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Terrell G  ◼️My Art My Rules◼️ Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes➖Art is knowing which ones to keep.

It is important to learn the difference between staying with an experience until it is completed and hanging on, trying to get something more-anything more-from a situation which is either finished or barren. The basic clues are whether attention to the issue is loose, unfixed, mobile attentiveness or whether it is an attentiveness which feels glued to its object. The people with the bug-eyed stare, the clinging grasp, the insistent preoccupations, the sense of desperation, the ready-made sermons, the unwillingness to leave when conversations are finished, the quoting of authorities, etc. are all hanging on.
Beauty Is Her Name #_mothernature_ #_godsworknotmine_

If we were plants what would our roots look like? Does the environment from which one grows determine its blossom?

Are we a reflection of our family tree? #_mothernature_

#_mothernature_ Beauty Is Her Name

She has existed before humans, and she will exist after we have all perished. #_mothernature_ Beauty is Her Name #godsworknotmine

#_mothernature_ Beauty Is Her Name

#_mothernature_ Beauty is Her Name

Expression #_myartmyrules_