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Walter Thompson-Hernández  Visual reporter at @nytimes

here for a wedding and environmental portraits

that horchata in the back was gone in minutes. can’t take @vladidadidad anywhere without throwing up the west coast. @alenamaschke took the flick.

@hay.low took these incredible images last night and we’re very grateful. thank you for coming and creating such a beautiful experience. if you’d like to have these images (and others that didn’t fit within the photo limit) please contact @hay.low

a whole throwback. it was 2011 and a time when I was playing professionally throughout latin america. i knew it was time to stop playing basketball when i kept finding myself being late to practice all the time because I was becoming more and more interested in taking people’s photos and documenting the travel/conversations I was having in my journal. yo i bought a camera with my first pay check and was out here documenting everything and editing photos using the iPhoto filters thinking they looked super cool. my gawd!

rare footage of @remington_williams313 bringing us urban wakanda vibes for the black panther story that ran in February.

Sampson Amekoe — an interviewee for the albinism in ghana story — told me to show up to his home and follow his children through a dense part of the brush. “My children will know how to lead you to me,” he confidently said on the phone. “It will take a few hours to get to me but I promise they will know the way.”

I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with such a beautiful community of people in Ghana who live with albinism, a recessive skin condition that affects approximately 2,000 people throughout the West African country. Like other communities around the world, people with albinism in Ghana face universal challenges that affect us all. But they also live with the constant threat of kidnappings, murder, and other forms of violence by people who believe their body parts bring good luck and fortune. Others challenges faced by this community include the lack of sun screen, lack of skin screenings, and other resources that protect their skin from the sun. At the same time, creating a community with others — I was often told — has also provided an incredible amount of joy and a feeling of belonging in the face of so many obstacles. As always shout out to my editors @joannanikasnyc (words) and @acelii (images) for the support. Hit the link in bio for the culture.

I met Grace a few weeks ago when I was on assignment in Ghana to work on a story about a community of people who were living with albinism. She worked as a highway toll booth attendant which helped block the sun from her sensitive skin. Grace wasn’t the type to waste time or have anyone waste her time. When we met she told me we had exactly ten minutes to conduct an interview. She wasn’t playing any games. During our interview, however, there was a brief moment when she beamed with joy when speaking about her soon to be born babies. She told me she really was excited and nervous about giving birth to triplets — something nobody in her community had done before. Today I found out that she passed away while giving birth to them just a few days ago. Her babies survived. Love and prayers to her and her family.

turned 33 today.

a catch up dinner turned into a foto by my childhood homie @streetwisela


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