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shannon day  The #mayorofcrazytown •3 Miracle kids •Married to @kdayracing •I take few things in life seriously-except being awesome. That's serious business. 🐭🐻🐻

Final overgram from last week is coming late because Kday and I picked up one of the most painfully nasty viruses we’ve ever experienced, on the way home from Reno.
Anyway- the remainder of the race days included Kevin placing 6th out of 150 of the fastest Single Speeders in the country. Barely missing that last podium spot by a sliver. The kids really sharpened their heckling skills. We exposed them to some interesting “culture” such as the unicorn man in a Speedo and other interesting “characters” at the race. And then we found ourselves pretending we didn’t know who’s kids they were when their heckle horns turned into swords and endless fatigue induced bickering and fighting ensued....
All in all it was a great trip, capped off with some fun rides in the Sierra Nevada’s with our friends.
Awesome week in Reno. Glad to be home. Thank heavens for Antiviral meds. Just give me one more day and we’ll be back to normal enough to start that growing pile of post vacay laundry.

BIRTHDAY BOY!!!! This dude is one of a kind and if you’ve met him, you know it.
Otis’s spirit is always bursting at the seams- bursting with wonder, bursting with love, bursting with anticipation, with energy, with desire to work. His passion for bikes runs thick in his blood and he would do it 24-7 if we let him. This little man is the epitome of living each day to the extreme and he is a force of nature. He’s equally as tender hearted and affectionate as he is wild, which I believe is a rarity.
He adores his brother and they are excited to be “twins” again. The photo of Otis running through the mountains with the family behind and Kashi’s leash in hand... perfectly captures the life of my Otis. 🖤 #Otis #birthdaytraditionphoto #brotherbearhasabirthday

Took a break from the races yesterday to visit @carlybelles She made sure to show us all the reasons why we should just go ahead and move to Lake Tahoe. Like let’s just never go back and ship all our stuff here till we find a new house..... I love my Rocky Mountains but DANG those Sierra Nevada granite boulders on waters edge were convincing. 🏔🖤⬅️🏠💨
#brotherbears #spotthemouse

You guys- @kdayracing and I won the lottery in friendship. Because although these career-highlight moments are awesome, and we believe in being awesome..... the outpouring of genuine love and support from you guys is
THE AWESOMEST. It’s a word. Trust me. I’m the Mayor. 🖤🖤🖤
Thank you all and I love you and yes, I’m going to make him wear the 🇺🇸jersey on demand whenever I feel like it.
Again, because - Mayor 🙋🏻‍♀️
#mayorofcrazytown #winningatfriendship #twotimenationalchampion #rollout #rollouthappened
#goingforathirdtomorrow #cx #crossishere #cxnats #whenthegoodguyswin

He sooooo deserved this one. A five year hunt for the Stars and Stripes Jersey came to fruition for @kdayracing today. We’re both so blown - him physically, me emotionally.... and I’m sure the overgramming will continue tomorrow. For now, I FRACKING LOVE YOU KEVIN and THANK YOU SPONSORS for all the love and support to make these dreams come true. #528 #starsandbars baby!!!! #twotimenationalchampion #cxnats #hyperthreads #norcobikes #endurance360 #rolloutapp #rollout #creminelli #toko

Zero sleep was had on my part last night. And let’s be honest.... it’s all about me on this feed. 😉
But really though. Go for gusto today bae. @kdayracing 528

My “geeking out over a fun idea” face. And also.... who new Reno was this pretty?
#notme #geekingout #runningformayor #trailtruffleshuffle #irunsolo #clubnassforlife #naddapeakbagger

The 3 babies made it safely to Reno last night, and by babies I mean Kevin’s 3 bikes.....
Oh and we made the trip too. These kids are rockstar road trippers at this point.
#renobound #adventurelife #theroadtonats

Obviously zero fun was had on our quick 7 miler up Mueller....
And in other news..... I was having such little fun that I forgot to pick the kids up from school. OOPS. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Thx for bailing me out @sydcelwood 🙌🏻🙌🏻
#mayorofcrazytown #runningformayor #mueller #happydog #goldensofinstagram #kashidog #irunsolo #clubnassforlife #aboveitall

Prepp’n for more of this awesomeness.

Just another friendly reminder of how lucky #theassistanttothemayor is to have me as a “white elephant” presence in his life. #yourewelcome @kdayracing #readingoldtexts #mayorofcrazytown

Not having any more babies sucks. But doing everything together with these rad 3 does NOT SUCK. @kdayracing plus these three - equals my fave humans of all time. The triple threat is in the funnest stage right now where they all play together, laugh at each other’s jokes, they love the same movies and games, and all three rip the same ski hills.
So if being done with babies looks like this..... THEN GIVE ME ALLLLLLLL OF THIS ❤️💥
#mayorofcrazytown #thetriplethreat #rad3 #loveisloveislove

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