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my-uh  eat ur veggies & 🐝 kind to one another 🏑 portland, oregon

sorry for not posting as often anymore!! i have a lot of stuff going on in my personal life and i end up forgetting to post things. but i am doing okay, just busy and sad a lot πŸ–

gold themes today

@goodbyebread Velvet kitten skirt πŸ’•πŸ± ft. baby girl camo long sleeve from them as well (it's a t shirt dress) this skirt has changed the game for skirts w/ me

these pins from @pinlord are my absolute fav πŸ’•πŸ’• what a great way to start a pin collection

~i am scared to post this but i wanted to share a lil story because it's been a year - ptw: eating disorders~

between these two photos are two completely different girls, physically and mentally.
the first photo is september 2016, the second is from yesterday, -64lbs
a year ago today i decided to officially just say fuck it and go for it. i went vegetarian, started exercising more, & completely changed my diet/lifestyle. I ended up losing 30lbs by march 2017 and was extremely happy and obviously kept going but then that's when things took a turn.
i started having trouble with eating and was starting to restrict my food while over exercising. it wasn't until summer when i got worse because at first i didn't realize what i was doing. months passed and i still lost more weight. it got to a point where i wasn't eating all day and was binge eating at night.
that's when i opened up to my therapist and she ended up diagnosing me with anorexia in august.
i'm in no way i'm a good place right now. to be blunt with it but right now i'm starting a program to take down this ed and god damn is it hard but everyday i push through harder and present myself with the biggest confidence even if i don't fully feel it.
it's a happy/not-so-happy one year anniversary of my weight loss but i'm still proud of myself for getting myself through all the bullshit

back to brown i'm so happy


okay i need to explain something cause i've seen this a few times now and it's !!!very!!! annoying. my whole idea with the seven deadly sins was to utilize the colors assigned to each (hence why i'm doing a lot of eyeshadow looks) i know i'm not creative πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @bbratzdoll is taking a more creative go at them. i don't want y'all to compare our looks. it is called a collab for a reason

7 deadly sins continued with @bbratzdoll πŸ‘Ή this time its Lust! i love using red on my eyes so this was one of my favs ✨ highlight: @anastasiabeverlyhills x @nicoleguerriero glow kit in "forever lit" mixed with "kitty kat"

my hair is like an ocean and i love it

i had to get my passport photo taken today but they took like 20 i swear to god so by the end (this was one) i was just MAD but i kinda like this even tho i look annoyed as shit (ps this isn't my final photo! they had me put my hair back cause they forgot to ask me before) also my hair is Poseidon from @arcticfoxhaircolor !!

hello now i have hair that matches my eyes instead of my cheeks

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