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— ashley <3  art & edits don’t call it chastity ! calpurnia 7/24/18~1/4 met Finn 3/17 :)

“Art is the thing that empowers the world”...four of the eight I gave to finn <3 I had a great experience at the con, as well as making these. Thanks so everyone who supports me on the daily, I love you !! ____
@finnwolfhardofficial hope u liked them ! Tag him please ♥️

the sweetest dream will never do, cause I still miss you... ____
@finnwolfhardofficial thank you so much for everything. I’m so sad I won’t be able to see you again, and I really hope you somewhat liked my present. That book meant the world to me and now that it’s in your hands makes me feel amazing. Thank you.
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I feel so empty now. I’m so grateful, this has been my dream for so long and it’s crazy that it’s over. Time flies and so do experiences. Thank you for everything, again. @finnwolfhardofficial

I made an art collection that I worked on so many days. I’m so happy I got the chance to give it to you finn, I really hope you like it a little bit!! I won’t ever forget this, you are amazing. Thank you !!!!! @finnwolfhardofficial

I will never forget this. I finally met my idol, and my inspiration. Thank you @finnwolfhardofficial you are honestly amazing !! I really hope you liked my art book it means a lot to me, I’m soso honored to finally meet you !!! This is so crazy and I’m quite sad it’s over. Thank you <3

so cool. the grace and Maggie dance has been photographed! I’m about to meet him again, here we go!!!

meeting Finn today! hope u enjoy my gift(it isn’t this), it took so long but it was definitely worth it. Thank you for everything ! @finnwolfhardofficial please tag him!! ______
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jack !
For lily Marie and Rebecca @grazer.aep @wvlfhprd ♥️♥️
@jackdgrazer ily ! (Tag him)

#jackdylangrazer #jackdylangrazeredit #jackdylangrazeredits #itmovie #shazam
ac me oc: me/stqrry

one week dude. what the hell is the universe blessing me with thanks man
@finnwolfhardofficial idk if I’m ready to see u yet, lets hold it off just a littl—yeah no it’s happening what
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