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• Cath •  🌿Inside the tree lovin' dog lovin' making + baking world of My Bearded Pigeon ✂️Handmade Bellingen, Australia 📷@smallstoriesphotography Shop: ⬇️😊

✨NEXT UP ON THE EASTER HUNT✨ I have known lovely Jess @squidgyandwonky for many many years and have always been s huge fan of her bears - and everything else she does. I have a little soft polar bear she made sitting on my desk. As well as the most delightful bears, Jess makes bunnies and these lovely little chicks. Jess's Etsy shop is called TeddybearsWednesday #mbpEaster #etsyau #etsy #MyEtsyKids #easterchicks #easteralternative #softies #felttoy #handmadekids #handmadekidstoys

✨Next up on the My Bearded Pigeon Easter Hunt✨ we have this cute little planter with a little bunny on the side by the incredibly talented @_carmenhui_ You could plant some fast growing seedlings - like rocket- in it! Check out day one : #mbpEaster @etsyau #etsyseller #etsyau #etsyeaster

Number 1 find for the My Bearded Pigeon Easter Hunt is this delightful little chocolate coloured rabbit! These sweet bunnies are designed and sold by Andrew @boxedspapercrafts they arrive flat and you fold and glue/ tape them together- with the kids! AND you can put things inside them too!! Like treasures! Really reasonable price too! Hop to it!!! #Easter #etsyau @etsyau #mbpEaster #papercraft #paperfolding #paperartistry #paperlover

STARTS TOMORROW!!! my kids get so much chocolate which results in 1. Arguments about how much they can eat 2. Me eating it! Neither of these options are desirable. So I have found a few cute things that are great for instead of chocolate. See you tomorrow! #mbpEaster #etsyau #Etsy @etsyau

Monday already. Nooooo! #tellmewhy #mondays

Neil returned with this 70's toy from his childhood home in NZ and we all just lost it with excitement!! See my stories for live action video! #1970svintage #vintagetoys #playdoughhairsalon

Picking up the other half of my family today at the airport- they have been in NZ for a week. Romi and I have been sooki- la la's without them. I'm already crying with excitement to see them. {wonderful artwork by @henn_kim} #cryingallthehappytears

Vintage Botanical Waratah - probably one of my all time favourite flowers and the story of how the Waratahs became red in my favourite Dreamtime story - and the first one I heard at age 4. It involves a pigeon called Wonga! If you are interested link is in my profile. #etsyau #etsysuccess #etsyseller #vintagebotanical
Our story begins with Wonga the Pigeon who used to live in the bushland with her mate. They would spend their time on the floor of the forest gathering food and had a rule never to get out of one another's sight. They had to stay below the trees because they knew that in the land of the sky lived the Hawk - their deadly enemy. One day when Wonga and her mate were out looking for food they got separated. Wonga called out to her mate but there was no reply. After searching around the lower branches of the forest Wonga decided that the only hope of finding her mate before dark would be to fly above the trees. She flew towards the tree-tops and into the clear blue sky and started calling for her mate. Eventually Wonga found her mate way down beneath her but not before the Hawk had spotted her. He had seen Wonga and was hurtling towards her with his strong beak piercing the air. Hawk caught Wonga with a crushing grip from his great brown talons tearing her breast open as he hauled her upwards. Wonga desperately tore herself free from Hawk and plunged downwards towards the forest below. Unable to fly, she landed bleeding and broken in a patch of waratah bushes. Her blood trickled down onto one of the white waratah flowers. She tried desperately to reach her mate by dragging herself from flower to flower staining each of them a deep red with her blood as she went. Eventually Wonga lost her battle with life and died as she laid upon the waratah bushes.

New goodies tonight if I don't have some kind of mental breakdown during the photography/editing process. 😫😩😫

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