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Cath☀️  🌿Inside the tree lovin' dog lovin' making + baking world of My Bearded Pigeon ✂️Handmade Bellingen, Australia 📷@smallstoriesphotography Shop: ⬇️❤

New goodies tonight if I don't have some kind of mental breakdown during the photography/editing process. 😫😩😫

The legendary Kirsten ⭐️BOOM BOOM ⭐️Devitt 😁from @eachtoown will soon be launching some lovely frames at her new venture @keep_oh please pop over and follow her and await further details! 🌈 artwork by @flatowl #etsyau #etsy #shoplocal

I lived in London for 2 and a half years - it was during the time of the IRA bombs and I heard the Canary Wharf / Dockland bombing even though I was on the other side of London. These more recent acts of terrorism seem more intense. London will always have a special place in my heart and I am sad that people living there have to feel fearful for even one moment. ❤(via Pinterest, source unknown) #london

Proof that anything looks fancy painted gold. #gold #goldstuff #allthegold #blingburger {found on Pinterest} #fancy Also: what are you having for dinner?

APPARENTLY WINTER ISN'T COMING UNTIL JULY!! 🗡⚔️🛡NOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Who decides these things!!! I need to write a letter!!! I can't wait that long too see Jon Snow!!!! Or Kahleesi #kahleesi #GoT
Absolutely stunning stitching from @julie.sarloutte #embroidery #needlework #portraits

Weekend rain and floods mean iPad games and way too much Netflix. #smallstoriesphotography #fearlessandframed #follow_this_light #candidchildhood #portraitmood

Underneath all this water is our Lavenders Bridge, this was at 10am this morning, now the bridge is open and the water is gone but more rain headed our way! We are safe and dry and have supplies (alcohol/sweet/savoury) #bellingen #midnorthcoast #nsw #abclocal #NSWFlood

Still raining.... Illustration by Elly Jahnz #rain #flood #cabinfever

So Neil and Marlo have flown across the ditch to beautiful ChristChurch New Zealand (I am on EARTHQUAKE WATCH🌋) to see family. ✈️ Romi is equal parts devastated from missing them (looking at photos crying - she is overly dramatic it's not been 24 hours yet!) but also has moved into our bedroom and by the end of the week will no doubt have swapped her wardrobe over with Neil's. She said last night "now you are all mine" 😂😳 oh and also- THERE IS A FLOOD! 😩☔️#parenting

Good morning! Friday feelings? Eggs for breakfast? Ready for the weekend 🍳🥚🍳{ photo by Adriana Napolitano} #eggs #eggs🍳 #eggseveryday

Who doesn't want to walk into a room and see this??!!! (Unfortunately I didn't see it in real life) How great is it??? Beautiful textile birds by Wakako Kawakami. #art #installationart #giantbirds #birdsofinstagram @wakako.kawakami

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