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αииι♡  svp 13 multifandom ❖ ________________________ “we all are living in a dream but life ain't what it seems.”

I almost forgot to post this #stuckyrct1

ιиfιиιту ωαя✨
I'm so not ready for this movie
ac; misonothx
cc; kaagune (I think)
dt; @untildawn.arts @lok.edits @universalstark @k.lamille @ranthonystark @drunkenelena @vollkornkathi @drunkenadine @novatonys @voidstarks
[#capgrp #polysemicgrp #stuckyrct1 ]

ι ωσи∂єя ωнєяє αяє уσυ иσω?
remake of an edit I made a while ago but it turned out EVEN UGLIER I'm sorry.
ac; me
cc; kaagune
[#vcrtexgrp #lisgrp ]

underrated softie♡
Tyler is an adorable bean who deserves more attention.
ac; me
cc; cosmicated
dt; everyone who loves him
[#softgrp #caimgrp ]

ι נυѕт тяιє∂ тσ вє gσσ∂ ~
I definitely missed editing Josh and I wanted to use this song for so long. Pls don't let it flop <3
ac; me
cc; aeonias
dt; @tyrarist_momo @samantha_until_dawn_ @danimqq @voidxgarcia @editbless
[#untildawn #joshwashington #ramimalek #omgpage #untildawngrp ]

ladies and gentlemen; Lara Croft
I'm lowkey proud of this so pls don't let it flop
ib/ac; voldemortxi
cc; aeonias
[#riseofthetombraider #laracroftedit #omgpage #polysemicgrp ]

Chloe Price deserves better.
ac; me
cc; cosmicated
dt: @radicalarya @wxnderlight
[#chloepriceedit #lifeisstrange #vcrtexgrp ]

I think you're perfect♡
I'm sorry this is so simple.
ac; me
cc; cosmicated
dt; @clemenyl @editbless
[#everythingsucks #kemalineedit #omgpage ]

I'm pretty sure this doesn't even look good but oh well

I still wanna watch Black Panther so bad

I'll try out a new theme but idk for how long I'll keep it 👀

ι'м ѕσяяу ιт нαѕ тσ єи∂ тнιѕ ωαу~
instagram made this a lot darker than it was when I rendered it, I'm sorry.
ac; me
cc; kaagune
dt: @korasamis @drunkenadine @korrasami_trash
[#avatarthelastairbender #atlaedit #lokedit #omganime #omgpage ]

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