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  Official House of Foster Fails🤕4 Am Bulldogs💜End BSL Spay Neuter Your Pets👊🏻Adopt Dont Shop Foster Volunteer Donate Do Better

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Regrann from @marcjacobs_therescuejack - 🆘Longest Shelter Resident + Adopted & Redumped back at Shelter = TOP of KILL LIST!!! ‼️🆘 #Repost @pawsitivepawsrescues with @get_repost
🚫🚫🚫🚨🚨THEY ARE GOING TO KILL HER PLEASE 🚨🚨🚫🚫🚫🌟 Introducing 🌟 Miss. Wanda 🧚🏼‍♂️ the pretty Pittie girl with big ol’ Frenchie ears!! Just look at those ears!!!! Wanda has been at the shelter since December 🎄 dreaming 💭 of her new life
Watch her you tube

We love, love, love Miss.Wanda! Sadly, we can see her getting #depressed in the #shelter and starting to #worry about how much longer until a family decides to give her a chance 😢 But let us tell about this wonderful pup! She is pure delight 💗 her heart is made of gold.. she’s a lover, a snuggler, a #family #doggie and good girl. She will need time and patience when she gets adopted to get use to a 🏡 home. Want a #Netflix and #chill girl? Wanda is your girl! Come down and say hi to her we guarantee she will steal your #heart ♥️too.
Wanda is #dog selective so she will need a proper introduction and time to ~adjust 🌟 NEW PROMOTION 🌟~
We think all our dogs 🐕 and cats 🐱 are special. Adoption fees are waived for large dogs (over 40 lbs) and cats. Come down to Broward County Animal Care and Adoption and adopt your next pet 🐾
We are located at:
Broward County Animal Care & Adoption
2400 SW 42nd Street,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Closed Monday
Shelter open Tues - Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday - 11am - 4pm

Complete below application & bring it to the shelter to adopt your new pet: 🐾This is a Volunteer page to help promote the animals of Broward County, Florida area. WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH ANY SHELTER, RESCUE, or AGENCY ~ Pet Success Tips ~
🐾 Research the breed before you adopt 🐾 Get your home pet ready 🐾 Allow your pet to decompress 🐾 Introduce to other household pets slowly 🐾 Have lots of patience & love to give

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What a cutie! 😍 Who wouldn't want to have Wilbert around?! Please #share to help find a foster or adopter for this sweet boy! #EveryLifeMatters #AdoptDontShop #FosteringSavesLives #Florida #ShelterDog #SaveALife #SecondChance #FureverHome #adopt #foster
Regrann from @browardcountypetoftheweek - WANTED ADOPTER/RESCUE OR FOSTER HOME

My name is Wilbert and I am only 2 years old. I am only 77 lbs and can use a few more pounds along the way. I arrived as a stray on May 19. No one came to claim me so now I just sit here and wait for someone special. Unfortunately no one has noticed me because I have mange on my skin but people don't understand this can easily be treated at no change to you. My skin is red and itchy but staff has been slowly taking care of my skin and making me fell better.

I am good with other dogs and I enjoy going out to play with staff and volunteers. They give me some cool toys to play with. I am a bit shy at first but once I get to know you, I am just a lover boy with so much personality. I just want to be loved and cared for by a nice family. I walk well on a leash and really enjoy being around people. If you would like to meet me, come on over to the shelter and give me a chance at a happy home.
For more information, contact
I am located at Broward County Animal Care and Adoption
2400 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 - #regrann

Repost from @jazzyxoxo13 using @RepostRegramApp - 💥🚨💥🚨 911!!! IF YOU PLEDGE DO IT ON MY ORIGINAL POST HERE OR I WONT SEE IT AND IT WONT HELP !! Hey guys I’m trying to save this girl from a horrible situation she is tied up in a backyard with the intent of breeding her💔🤬 I do not have an address but I was contacted by a kid that wants to get the dog out of there and is going to try to do so today I’m going to go assess her and make sure he is very friendly like he says she is ➡️ IM LOOKING FOR PROMISED SERIOUS PLEDGES OF $ TO THE RESCUE THAT WILL STAND UP FOR HER She is going to need to be fixed she’s going to need shots she’s going to need flea medication ,blood work, And whatever else the vet thinks she needs rescues have that bill is sky high and we are going to need help with money for this girl for those of you that don’t know what a pledge is it’s a promise to Donate $ please do not promise and not stick by your pledge So for instants you can leave a comment that says I can pledge $50 I can pledge $20 I can pledge $10 so once I get her and I know what rescue she’s going to I will ask everybody to send their pledges I have done this before and wants the dog was saved a lot of people did stick to their pledges and a lot of people did not so again if you cannot stick by your pledge do not offer it takes a village guys this girl needs to get out of there and move on to a beautiful life and we need all of your help she is located in New Jersey please share this post and please pledge to Donate all you can #WEARETHEREVOICE ❤️🐾

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.•*¨*•☆ RESCUED ☆•*¨*•.¸¸
@grandpawsseniorsanctuary 🎈🎉🐶11 year old beautiful senior was surrendered to #carsonshelter unable to move, sweetheart was Princessa SAVED JUST IN TIME thanks to their life-saving #RESCUE If you have pledged PayPal info below, Princessa will need long term medical care. Thank you everyone SAFE #TheAnimalRescueTeam
#carsonsheltersurvivor ##A5188463
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#rp ➰Grand-Paws Senior Sanctuary ( FB )
Say Hello to Princessa who arrived today from the Carson Shelter. She was so depressed there we had to get her out right away! She appears to have been used as a baby machine. She lived in a yard with a little Chi but the owner only surrendered Princessa. I guess they were done with her. They said she's 11 years old and although she does have arthritis and is slow moving she looks younger, she's gorgeous! Our vet will be coming here to check her out first thing in the morning. She ate up all her dinner and is sleeping comfortably 😊

Thanks so much to everyone who helped get her out so quickly, Cathy Larimer, Faith Manno Baisier, Maureen Trant, and Jonathan Lee
pledges can be honored #PayPal

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Construction workers in India have sparked anger after building a road over a sleeping dog.

The animal died in agony after burning tar was poured over it during work on a road surface near the Taj Mahal in Agra.
Activists say the dog was asleep and, rather than being chased off, was buried alive before being flattened by a roller.
The crew then left the half-buried animal on the road before it was spotted by shocked commuters on the morning of June 13 - still clinging to life with its hind legs trapped in the freshly-laid tar.
Local resident Virendra Singh said: 'The dog's legs were buried under the tar and it was writhing in agony. The workers refused to break the road to remove it. The dog died after.'
A group of local residents and animal rights activists gathered at the site of the incident and staged a demonstration against the Public Works Department (PWD), which is responsible for the road work.
But PWD officials put the blame on a private firm to whom the work had been outsourced.
Angry protesters seized the construction vehicles and halted work forcing a senior representative of the firm to come to the spot.
He expressed regret over the inhumane act and brought in a digger to remove the dog's carcass.
Station house officer of Sadar police station, Narendra Kumar, said a case has been registered against the firm which was carrying out the repair work.
Source -
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@vegan.fem #TENNESSEE WOMAN #KILLED THREE 10-DAY-OLD #PUPPIES DURING A FIGHT Jarica Brown killed three 10-day old puppies while fighting with her boyfriend. Brown turned her anger to the six pit bull puppies in the home. She threw each of them to the ground, then forcefully kicked them. Three of the puppies didn't make it 💔. The other three had to be taken to the vet. Brown is charged with aggravated assault and six counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Repost from @sugarfoottotherescue on Instagram: “🚨VERY URGENT🚨, 💔3 MONTHS💔 AT MDAS, Miami FL: Angie #A1937783 #Repost from @runbyrescues. I’m…” using @RepostRegramApp - 🚨VERY URGENT🚨, 💔3 MONTHS💔 AT MDAS, Miami FL: Angie #A1937783 #Repost from @runbyrescues. I’m calling on all rescuers, fosters, and just people. Over the course of the last three months I’ve seen the same beautiful bully girl sit in her cage. At first she was incredibly happy to greet others. Today she sits in the back of her cage broken. She doesn’t even wanna greet me anymore. Before rescuing bane she was my first choice, but Angie is semi dog aggressive and picks and chooses who she wants to like, but when you’ve been abused, overbred and thrown away like garbage..what more could you want? Is there anyone who is willing to foster her? Any rescues willing to take this sweet girl on? She’s incredibly sweet and amazing. Thursday night I’m driving up to Orlando..are there any rescues that have open no dog fosters willing to take this girl on? I’ll pull her to safety but I’m afraid her time is coming up..please I’m BEGGING help me help her. I will NEVER forgive myself if I don’t get her out. Please if anyone has any connections with rescues out of Florida, we will drive her. We just want her safe. Please share, like, and network this sweet girl. @urgentdogsofmiami

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BREAKING NEWS🚨 WONJU, South Korea- Just as we we confirmed the liberation of all animals of the farm in South Korea, we were notified that there was an emergency!  A breeding and slaughter location was uncovered! Local rescuers, including our colleague, were made aware of a man breeding, selling off puppies and then selling the older or weak dogs to slaughter.  Rescuers rushed the location, uncovering 100+ dogs, adults nursing babies, litters of puppies, sick dogs, and cats and kittens. The owner surrendered all animals as he is now facing investigation and charges.
‼️As shown in the video, the conditions are deplorable.  NYBC has committed to 15 of the rescued dogs as the local rescues were able to take the small breed dogs and puppies. All dogs have been separated by gender and are now being treated at the hospital.  Some dogs are in very poor condition.🙏🏻To donate to this emergency case- please visit > NEWS > WONJU FARM or
Venmo @newyorkbullycrew ‼️**Please note that we were sent video documentation of the alleged actions. The content in the videos is too disturbing to publicize.  The barbaric behavior is horrific and we cannot knowingly turn our backs on animals that are in need of emergency refuge.
‼️Please email for info, details or to offer your assistance.
It will cost approximately $1000-$1200 to get each dog medical care and initial boarding. Some of the dogs are positive for heartworm and it will cost about $1500 per dog for heartworm treatment.
That is prior to airfare once safe and cleared for adoption.

@thedodo posted an article about meat festivals and the barbaric traditions.
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Regrann from @anarchy_animal_rescue - *** WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT *** PLEASE SHARE *** Late last night, this story was brought to our attention. Now we are bringing it to yours...please consider making a much needed donation toward his care. It is going to be a long & painful road... Help us, help him.
Welcome to @anarchy_animal_rescue Hutch..we will all fight for you.
***DONATION LINK IN BIO*** #JusticeForHutch - #regrann

Repost from @thelovepit using @RepostRegramApp - Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for a lot of dogs out there. Especially pit bull type breeds. No food, no water, no love, and a chain as their only companion. And worse, most of them will never know the love from a human touch, the freedom of running through a field, a comfy and warm blanket in which to curl up in during a cold winter day, or even the cool tile on their belly during the hot summer. We can't save them all even though we strive to, but we can make a world of a difference to the ones we can. Every dog deserves a chance and we thank every one of you endlessly for helping TLP in our mission to help these babies; from fosters, adopters, donations, and even your likes and shares, because every little bit helps. ❤
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Repost from @michsygold using @RepostRegramApp - A 71-year-old Pensacola man has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for dragging his pit bull behind his truck, ultimately killing the dog. Witnesses told authorities that on Aug. 11, they saw #ThomasWard driving his truck and dragging his pit bull, which was tied to the vehicle's hitch, according to a news release from State Attorney Bill Eddins' office.

Witnesses followed Ward home and saw him remove the dog's lifeless body and put it in a shed on his property, according to the release.

Over Ward's objection, law enforcement retrieved the dog's body and discovered the animal had already died. The results of a necropsy revealed the dog died from asphyxiation and wounds consistent with road rash.

Ward pleaded no contest to one count of aggravated animal cruelty on Oct. 25.

In addition to 90 days in jail, he was also sentenced Friday to one year of community control and two years of probation.

He was also ordered to not possess any animals.

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