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my name is joey  i am a night-thinker 🌌🤔-- a gemini ♊️🔳🔲-- sony dsc-h400 📸🌎🌍🌏-- u.s.a., new jersey 🇮🇹🇺🇸

#dsch400 this #niña @andreacharms loves her #pink #ribboned #shoes. 💕🎀 22.4.2017

#dsch400 #gorgeoussmile up in #room332. 22.4.2017

#dsch400 #unisex 🚽🚰🚿 22.4.2017

#dsch400 #whatacutie. 📸😌22.4.2017

#dsch400 love is like those second-rate hotels where all the luxury is in the #lobby. 22.4.2017

#dsch400 off to go find the last #unicornfrappuccino - no such luck. meh. #extinct #🦄 #🚲 2.4.2017

#friends start off simple,
a hello can make all the difference in the world.

a friend listens,
they talk,
they help wipe away any tears or marks of pain,
friends want to keep you safe,
want to keep you in their lives.

it is not the friend that changes but the emotions going through them,
and because of that a friend says good-bye,
they ignore your words,
become distant and no longer whisper secrets in your ears,
the help they supplied is gone and instead of fixing the pain their causing it,
it's then friends become #enemies and when
nothing is truly fair or right in the world.

just where i was before you appeared
and in your place an empty space
has filled the void behind my face...
#weezer 🎧

#dsch400 "the world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater." #tolkien 21.3.2017


meet me,

deep in the #arboretum,
between those majestic orants,
praising the sun and air.

wait under that crumbling arch,
the one whose body shivers
at the first touch of wind.

sing softly that succulent tune,
(the one that blurs my eyes 
with thoughts of home)
so the wind can whisper your arrival.

do not take long,
or you may miss me.

time, that ancient thief of youth and vigor,
may clasp his knarled hands around us both
and we many never become free from him again.


#dsch400 just enjoy the road of life. #backseatphotography 9.4.2017

not #friends,
not #enemies,
just #strangers with some #memories?

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