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(After a day of getting things on my to do list complete)

@alifemoreinspired this is one of my fave quotes from one of the best women in recent times. She always knew what to say and used words so beautifully πŸ’–
#womenwhodream #mayaangelou

Night x

When you thought you were depressed but realised that you were self sabotaging and have the power to be great.

I need a hair cut... short hair is high maintenance. In other news @photographybynyssapaige took this pic and is looking to do test shoots to build her portfolio... you'll get free edited photos in exchange. If you have an interesting project holla her. No club night photography enquiries please, no shade but shade 🌚.
FYI my ego wants you to know my skin wasn't retouched that's my natural vibe. Thanks.
#melaninpoppin and all that. Oh yes #styleoftheday obv it wasn't this day. I'll add a little #stylemum and a lot of #blackmummagic and a dash of #blackgirlmagic ✨✨✨

Happy Birthday #stephenlawrence. I still remember watching the news unfold only for it to take decades for 'justice' to be done because protecting racism and the institutions that uphold it was prioritised over a young mans murder. When people want to side eye America let's remember we are living in a glasshouse. Rest in Power πŸ–€

Filter life πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ‘§πŸ½πŸ’–

Facebook's summary of my August... it doesn't include the internal self inflicted dramatic breakdowns or my mum, brother, sister & nephew. But it does show me with my daughter and dad which is significant as this little lady is teaching me a thing or two about loving my dad and letting him love me the way HE does not my made up idea of what his love should look like. Our relationship is complex BUT I wouldn't change him for the world. .
The rest is me doing the most cos sunshine, melanin and a cute top from @clarkescloset ❀️

From days in the park lying down on dirty floors watching coy carp to back to school, just like that! And I'm possibly the only parent that didn't take a pic of their child looking brand new on the first day back at school. The start of year 6 the last MF year of primary school. AND she walked to school herself (met a friend down the road). I felt emosh this growing up thing man!
In a couple of weeks we will be looking at secondary schools. I still remember the first time I felt her move properly at 16 weeks. The little butterfly movements which felt like our secret language. Now she is full of language and bright light (except when she's doing her grumpy pre teen thing which she has on lock).
Making me feel like I need another one but nappies, infacol, not being able to speak and not knowing about day and night is long for man! .
Oh some how this is an essay. #OKBAI πŸ’“

Woke up early to read and meditate. Got lost so deep in my head (overthinkers stand up). Forced myself to read, came across this Rumi quote. She's listening πŸ’“
#Soultember this will be part of my daily meditation
Think less // feel more
Think less // live more
Think less // grow more
Think less // love more

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