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emily  edits and stuff🌈👼🏼

hey guys I’m really sorry for the inactivity, a lot of things have been happening lately in regards to this acc and fandom that are hard to explain but ultimately I’ve decided to take a break (you could probably tell already😂). l will always love this account and editing, but I’ve been super busy and have had no time to edit anymore :( l HONESTLY can’t even express how thankful l am for all of you guys, I’ve been in the fandom for 4 years and it’s changed my life so much in a good way. Your support means the world and I’ll still be logging onto this acc occasionally to check things out, but l highly doubt I’ll post any more edits.. l love you guyss ❤️❤️❤️thank you #dancemoms (I’ll still come online! I’ll just be creeping on everyone’s posts but not posting myself hahaha)

(to finish off my yellow row lol) i’m so sorry for the inactivity guys :( i can’t believe this is my third birthday on this acc, that’s incredible! thank you guys for staying with me that long haha i love you guys ❤️ #dancemoms

guys omg i haven’t posted in over a month i’m so so sorry ahh 😭 i did this last night in a desperate attempt to be active again, it was supposed to be one of those color themes for yellow but i gave up on that, ik it’s kinda weird and different because i used the audio from the music video for the song (lemon by rihanna) anyways, hope you like and thank you to everyone who stuck by me during my hiatus lol love you 💖💖 #dancemoms #omgpage

happy tuesday!
sorry i take so long to edit it’s been a rough past week but i’m trying to edit as much as i can along with homework haha 💞 this is like a crossover between the zieglers and stranger things cause when i asked what you guys wanted a lot of you commented stranger things so.. yeah! thanks so much for watching! comment your favorite tv show💗💗 #dancemoms #stangerthings

basically this is just an edit of maddie and abby, they have a pretty complicated relationship but they had some good moments too🤷🏻‍♀️anyways ik this isn’t that good but i’m trying to post a lot before winter break ends! comment thoughts if you want, thanks so much for watching 💗 #dancemoms #maddieziegler

goodbye 2017🎊
i apologize for this terrible and rushed edit there was so much i wanted to include but 1 minute is so short ... did you know that if you watched this video 525,600 times, 2018 would be over? haha i dare someone to try😂 anyways, i’ve had such an amazing year but at the same time it’s been terrible.. however, i seriously have to thank you guys!! you all have definitely played a huge role in my year being great so thank you so much i love you💘ps i’m sorry once again that this isn’t the greatest edit and i really wanted to make it good since everyone wanted one but that didn’t really work out so yeah, ok whatever HAPPY NEW YEAR ! can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for all of us 💗 #dancemoms #happynewyear #2018 (my caption is so long by comment your favorite 2017 memory if you see this!)

my boy
so basically the story is jack is an abusive boyfriend but please note that this is a STORY ONLY and not based off any true events so don’t leave hate, if maddie wants it taken down i’ll do so immediately but otherwise i still spent time on it and yeah ! i don’t really have much else to say but i might not be able to reply to comments for a while because i have to go on a plane soon but thanks so much for watching this is kind of different , I️ hope you still like it ? #maddieziegler #dancemoms (side note im not trying to glorify toxic relationships, I️ guess you could take this as a message that sometimes relationships aren’t all that they seem? idk)

kenzie 💗 (watch the whole thing ;))
hey guys ! sorry i take so long to post and i didn’t even get time to make a christmas edit this year smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ i can’t believe december is almost over wtf, who here is excited for 2018? i’m kinda nervous but 2017 has actually been a pretty good year for me wbu guys? #dancemoms #kenzieziegler (tag kenz? @kenzieziegler)

bad reputation (not saying maddie has one, in fact I think she has an amazing image)
basically this is about how fame has affected maddie ... I’m proud cause I did half of this edit without sound, but I have so much respect for how she handles all the bad parts of fame, she’s so strong 💘if you had the choice, would you choose fame or not and why? #dancemoms

cherry cola🍒 👠🌹
ok I apologize cause I bet everyone is sick of this audio hahaha
I don’t even know why I made this it’s kind of short and pointless but peep my red and white theme that failed lol⚪️🔴
anyways thanks for watching! tag Maddie and Kenzie if you enjoyed? @maddieziegler @kenzieziegler #dancemoms

some of maddie’s best friends💓💓
hey guys i’m so happy it’s almost the holidays hehe you can expect some christmas edits soon ! maddie has the cutest friends, it mean the world if you could tag some of them? @maddieziegler @lilia @alisonleetaylor @jjack.kelly @kenzieziegler thanks so muchh✨ #dancemoms

the worst is yet to come ✨
i love when they’re happy :)) hey guys sorry I haven’t posted for so long! I’ve been so busy with school but I’m on thanksgiving break super soon so yayy💘anyways hope you guys like this, tag maddie and kenzie? @maddieziegler @kenzieziegler
#dancemoms #zieglers

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