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Repost from @detroit_pit_crew_rescue using @RepostRegramApp - The scary part is that Ann Marie Rogers runs a rescue right here in Michigan called No Place Like Home Rescue. As she states in her private message she has killed thousands of dogs. She became a serial dog killer with the assistance of Michigan Anti-cruelty Society who provided her with a free no cost way to kill as many dogs and cats as she wanted to. This woman not only ends lives of thousands of animals but she does it proudly under the pretenses of being a rescuer !!! #shameonher#michigandogs#michiganstate#michigan#annmarierogers#bullbreedsofinsta#killer#detroit

Repost from @joannebnassar using @RepostRegramApp - #meetyourfur repost via @instarepost20 from @animalfriendssweden
Sound on🔉#NotOurs #FuckFur This baby fox is desperatly crying for her mom💔💔😭 If you wear fur this emotional and physical torture is happening because of YOU!!
The pelts are used to make coats, vests, fur details on gloves, hats, bags and shoes. The fur industry stands for nothing but torture and animals pain and suffering should not be viewed as "fashion" or a "status symbol".
I saw a video on FB where an activist confronted three people who was wearing canada goose jackets on a very hot day, saying "you only wear them because you want people to see that you can afford a 1000$ jacket". To proudly wear a tortured animal around your neck shows exactly what kind of person you are.
What would happen if a neighbor kept a dog and her puppies outside in a steelwire cage, living in their own excrement with no protection from the weather, like they do on fur farms? The fur-wearers would call animal control, urging them to save the poor puppies from the abuse. Another ironic scenario is one I have witnessed several times, a fur-wearer who walks his/hers dog while wearing a dead dog (coyote/wolf/fox who are related to domestic dogs).
Animals used in the industrial fur industry are: foxes, mink, chinchilla, lynx, coyote, rabbits, cats, dogs, wolves, and raccoons.
Killing methods: After a life of disease and injuries, rough handling and intense confinement, anxiety-induced psychosis which cause the animals to chew on their own limbs and throw themselves repeatedly against the cage bars, the animals are either bludgeoned, strangled, shot, gassed to death with carbon dioxide, anal electrocution, and many times skinned alive. Some of the animals’ hearts are still beating five to 10 minutes after they are skinned, a documentation made by undercover PETA investigators. 📹 Video source: Anti Fur Society /Facebook #Furbidden #AnimalFriendsSweden #blogger #stopanimalabuse #animallovers #animalrights #fur #furjacket #puppy #govegan #vegan #crueltyfree #fashion #animalcruelty #video #djurrätt #päls #pälsväst #sweden #world #animalliberation #instarepost20

Repost from @rescuesneedyou using @RepostRegramApp - @Regrann from @_mamabearrrr - Repost from @southla_animalshelter using @RepostRegramApp - Red Listed!!! 🚨OBIE IS STILL AVAILABLE🚨
Check out Obie (Bella) and Volunteer Marissa.
Obie enjoys meeting new people and does great with other dogs.
At 8 years old, Obie sure does have energy to love love love you all day and would love nothing but to be by your side.
Did I mention she
L O V E S spashing in the pool. Yup, she thinks she's a duck😁
If you're interested in Obie, visit her at
1850 w 60th st
LA CA 90047
#RED LISTED please share to save her life !!
All photos taken by Volunteer Denise👍 @nenis7 @marissadela
#adoptdontshop #rescue #foster #obie #southlaanimalshelter #southla_animalshelter#saveobie#adoptobie#rescueobie#fosterpbie#adoptdontshop#ilovepits#adoptaobie#savethebreed#pitbull#obielove#attentionrescuers#savethisdog#redlisted#redalert - #regrann

Repost from @laadopt using @RepostRegramApp - MAMA PRINCESS & HER 5 #PUPPIES
SURRENDERED 😩💔 mama Princess is trying to keep her babies safe but they needs out of #carsonshelter ASAP
This is not the place for her and littles. They need to be at a home with love.
#FOSTER & #RESCUE will save their life
#rp@savingcarsonshelterdogs 🐶NEEDS a FOSTER and RESCUE NOW 🚨
PRINCESS was surrendered like this! She is a new MOM and she has 5 Beautiful BABIES and they need help NOW! Please SHARE, a FOSTER and RESCUE would save her. INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you are in LA, OC, SB, or Riverside County and can foster this dog, please take a moment to email ASAP to request an application. It would save their life!
Shelter notes 📝 #A5053974 I'm an approximately 3 year old female Am. Staffordshire. I am not yet spayed. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 4/25. I will be available on 4/25. You can visit me at my temporary home at C121

Let us know if you can #foster please pledge for her rescue #SavePrincess @fairy4gclz @tsavingpaws @faithb1125 #LAadopt
pledge recap $0

Animal ID #A5053974
Carson Shelter

If you can FOSTER email @laadopt 💌

Repost from @lovely_chase using @RepostRegramApp - @Regrann from @chl0ster - #Repost @oneillcris
@Regrann from @harriscountyanimalshelter - 🆘#Ozzy 🆘needs your help!! ➡️ He is SCHEDULED to be OUT TO SLEEP at 7am WEDNESDAY (#TOMORROW‼️) and we are heartbroken. It isn’t his fault his owners didn’t put a collar on him. It isn’t his fault he wasn’t microchipped. It isn’t his fault he got lost. It isn’t his fault the shelter is THREE TIMES over capacity. But he will pay the price. The price of his life.

We need one local Houstonian to offer to foster him to save his life and we will try to find a rescue. If you can foster, comment below and we will try to find a rescue.

If you cannot foster, please donate so a rescue can afford his vet care. 100% goes to the rescue that saves him and if he isn’t rescued your donation is refunded. Say it is for Ozzy in the notes!
#HarrisCounty Animal Shelter- 612 Canino Road Houston, #TX 77076
A481859 - #regrann@lovely_chase - #regrann

Repost from @azabache2906 on Instagram: “@Regrann from @fashionvmilu - NO TENEMOS ALIMENTO PARA MAÑANA !!! #LlenandoBarriguitasBna 😔😔...…” using @RepostRegramApp - @Regrann from @fashionvmilu - NO TENEMOS ALIMENTO PARA MAÑANA !!! #LlenandoBarriguitasBna 😔😔... SEGUIMOS NECESITANDO #ALIMENTO !! PERRITOS #COMUNALES... NO SABEMOS SI APARECEN OTROS BUSCANDO UN POQUITO... De Alimento🐾🐾 #Barcelona Anzoategui

Si deseas Colaborar con Nosotros con Perrarina para Alimentar estos perritos #Comunitarios

Comunicate 0414 8062687 (texto)

#Plc - #regrann

Repost from @nydogsthatneedhomes on Instagram: “CLYDE IS 💔HEARTBROKEN💔 562 DAYS N THE SHELTER Meet Clyde, he is an outgoing and energetic guy who…” using @RepostRegramApp - CLYDE IS 💔HEARTBROKEN💔
Meet Clyde, he is an outgoing and energetic guy who somehow found himself homeless. He arrived after being picked up stray by an Animal Control Officer, his family has not shown up to find him and bring him back home.
A new home with a loving family is what he is looking for. He will be your loyal and loving best friend.
Clyde is about 65 pounds, he is approximately 4-5 years young, up to date on vaccinations, neutered, micro-chipped and ready for love.
Brookhaven Animal Shelter
300 Horseblock Road
Brookhaven, NY 11719
(631) 451-6950

Repost from @rescuesneedyou using @RepostRegramApp - @Regrann from @northcentralshelter - 🌟THOR #A1675605🌟
Say hello to Thor! Thor is an impressionable 1 year old Shepherd mix seeking a patient and loving new owner who can help transform him into a confident and mighty super-friend! He was surrendered by his owner along with two other dogs on Jan 6, 2017 for having “too many”. This stunning boy went from being surrounded by canine companions to being kenneled alone in a very sensory-overloaded environment, so it’s understandable he can be shy and nervous at first. We believe he’d thrive with a nurturing family that understands he may need a little time to come out of his shell. Thor weighs 56 lbs and is neutered already so can be summoned at North Central and taken home same day by reciting the magical code #A1675605. And please don't forget to share & tag a friend who might be looking. 💖
All North Central animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on all their shots (including rabies). North Central LA City shelter; 3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA; 213-485-5767
#startastoryadopt #foreverfriend #adoptme #rescueme #fosterme ##happydoghappyhome #adoptlove #savealife #shelterdoglove #laadopt #puppyeyes #foreverhomeneeded #shepherd #shepherdmix #dogoftheday #bfforever - #regrann

Repost from @rescuesneedyou using @RepostRegramApp - Repost from @southla_animalshelter using @RepostRegramApp - PLEASE ADOPT OR RESCUE
Time is running out for my favorite girl!!!!
Can someone meet, adopt, foster or rescue her?
She's an angel.
Good with everyone she meets and kids.
(May be best as only house dog, we have not dog tested her with big dogs).... well I don't think so. Can be worked with.
Pixie's really chill, has medium level energy and loves to hangout on your lap.
Very patient and loving while taking photos with Volunteer / DDR Yesenia.
If you like to meet Pixie visit her at
The South LA Shelter on
1850 w 60th st.
Los Angeles CA 90047
Tuesday - Saturday: 8am // 5pm
Sunday: 11am // 5pm
Mondays & Holidays: CLOSED😬
#adoptpixie #adoptme #southlaanimalshelter #pitbull #friendly #adoptdontshop #rescue #foster #share #repost#redlisted#adoptpixie#savepixie#fosterpixie#ilovepitbulls#savethebreed#pitsrock#adoptthisbeauty#attentionrescuers#pleasesavethispit#southlashelter#pixie#femalepit#redflag#adoptdontshop @RepostIt_app

Repost from @redlandrockpitabandoned using @RepostRegramApp - Two babies begged us late yesterday to take them home. After scrambling to find fosters for 1 week we were able to secure fosters. We currently have NO fosters available and money is very tight.
It cost us $83 to vaccine each dog $498 for the 6 babies picked up in the last couple of days.
We are looking for a sponsor for each dog below.

If you can foster please fill out a foster application. We currently need fosters for 1 week.

We also need supplies

Repost from using @RepostRegramApp - It's metal bucket time ! We need about 60 of the 6-9 quart sizes. Can you sponsor a water bucket ? Delivery address is 3851 Malibu Sun Dr, Fort Worth Tx 76137

Thanks so much, these keep the drinking water clean and are easily sanitized !
go to👇🏻
stainless steel heavy duty flat sided pails

Repost from @shadow_husky_rescue_inc using @RepostRegramApp -
Hearing Date: May 2, 2017
Time: 9 AM
Location: 4080 Lemon Street
Board of Supervisors Room, 1st Floor
Riverside, California 92501

On May 2, 2017, there will be the final hearing at the Board of Supervisors to determine Plot Plan PP25592 for a Class II Kennel License permitting between 11 – 25 personal dogs to reside at our residence, located at the Shadow Husky Ranch, 17370 Via Abril, Murrieta, California.

As most of you already know, this kennel licensing is separate from my work for the Shadow Husky Rescue. My wife and I purchased our 6.2 acre home in 2015 for the enjoyment of our dogs who live with us in our home.

THIS IS SERIOUS. If the opposition’s request gets granted, our dogs will face an uncertain destiny and our family as we know it can be torn apart. The repercussions of the opposition outlawing kennels in residential neighborhoods will promote unlicensed and unregulated kennels.

We urgently need your help. Please attend our hearing on May 2, 2017. We want the Board of Supervisors to hear your voice in support of our residential dog kennel license. We NEED you to sign our pledge letter which is posted directly above and to return it to us ASAP.


THE TIME IS NOW FOR YOU to show your support of all dogs and their rights to live in a residential kennel. I want all of my supporters to know that obtaining this kennel license is the most important goal of my life right now.

If you are unable to attend, please send emails showing your support to the County officials as follows:
Tim Wheeler, Urban Regional Planner III:
Bob Magee:
Kevin Jeffries: and
Kerstin Justus:
#husky #siberianhusky #rescuedog #family #ranch #hearts #kennel #life #dog #doglover #dog🐶 #dog🐕 #husky❤️ #

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