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Terrible Amv Account  🍚crappy anime edits 🍚Ae & Svp 🍚m/w Sousuke💕💕 🍚give credit for reposting

I know I'm totally late but day 1 for #9daysofknb 🤷🏼‍♀️the other days will follow even later cuz I don't know about my edits atm. They just look like shit to me so everything I start and I don't have the motivation to finish them...
I'm so sorry for ruining my tigerbaby😭❤️❤️I still love you even though the edit is shit you aren't baby❤️❤️ It really was hard deciding between Ao and Kaga but I chose my tigerbabylove❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Song: I know - Big Sean (feat. Jhené Aiko)
Dt: @vonzuri @sadl_ss I promised ok hahah

The full song mep is cancelled btw because nobody wanted to take part. I'm sorry to everyone who signed up but I think Imma shorten the thing to around 6 parts where you all can have one to still make it ok?
@ronskimow @http.lolix @teaamv @mikrard @hazardglasses
So if you want that
‼️And if anyone else wants to participate too comment under this post so I know how many parts I can do🤷🏼‍♀️

There probably will be a lot good editors from Germany but why not trying hu haha (just in case you're wondering I haven't got any on my account and I don't even upload them anywhere but I'm actually making photo edits sometimes I mean I haven't done it that often yet but I want to do it more. If you wanna see any maybe for a better choice you can just dm me and I'll send them to you. I guess this was about photo editing if I got that right na?) #worldwideeditorscollab @yukijxi

Anime: Mix
Song: Colors-Halsey (edited by me)
Dt: @xcalany @phxy.avi ty for making me happy❤️
#splashforcitric I don't think I have high chances but I won't know it for sure if I don't try right?

I love them so much😭😭😭🔥🔥❤️❤️😍
Well I do love a lot of'em but nobody will be as good as my holy trinity😭😭😍👌🏻I just love them all omg help
Dt: @misonothx because you tried to help me even though I did it another way in the end and because KNBBBBBBB (and cuz your edits are goals omf)
I decided to take part in #9daysofknb by @ken.mp4 and you all should definitely join too! .
Anime: Kuroko no basuke
Song: see me-OZZIE

I like the psychopaths
Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs
Song: ili-TroyBoi

Edited Aot again whoop!! I'll probably edit this anime more often if I had the first season in better quality. But I haven't and my wifi doesn't allow me to get it again (because other anime I don't have at all are more important rn)
I just finished death parade and I cried so much help
Anime: Attack on Titan
Song: Sing me to sleep (marshmello remix)- Alan Walker

Badasses with black hair, blue eyes and the same voice actor☝🏻💦
Within making this I realized two things;
1 I should edit Yato more often
2 I need more episodes of Karneval help
This was kinda rushed so sorry for the bad look haha
Anime: Noragami, Karneval
Song: Thats not me Intoxicated (Alex Ross VIP Remix) - Martin Solveig vs Skepta & JME

lol I'm not proud of this but I showed it to my mom anyways and she said Shinso looks kinda stoned and his hair looks like a swab😂😂😭even so I think he's cute and I'd definitely want to be his friend🙂😂for real🙏🏻 (btw you can try headphones☝🏻)
Anime: Boku no hero academia
Song: Off to the races (Instant party remix) - Lana del Rey

Idk maybe slight bnha spoilers🤷🏼‍♀️
The song turned out to be a lot faster than expected
Dt: @phxy.avi because you like fast edits @xcalany because shoto
Anime: Boku no hero academia
Song: Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) - Yuna

Well this sure is shit but Noya isn't😍😍❤️❤️😭😭💦
For real I'm not satisfied with this at all buuut well🤷🏼‍♀️
Anime: Haikyuu
Song: Touch ft. Madi (Hungry Man Fun Man Remix) - KSHMR & Felix Snow

❀Afterlife MEP❀ [Closed]
This is a really small Mep so forgive me for being really picky with the editors
It's a shipping MEP so choose maybe your otp (I think sad would be nice for this song but you don't have to)
❀no stealing
❀no hentai etc
❀no colorings, watermarks, voice overs
❀no repeating of ships
❀I'll cut and send your parts
❀I'll also make a group chat with further information
Part 1: @lunar.amvs - Yatori or (idk the shipping name) Yuu x Nao
Part 2: @phoenixamvs - Hidekane
Part 3: me -?
Part 4: @yumiikos - Killugon
❀ please comment which part and shipping you'll use and how you wanna be called (so what name I should put in the outro to mention you I guess it wasn't really clear haha sorry) ❀

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