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• Week 2 • What's on my desk?

Money! This week we're recognising and adding small collections of coins. Students travel around the game board, collecting coins within a 5min time limit. The winner has the most money! As an extension task, student can work out the difference between the two totals. It's All About the Money' game by @mrsedgarsclass #maths #australianmoney

• Week 1 • Classroom Before Shot #termthreeteacherchallenge

Today's haul from @bigw #classroomlibrary

When you cash in TPT credits for labels from @missgirlingsclassroom and feel compelled to re-label everything in your room instead of planning! #classroomorganisation #booktubs #tptcredits

@missjacobslittlelearners Learning Goal Mats! Each student will have their learning goals for reading, writing and maths on their desk to ensure their goals are visible and meaningful. I have also coloured coded their mat according to their reading group 😊 @missjacobslittlelearners goal reminder slips are the best!!! #learninggoalmats #learninggoals #reading #writing #maths

A little bit of Term 3 organisation! Thanks for the heads up @heyteacherteacher #officeworks #classroomorganisation

New addition to the playroom at home! Would love one in my classroom too! #lego #holidayproject #ikea

Inspired by #cainesarcade our students spent the day creating arcade games by reusing lots of different materials. What a fantastic way to finish our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle unit! #cardboardchallenge #waronwasteau #reducereuserecycle

Land Grab! Roll 2 dice, make an array and write the multiplication equation. The player with the most squares wins. This student was pretty pleased she beat her teacher!!! #maths #multiplication #landgrab

Hands on materials for Maths is essential to build students' understanding and reasoning. Grade 2's are loving our unit on Multiplication! #maths #multiplication #repeatedaddition #handsonmaterials #linkingcubes

My students did a brilliant job with their 'I Am' poems! The contrast between a planet full of rubbish and waste compared to a planet that is looked after was perfectly captured by these little 7 year olds! #waronwasteau #reducereuserecycle #iampoems

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