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• Cath •  🌿Inside the tree lovin' dog lovin' making + baking world of My Bearded Pigeon 🌞 📍 Bellingen, Australia 📷@smallstoriesphotography 📦Shop Online ⬇️

THIS IS A PAINTING!! 😳😳😳Isn't it incredible!??!! This is magnificent @johnhoneywill 🙌🏻❤️👏🏻 and EXACTLY what I feel like eating right now! Thank you for painting it! #rockyroad #3oclock #munchies #midafternoon #artlovers

🌞Happy Monday🌞 Have a great week! #monday #happymonday #itsnotsobad from @start_digital

Some excellent COOPERATION this weekend- they were great little volunteers compensated with chocolate. First lot of Let Them In pins are sent! Phew! Thank you to for all the lovely shout outs and photos of you wearing yours! More available now! #letthemin #auspol #dutton @asrc1 #canon5dmarkiii

I was reminded again this morning of the wonderfulness that is @penguinthemagpie what a special little family member. #magpies @zoz05__ one for you lovely. ❤

Thought I better give my @etsy shop some love today. Lots of items restocked. #etsyau @etsyau @etsypanz #epanz #vintagemaps

We have raised $2400 for Asylum Seekers Resource Centre ( ASRC logo used with permission) and $50 for Doctors without Borders. AND as all the best people😉 have started getting their pins and have started sharing them on FB and IG and we have had lots of requests SO we are doing another run!!! PRE- Orders are open- they sold out in 4 days last time so if you are thinking about it do not hesitate. Not ready to ship until 10th June onwards. Link to shop in my profile- mybeardedpigeon.bigcartel #auspol #medicinsansfrontieres #asylumseekers #seekingasylumisahumanright #asrc @asrc1 #letthemin

I just heard this from the most unlikely (for me) of sources- someone quoting a footy coach - and I love it. What a great thing for us all to think and feel and believe and tell others!! ❤#quotes #inspirationquotes

Thank you @carlblah for this perfect artwork. Did anyone watch #waronwaste on @abctv last night. @colessupermarkets and @woolworths_au are forcing farmers to throw out MILLIONS of bananas per year! MILLIONS - just from one farmer- because they are the wrong size and shape - it is disgrace- please if you buy your fruit and veg from the monoliths consider buying more local from your friendly green grocer or farmers market. Watch it on iview if you can- great for kids too!

Wow! They went fast! We sold 450+ in 4 days! $2250 for @asrc1 ! So excited !! We will have a few left over as we did not list them all. Thank you for all the reposts and shares. The post on the @asrc1 FB got shared over 80 times! THANK YOU EVERYONE! Now we just have to pack them! #auspol #asylumseekers #letthemin

⚡️FUNDRAISER CONTINUES⚡️over 200 sold! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻THANK YOU!! ❤❤❤ in case you haven't seen we are selling these to raise money for @asrc1 and @doctorswithoutborders link in profile. #letthemin #asylumseekers #medicinsansfrontieres #auspol

❤You lovely people!❤ We sold 70+ pins in the first few hours!! And the beautiful messages that came with your orders, and the reposts! THANK YOU! We are so excited! We still have LOTS more to sell but we are off to a flying start! HOORAY!!! See last post for details. Link in profile. @asrc1 #letthemin #asylumseekers #auspol

⚡️FUNDRAISER⚡️So! Here it is!!! We have been feeling distressed and angry and helpless about the millions of displaced women, men, children and babies being forced to flee Syria. 😢We want our children to know we are ANGRY nothing is being done. History will judge us for this- we know better and this continues. 😡 We want to do something. So we are doing this. We want to spread a message across the oceans - we want to Let Them In. Let them in to countries who have the resources to care for them. We are donating $5 from the sale of each pin to @asrc1 who we are excited to be supporting again. We raised $4300 with the Let Them Stay totes bags - we want to get to $6K with this. For all sales outside of Australia we will donate $5AUD to @doctorswithoutborders / Médecins Sans Frontières PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! #letthemin ❤ The pins are available at or there will be a link from my website- link in profile. The pins will be shared on @asrc1 FB page on the weekend and we expect them to sell very fast! ❤🌏🌍🌎

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