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Matt Z 

The 4th for Julius means watching everyone at the picnic eat bbq chicken in envy, but also happy because he gets to be lazy outside the city.

TONIGHT! Hope you can make it 😊 #artshow #photography #sfartist #sfart #Lowerpolk #lowerpolkartwalk

Don't forget - This week in #sanfrancisco we have an #artshow! Thursday night we will be presenting the Michelle Kilfeather's work, titled "Reflections" 6-10p. We hope you will be able to make it out!

The amount of #art I've #customframed over the last few years has had its influence on my appreciation of its beauty. Most times, I finish a frame, and I'm just ready to pack it up and move on to the next one, not able to enjoy the elegance of what I created - solely focused on the technical, and not the aesthetic... But every once in awhile, when I finish something so epic, I can't help but stare and let out an audible "Wow"... For this one I said #wow twice!
Artist: @aaronhorkey
Frame Design: @drealux
Frame: @larsonjuhl

Had my eye on this gem for a couple weeks at #rs94109 , and I finally pulled the trigger today - orginal pressing of #MassiveAttack 's #Mezzanine. A 20 year old album, as of last month, and one of my favorite albums period! #uturnaudio

When your walk in-client hands you their card and says, "I did a lot of research to decide on your shop" ... #wetakingover ?

TFW you finish and install a 4' x 7' float mounted original perfectly the first try... Equal parts relief, confidence, and disbelief 🤣

I guess if I were to have a mantra, this would undoubtedly be it... #siezethenight #bioworkz #romamoulding #customframing

When you're a sadboi because Dad is too good at playing keep away...

Someone is REALLY enjoying his Christmas day

Received a beautiful looking (and smelling) gift from @djinnjar & @zzz.greg.zzz for my birthday! Lots of love, thank you. It looks better in the gallery already!

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