! ♡ but beef is in thin long slices... not a huge fan. It was tangled all over with the veggies and noodles in the soup😅 i would prefer it in small slice~ i think it will look or taste a lot better like that🤤 side dishes are unlimited refills, so dont be shy and ask for more😏 for the kinchi soup, it is slightly spicy, but taste more of a tomato soup to me~ but the most special part of this restaurant, is that they have traditional Korean floor-chair. U can get the real experience by sitting on a lifted ground with ur shoes off, on a matt😉 which i think is pretty special~

•Primry Taste Yunan Rice Noodle•
Rice noodles|Spicy Soup Base|10 toppings|Spicy beef slice and Tripe|🍲🍜
Crossing the bridge noodles are slowly expanding across toronto. Different store names, but similar dishes. I love soup noodles, so here i am😌 soup base is pretty spicy, not the most deadliest, but can definitely give u a warm belly after😂 noodles are made fresh, doesn’t feel soggy or old. If u feel like u want more noodles, they give out one free bowl per soup base ordered😏😉😋 (for people that love to share AKA meeee😂 this is ur time to shine🙆🏻‍♀️😏😬😆) For the side dish, the beef tripe was more spicy than usual ones i have, highly suggest if u are into spicy🌶🔥 a tad too oily for my liking, but and overall, not bad👍🏻

First Markham Place Foodcourt!
My favourite place to be ♡ i love siumai, everytime i pass by, i will always get an oder😍😋what is siumai u may ask. Its a traditional chinese yumcha dish. Originally it comes with pork and shrimp. But Yan Can cook adds a more modern twist. No shrimp😛 me personally not a huge shell kinda seafood person, please dont hate me😂😅 so i HIGHLY dig this place!!! Its $3 for 5. Super cheappp!! And its humongous👍🏻 also remember to add some storemade hot chilly sauce and their chilly soya sauce😍 DELICIOUSSSSSSS!!! I also tried their deep fried squid tentacles 🦑 , not a huge fan. Tentacles are relatively skinnier and dryer because its very very deep fried. Dont get me wrong, it still taste good. But i do prefer the ones from an original yum cha place, its huger in size and less deep fried. It is also more juicy comparing to and the ones from Yan Can cook😅. Ill show u guys the one i love on my next post and u guys can be the judge of it😏😉 Siumai 5/5🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻
Squid 3/5

Congee me 小米粥
This place is a hidden GEM💎 $1 congee, fresh made pan fried pork dumplings AKA 鍋貼, cold dish spicy beef and tripes, cold dish beef tendon and lots and lots of $1 or $2 skewers!!
Its really rare to find places like this nowadays. Dont expect perfect service, but most of their food are made 100% fresh!!! SELLER POINT🖐🏻 highly suggest their pan fried pork dumplings! Its crispy on the outside and Juicy in the inside. And If you are like me and prefer it less oily, do inform staff when ordering. It will come out hot, juicy and EXTREMELY CRISPY ♡ when i say juicy, i do mean like splashing of meat sauce. Sooooo do be super careful when it comes out fresh😅 if u eat it too fast, u may burn ur tonge😂😅

Curry Laksa Noodles咖喱喇唦麵🍜|fish cakes|tofu pok|bean sprouts|minced pork|thick yellow noodles|vermicelli noodles|laska curry base soup|🍲 Been craving laksa for a while now, so I have decided to give it a try! The stall is relatively small and hidden in the food court area of first markham place, it is super famous for its malay thai cuisine🥘🌶 staff are super nice and helpful. They told me Laksa usually comes with 2 styles of noodles, which is something i had 0 idea about😂 and she told me with 2 different noodles, it adds texture and the flavour soaks up more! So I ordered what she suggest and waited for around 8 mins. The look of the noodle is DELICIOUS😋 smells amazing and the best part is, the noodle soup base didn’t look oily at all. A lot of curry places tend to have a layer of oil to keep the curry hot and smooth. But this place is different which i likeyy😂 i love love love love the soup base, literally wanted to just drink all the soup before eating the noodles. It is super smooth with a rich laksa flavour😋😍 what else can i ask for ♡ with 2 different noodles, it adds in texture, and because both noodles have different absorption levels, the vermicelli soaks up the flavours while the egg noodles gives it a chewy flavor😍 THIS PLACE IS BOMBB👍🏻!!! Highly recommend their curry and LAKSA!!!🥘😍😘☺️😗✌🏻

•Sud Forno•
Baby Nutella bombolone (puff pastry🍩) and profiterole (pastry filled with pastry cream topped with chocolate mouse🍮🍫)
I have heard a lot about SUD, especially the dessert menu ♡ so i decided to give it a try! Both desserts were absolutely DELICIOUS ♡ the perfect amount of sweetness and richness combined into a dish!! Im not a huge sweet tooth person, but the Nutella and chocolate desserts are like OMGLOBBBBB😂😍😋 the interior design of the restaurant is beautiful and elegant. Love the wood colour rustic feeling of the store! If you want a quiet place to read or relax while having amazing food or desserts, this is the place for u! ♡ ~5/5🖐🏻

•The Piggy's Restaurant•
So Joo Mul Leok (Garlic Sauce beef) and Pork Bone Soup🍗🍲🥘🥗
This is my first time coming to Piggy's and my experience was awesomeeeee!! Staffs are super duper nice and friendly, they even help us to cook the meat😂!! What else can u ask for🙆🏻🙆🏻 The food was actually not bad, price wise its a bit more than I expected. But the quality is on that good good👌🏻all table cooking (bbq) comes with their side dishes, high variety of choices and unlimited refills. If you never heard or tried table cooking before, it is basically a Korean way to say barbecue. Im not a professional eater, but the way i like to eat, is to first cook the meat and toast the slices of garlic. After that, put the meat into a sea salt oil to enhance flavour and put both the garlic and meat into a fresh piece of lettuce. I will also add side dishes like kimchi, spicy onions and tart sauce on top. Fold it in together and eat it like a lettuce wrap🥗. Taste super good and filling to the MAX😍it was around $35-45 per person~ Would definitely suggest place to friends👯👯‍♂️
~4/5🖐🏻 (should be 4.5, lowered it a bit because its a bit too expensive for a student like me😭)

•Origination Noodle House•
Cucumber with homemade soya and sesame sauce|Popcorn Chicken|Spicy Soup Noodle with 2 toppings|
I always love the chilly, vinegar and soya sauce cold dish. but this cucumber dish is BREATH TAKING😍 i have never tried it before but after this I will HIGHLY suggest this to all my friends and family. FYI if you are a peanut butter addict like i AM! I GOT YOU🤘🏻 This dish will fulfill ur addictions with 0 guilty pleasures because its kinda healthier because its vegetables😂😍🤣😉 the sauce is much more thick and its topped with loads of peanuts ♡ how much more can u ask for😏 IN LOVE! Go give it a try!!! For the soup noodles, UNLIMITED NOODLES which is bonus. Soup base wise, its much more oily than I expected. Like i said earlier, it does taste good, but later on the day, tummy wont feel that great😭😅 oily food just aint my friend. But it does taste good, I would suggest going for their crossing the bridge noodle rather than the self order noodle. APPARENTLY its 2 different things😅 I thought i ordered the right thing, but turns out i messed up😅 but I would say the crossing the bridge noodle looks very tasty with less oily soup. I think i will give that one a try next time😉
cucumber ~ 5/5😘😋
spicy soup ~3/5😕😖

•Dagu Rice Noodle•
Spicy Flavoured Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle Soup🍲🍲🌶 I love the idea of unlimited rice noodles, so here I am😂 I tried their spicy soup base. Personally I can eat extreme spicy food, so I have high expectations on the soup. But the soup felt a bit flat for me, it wasn't spicy at all☹️. Me personally don't like spicy products that are too too oily, but the soup left a oily flavour on my mouth. Sorry, but I would not recommend this soup base😔 don't get me wrong, the toppings and rice noodles were good. But soup bases in this restaurant are too oily for my liking.

•Fat Ninja Bite •
Cheese Don Katsu Burger🧀🍔
One word - OMAHGLOBBBBB😍 All burgers are freshly made right after order. HIGHLY suggest this CHEEZYYYY pork burger!!! I have never tried a burger that cheezy before ♡ ASTONISHING!! The burger itself is huge, super filling and satisfying!!🤤🤤 I will suggest sharing with friends, give ur stomach a chance to try their soft serve Ube (sweet potato) ice cream🍦. The ice cream itself is not too sweet (which is great, I am not a fan of overly sweet or filling desserts!). They also add rice crispy at the bottom to add another crisp toward the ice cream😋overall, this place is definitely a place for burger and cheese lovers ♡ ~4.5/5🖐🏻

•龍茶 Legend Tea•
Japanese cheese Omelette with extra cheese and ham ♡
This place is a hidden GEM💎 ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! Been seeing this dish all over HK food blogs and wanted to try one for the longest time🤤 Store is located on the second floor, in the middle isle before the foodcourt 🍴 the size of the store relatively small in size with one staff only. It will take around 5-10 mins for food to get ready, but I recommend trying it🙆🏻 This dish is full of colour and flavour! The inside of the egg is soft, smooth ANDDD SUPER DUPER CHEESY🧀🍳 oh! And if ur not a fan of wasabi, rmb to ask them not to put it on. the wasabi adds a taste of sour-ness to the dish, which may or may not be everyones favourate😅 but their mayo is ICHIBAN😋👌🏻

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