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DIY Hot Cocoa Bar!!! .
I have always wanted a hot cocoa bar so when I saw this piece at Restore, I thought it was the perfect candidate. When I found it, the doors weren’t on it and it didn’t have a back. That didn’t stop me from buying it. I was excited to bring it home and breathe new life into it. .
It was an older piece and I wanted to find hardware that fit it. I am happy to tell you that I have discovered a new site that has hardware for older pieces!
@vandykesrestorers carries all kinds of hardware (and so much more) for the older pieces I rescue all the time. I chose the brass hardware for this hot cocoa station because I felt like it needed a little bling. .
I would love for you to stop by the blog and see the entire makeover. You can see how this piece started out and I also made a video showing you how I make over pieces like this.
The kids love hot chocolate during the winter so it’s nice to have all the fixin’s in the same place. .
What is your favorite hot cocoa topping? I am looking for new ideas to put in the hot cocoa bar. .
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It has been the best weekend! We didn’t have anything on the schedule. That never happens. I wasn’t feeling well at all on Friday and I think I just needed some relaxation and rest. We have played games, watched movies, ordered pizza, made gingerbread houses and spent some time out and about leisurely - not rushing from one place to the next. The weather has been close to 50 degrees which has made it that much better. .
We went to an estate sale today and I was able to get many projects that I am excited to share with you!! .
I am so sad this weekend is coming to an end. We soaked up so much family time and just went where the weekend took us. Since that is such a rarity, it is something all four of us are trying to hold on to til the very end. .
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and if your schedule is packed full, find some time for some rest. Your body, mind and soul are craving it. .
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Congrats to @adoredhouse for winning this week’s #yourstyledspace hashtag!! This entry is beautiful. I love how simple it is and yet full of so much charm. Head over and give her a follow this Friday! .
Stay tuned for next week’s giveaway before we take some time off for the holidays.

If you saw my stories today, you heard me talking about keeping it real. One thing you can always count on here, on my blog and any of my other channels is realness (Is that a word? Let’s just say it is). .
There is nothing better than coming across people who are keeping it real. I feel like so many people are chasing what others have or what others have accomplished and not celebrating their OWN reality, what they have and what they have accomplished. .
We are all here with our OWN, UNIQUE talents and gifts. There is no one else like you. No one else can bring to life what you bring. So, why are you looking to others for acceptance, validation and direction? .
You are the only one who is living your life and you are the one who should be in the driver’s seat. Take the wheel and drive! Soar over doubt, comparison and greed. .
Be present and grateful for who YOU are - not who you are chasing to be like. .
Take a minute and think about it. What is holding you back from embracing who YOU are? .
This is a highlight reel of people’s life - the pretty photos, the perfect kids, the clean home, etc. A highlight reel isn’t REAL life. It is a highlight. I love sharing pretty photos, but you are also going to get the real me behind the photos. Whether I write a caption about real life or share it in my stories, I know someone else can relate to what I am going through or what I am sharing and that is what makes me the happiest. .
Let’s get rid of the phony and bring back “real” and finally be content with who we are. What do you say? Who is with me? Comment 🙋🏼‍♀️ below. .
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I have always wanted a hot cocoa station set up in our house all winter long. We don’t have a lot of space to make that happen, but this past weekend, we made over a broken piece I picked up at Restore and it will have to do. I found this vintage Santa cookie jar a week ago from Facebook Marketplace. He rounds out my vintage Santa mugs perfectly. We will be baking all the things this weekend so we can fill him up!!! 🤗🤗
What is your favorite Christmas cookie??
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We have another fun giveaway to bring you today!! .
Happy Tuesday! Who's ready for another round of #yourstyledspace? This week we are partnering with @the.little.bird
This week’s winner will receive this pretty Merry Christmas sign!
To play along with us and enter the giveaway, it is very simple. Just post your space, vignette, room, decor, etc. and use the hashtag by the end of the day Thursday. Make sure you are following all accounts listed below. We will pick the winner and post on all of our accounts on Friday!! .
Follow these accounts:
Share your styled spaces! This giveaway is not associated with Instagram in any way.  The prize can only be shipped to US residents, sorry.

I am so excited to be bringing this giveaway to you today!!! When I first discovered @octobertraci and her cookies, I was blown away! If you swipe through the photos above, you will see just how amazing her cookies are. She is a cookie artist. .
When they came in the mail and I opened the box, my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe how much detail is in them (just look at the Christmas Tree sign). To be honest, I didn’t want my family to eat them at all! They are just too pretty! I took the photos and then we all tried the cookies. They taste as good as they look! .
When we were messaging each other, I really wanted to put together a giveaway with @octobertraci. She doesn’t usually ship her cookies, so this #giveaway is extra special. .
One winner will win a set of the cookies above from @octobertraci and a little gift box from me. I have picked up a few goodies from my shopping trips I share in stories and I have put together a little gift box to send to one of you. .
To enter the giveaway, you need to be following @octobertraci and me @mycreativedays AND comment below with your favorite cookie from the photos above. TAG your friends in separate comments who would love to enter this giveaway. Each tag is an extra entry!! 🤗🤗🤗
GIVEAWAY will end Wednesday at 6 PM CST. Winner will be announced on this post. .
This giveaway is not associated with Instagram in any way.  The prize can only be shipped to US residents, sorry.

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This weekend was fun and busy. I was looking forward to a Christmas movie night with the family before we all set off for another busy week ahead. Totally forgot about Gabrielle’s volleyball practice tonight.
The teen/tween schedules are putting a damper on my Christmas traditions and plans. 😩 It looks like it will be a mom and son movie night and a different night for the entire family. Grateful for the busyness, just wish it would work around my holiday planning and not the other way around. Is that too much to ask? 🤔😉
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Happy Saturday! .
Matt and I were just talking about how fast the holiday season is flying by. We always try to fill the season with traditions and holiday fun, but as the kids are getting older, their schedule makes it a little harder. We aren’t going to let that stop us. .
Even though the kids said they don’t believe in Santa (Gabrielle is on the fence - or at least she is amusing me that she’s on the fence 😉), we want them to still believe in the magic of the season. .
We keep the reason for the season in the forefront of our minds and the rest of it is filled with gingerbread house making, cookie baking, Christmas lights in pj’s viewing and Christmas music and movies on repeat. .
The season only comes once a year and we want it to be filled with memories and traditions that the kids will yearn for even when they are grown and out of the house. .
And, because I refuse to believe they will ever be grown and out of the house, I am bringing out new ways we can celebrate this season as a family while keeping up with their crazy schedules. .
I NEED YOUR HELP! I am looking for new ways to celebrate the season. What are some traditions and ways you celebrate? Do you bake? Do you play games? Do you do an Advent calendar? Give me all the ways!! I want to spring some new ones on the family this year!!! .
#mycreativedays #christmasdecorations #howyouhome #vintageporchlovesvintage #mycozystyle #thecottagejournal #myfleamarketstyle #romantichomes #countrysamplermagazine #americanfarmhousestyle #mycountryhome #showusthevintage #shethriftedthat
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Congratulations to @camelotartcreations for winning this week’s #yourstyledspace giveaway! Everything about this space is beautiful!!! If you aren’t following Desiree, head over today to do that. She is definitely #onetofollow !

I need to share this room more often. When the weather is too cold, this is where we spend our time. This room and my office were bedrooms when we bought the house. They have full windows which brings in a lot of natural light for lower level rooms. We love that so much! We didn’t need 5 bedrooms so we converted this room into our family room. We added the fireplace and the built ins. It’s one of my favorite projects we have done to our house (pre blog days). .
I decorated this room for Christmas different from what I did upstairs. There are pops of red and whimsy in this room. We bought a tree on clearance last year and I put it in this room. It holds all my favorite ornaments, the homemade ones. .
Does your family have a room they spend the most time in? Which one is it? Also, I want to know where you display all the homemade ornaments from the kids. .

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Our back porch, decorated for Christmas, is on the blog today! I am also joining some blog friends for lots their porch tours too! .
I used DIY projects, things I had, thrift store finds and some inexpensive decor to bring our porch together. .
Like I say all the time, it doesn’t have a cost a lot of money to decorate your home...... for any season or any day. .
I would love for you to stop by the blog, to check it out. .
If you see in this photo, the TV is not in the porch!! It’s so hard to decorate around that black box. 😂 .
Do you think the TV has returned or do you think it is still gone from the porch? .
Answer below and I will send one of you a coffee on me!!!

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