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Kali Kushner  Healing cystic acne naturally Dairy free diet 🐮• natural skincare 🌿 • holistic 🌙 Banish discount code: "Kali"


So I've been *occasionally* wearing a little bit of eye and lip makeup again, no foundation still. The concept of makeup is something I go back and fourth on, I think that it can be fun to play around and accentuate your features but I don't think that you need it to be beautiful. I used to have such a deep infatuation with makeup- I owned 100 colourpop lipsticks alone before I was like what the hell am I doing with my life?! I think I relied on makeup as a security blanket which was fine at the time because it was what I needed to get through day to day life, but it quickly became an unhealthy obsession. I would always buy the newest lip color/eye shadow palette and touch the old one MAYBE 3 times / never look at it again. A huge waste of money to temporarily feel good until the next purchase. What about all of the people who slaved over making the palette? What about all the waste the palette produced? Just to never look at it again? It didn't seem right and that's why I purged away all of my makeup a few months ago (except 3 lipsticks and 3 eyeshadows). Anyways, I think if I start wearing a little bit of makeup again I'm going to be very conscious about the brands I am buying from and probably only own one palette and a few lipsticks at a time until I hit pan on those. Idk just some #foodforthought ALSO welcome to my crib lol.

Sometimes I get one or two pimples and it's all I can see. Regardless if anyone else thinks "it's not that bad" and even if I know "it's not that bad" - beating acne physically was hard but mentally, it can be much MUCH harder. Just because my acne disappeared doesn't mean the worrying of getting a few spots hasn't, because acne as severe as mine was- can have life long psychological impacts. Meaning it can be REALLY hard to see yourself in a different, more beautiful lighting no matter how positive you might be. Two spots or a full face, the effects of acne can be experienced exactly the same. You may become angry, withdrawn, depressed, ashamed, defeated, lonely, and insecure. Do you have clear skin but freak out over a blemish or two? Do you live worrying if your acne will return? Do you hold yourself back because of your acne or think "if only my skin was clear?" Do you fixate on your skin or constantly check yourself in the mirror? There needs to be more talk on acne dysmorphia. We need to change the way not only we think but the way the world thinks about acne too. We need to throw these stigmas about acne in the garbage. What you, I, and everyone else can do today is try to change our mindsets, be more compassionate and understanding towards one another. Most days I am positive but like anyone else, I too experience moments like this. Just know you're not alone, luv u ❤️

ACV is my baby for clearing acne, balancing the skins pH levels, reducing internal inflammation, optimizing digestion, and, of course, as a bomb ass hair rinse. Why I have a deep love for Apple Cider Vinegar + my top 5 uses are on the blog now! Link in bio 💕 #applecidervinegar

After learning about the processes behind African black soap I became interested in making my own from scratch. I used the purest ingredients I could find and of course some botched instructions from wiki how 😂 To watch my DIY video and attempt to make your own click the link in da bio! (Ps it was super easy to make only 5 ingredients. It has been about two weeks now and it did turn out OKAY but maybe would've been better with less buttah)

Issa photoshoot 🌯 No makeups no filters, just @banishacnescars vitamin c creme! Which is back BTW and it's amazing. Great if you have sensitive skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, oily skin, basically if you have skin it'll be amazing. I have a discount code for you guys too! Use "Kali" at checkout to save 💸! (Side bar I took a bit of a facial hiatus after quitting veganism but my skin has returned to normal on my previous *low gi dairy free* diet, needed time to de stress, focus on life, and be less restrictive with myself ya feels? C u all on IG live this thurs @ 4 pm!!! 💕)

@pmdbeauty review is finally here! To find out wether or not microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for acne and acne scarring click the link in ma bio (as usual, NOT sponsored 100% my real and honest opinion y'all) Video review coming soon - keep ur peeps out for that 👀 ✨!

Want to reduce inflammation, manage blood sugar levels, produce less sebum, AND boost your immune system? Give this green drink a try 🍵 Read about it on the blog now- link in bio! 💕

Interested in using essential oils for acne but don't know where to start? My top 5 essential oils for spot treating are on the blog now (btw these r the ONLY thing I use for spot treating/active acne!) Link in bioooo ❤️🤗💕

Is acne in YOUR genes? (See what I did thurrr) short answer: yes 110% yes. Long answer: link in bio!

After two months of missed periods, nonstop breaking out, constant tiredness, feeling restless, anxious, overly restricted, and much more I made difficult decision to quit veganism. I had high hopes and was extremely optimistic considering I've heard of it being a cure all- however it wasn't doing good for my body or mind. I'm now back on my old diet because I know that it works for me. No dairy , no refined carbs, no coffee (I do drink green tea & matcha), and mostly low GI foods. Less than a week later and I can already tell my hormones are starting to balance themselves back out; I feel like I can think clearly again & my skin is clearing back up quickly. Living by the 80/20 rule does realllll good for me. Every BODY is different, so this may work amazingly for you but please understand that it did not for me!In the end I just have to listen to body & what it needs. Planning on doing a more in depth insta live on this subject in a few weeks but just wanted to give y'all the low down on what has been goin on 💕

💕GIVEAWAY ALERT💕 Happy one year banishversary!! Crazy to think something I thought was an Instagram gimmick 12 months ago would turn out to be hands down the BEST thing I ever did for my acne & scars. Using the banish starter kit has taken some time, but it's def been worth it- I don't gotta tell you that though, you can clearly see the difference!! I'm so freaking happy 😊 I can honestly say the texture of my skin has never looked this good & I feel so confident about it--that's why I want to share it with one of you guys!! I've teamed up with @banishacnescars to giveaway a banish starter kit (includes a banisher, banish oil, pore smasher, pumpkin enzyme mask, vitamin c beauty elixir, activated charcoal mask, and a pen stamp) AND their vitamin c creme which is amazing for dehydrated/ dry winter skin! Do these 3 simple things to enter: 1. Follow me & @banishacnescars 2. Like this photo 3. Comment 2 friends names in the comment section , that's it! Giveaway is open 10/16-10/20 & is international! Winner of the giveaway will be announced in the comments section below 10/22. Good luck fam!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jade rollinz. As the name states, a jade roller is made from the precious stone jade, which is believed to help calm anxiety and decrease fatigue. The stone itself is believed to have deep healing properties, protecting you from negative energy and balancing your chi. If you're the type who's more into seeing the physical effects and not so much focused on healing your energy, don’t worry because there's PLENTY of physical benefits.

Jade rollers are mostly known for their extreme anti-aging effect. They work to smooth down wrinkles, stimulate collagen production through massage, and lift the undereye area. The roller works through massage to increase circulation, increase product absorption, and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage is very important because it helps our skin to flush out toxins and heal quickly. A sluggish lymph node system can show itself in cystic acne around the mouth, chin, and jawline, acne that takes forever to go away or leaves marks that linger for ages, allergies, and fatigue. So now I'm really curious, maybe jade rollin' is the real deal? * Read the whole review by clicking the link in my bio (ALSO this article has a video again)! 🐊*

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