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Mya Brazier  • Beagle ✖️ Cavalier • I like licking @jackobrazier 's face. • if your just here to Netflix and Sniff my bum I'm swiping left

Holiday puppy

Merry Xmas.. why tf am I dressed like this? @jackobrazier

I didn't want to post this but dad looks good so ok

We cute @jackobrazier


Dads home = cuddles @jackobrazier

Happy Mother's Day. Sometimes I think he's a girl. Even tho he my dad haha @jackobrazier

❤️ @jackobrazier

Floating puppy

I leeerve him @jackobrazier #stayhome

🐶🤸🏽‍♂️my version of downward facing dog... w @kailynbrazier_ #yogadog #upwardfacedog

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