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Marius Kindler  Cologne | Germany | Sketches, illustrations & drawings all around industrial design (and more). Also working as a product designer at yellow design.

I never was a sketchbook-person.πŸ’‘ Recently I gave the whole thing another try - Having a sketchbook with you and the posibillity to pull it out all the time automatically gives you more sources of inspiration and of course training. Sketching while watching movies, sketching while waiting for the train, sketching on your way to work, sketching before you go to bed ... Filtering your surroundings and working on different types of forms without the "need-to-be-perfect" attitude really gave me a lot of freedom and enlarged my inner form library! It needs patience, discipline and a change of habits of course but as a product designer you only can benefit from this! What are your thoughts on this?✏️

First pages in my new sketchbook. Showing some process.πŸ‘Ά

Do you recognize this one? πŸ˜‹ Final picture of the QR-code scanner from a video I posted a while ago! Love this classic blue polychromos style! Find the process video on my youtube channel ☺️

Techy desklamp scribbles - autopilot mode. πŸ€–

Been there - done that. Always fun to sketch some hairdryers. Apparently I sketched a lot of them in the last years. 😁

Weekly video up on youtube - Hong kong edition! :) This time I scribbled some random ID forms + added some marker. This is an excercise I did a lot to learn drawing. Just sketch down random forms you see on products but with no product or function in mind! You train your muscle memory an expand your inner form library which you can always benefit from while sketching real products later on! :)

Some wooden kitchentools. Started this one drawing marker-first, which I usually dont do. My sketches are often focused heavily on the linework. Doesn't felt so good with this one so I added a few digital elements to the page to make the sketch look a bit more crisp. :)

Saw this blank page of grey paper and felt like sketching some white shiny teeth on it. Not really product related, but a fun excercise of highlights and lowlights! 😊

Sunny sunday post! πŸŒ… Speedrun process of some very random and very friendly security cameras πŸ˜‰ Love using the polychromos pencils for sketchy linework like this. A slower version of the video is available in my YouTube channel (link in bio)

Here is the final picture of my little pattern excercise I posted recently! Added some highlights digitally afterwards. Find the process video on my youtube channel 😊

Back to basics - and beyond!πŸ€—

New video online! Unfortunately my phone stopped recording somewhere during the sketch. But I think it's still valuable to see some lines on the paper. 😊 Link in Bio!πŸ“

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